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An example cluster of empires.

An empire in Spore refers to the territory of a species in the Space Stage.

Empires have colors (lots of empires have the same color), and the player's empire will usually have the same color as the creature's coat color. Empires are always titled "<species name here> Empire", for example, "Grox Empire".

Strength Factor[]

The Strength factor is a number determined by the amount of planets a given empire possesses. It is shown in the window above a planet in the upper right corner. Only NPC empires have a strength factor. If a player visits an alternate save file, that empire's strength factor will not be displayed but the empire's NPC ships will be affected by the health boost.

Determining Strength Factor[]

The Strength factor of an NPC empire is determined by stars that NPC empire occupied except The Grox.

  • Level 1 empires - 1 to 3 stars
  • Level 2 empires - 4 to 5 stars
  • Level 3 empires - 6 to 8 stars
  • Level 4 empires - 9 to 12 stars
  • Level 5 empires - 13 or more stars

Effects of Strength Factor[]

Only civilizations with a strength factor of 4 or 5 can offer the player an archetype mission. The strength factor also increases the range of which they can send their ships with the ability to attack empires over 10 parsecs away at rank 5.

The health of the empire's ships is determined by strength factor.

  • 1 - 425
  • 2 - 625
  • 3 - 1250
  • 4 - 1850
  • 5 - 2500

Identifying Alien Races[]

When speaking to alien races, their empires archetype can be determined by looking at the background behind the alien or by listening to its voice. Visit the archetype page to view them.


  • Empires that adhere to the Diplomat and Trader philosophies tend to have empires that expand into level 4 and 5 empires more quickly than others. However, other archetypes can get just as large.
  • If an empire is defeated while attacking another empire, the warning will change to, " empire is attacking (Empire)" and the ships change to pirates, and at the end, the message becomes "Conflict with empire has subsided."
  • Large Diplomat empires colonize systems rapidly, and usually most of their colonies are on T0 planets, even if T1 or better planets are in the same system.
  • Trader Empires also colonize systems rapidly, similar to Diplomats.
  • Upon starting Spore the Grox have the largest empire with 2,400 stars. However, they will not expand past this point; choosing to destroy their enemies rather than occupy them.
  • Upon reaching rank 5 planets claimed by the empire will be moved to terrascore 2 regardless of the planet's previous terrascore.
  • When an empire occupies another empire's homeworld, that world will be reduced to 3 colonies unless the player is present during the occupation.
  • The actual systems of government used by empires vary (but are little more than background detail): Bards have an empress and Ecologists an emperor (as they sometimes say on delivery missions), while Diplomat empires, have a Grand Council. It can be assumed that Zealot empires are led by a governmental system similar to that of a theocracy and that Warriors have a system similar to a military junta (a government led by a committee of military leaders). It can also be assumed that Scientist empires will use a system similar to technocracy and that Knights practice feudalism, judging by their captain ranks in Spore Galactic Adventures. Trader empires would appear to be under the jurisdiction of the Grox due to the fact that they will "tell the Grox on you" upon failing their missions. Another possibility for traders is that they are simply on good terms with the Grox and practice a sort of confederation of companies and corporations, again judging by their Galactic Adventures captain ranks. They also could not be associated with the Grox at all and could just be saying this to sound threatening, it's also more likely that they have a state-owned enterprise empire. Wanderers appear to be nomadic and without a central government with captain ranks like rogue, nomad, and hitchhiker. Finally, Shaman empires would appear to be tribal and adhere to shamanism, again due to captain ranks.