Energy is a mechanic in Spore appearing only in the Space Stage.

In the Spore Galactic Adventures expansion pack, certain accessories require energy to be performed during adventures.


Space Stage[]

The player's spaceship consumes energy during interstellar travel between stars. Energy is also consumed when using most of the tools that can be acquired in the Space Stage. When the player's spaceship is completely out of energy, they will take damage when traveling between stars and many tools and weapons will be rendered unusable.

Energy can be recharged using Energy Packs, or by requesting a recharge from the player's colonies, or other empires. Other empires will charge them in exchange for a recharge. The price of recharging depends on the player's total remaining energy, and their relationship with said empire; friendlier empires will charge less for recharge orders. The player's colonies will also ask a small fee for recharging the player's spaceship. Alternatively, the player may visit their empire's homeworld to recharge their spaceship's energy for free.

Galactic Adventures[]

In the Spore Galactic Adventures expansion pack, energy is used to power and activate certain accessories and abilities that can be potentially acquired when leveling-up the captain. Certain accessories can also extend and even accelerate the rate at which energy is recovered. All captains start out with a modest energy value of 1000 with a recovery rate of 10 energy per second.

Name Grant
Compact Generator 15 energy recharged per second
Compact Battery Increases the captain's base energy by 500
Power Generator 20 energy recharged per second
Power Battery Increases the captain's base energy by 1000