Blitz is shot by an Electron Buster's plasma bolt.

Electron Bursters are Plasma shooters native to Cryos. They can only attack from a distance. They attack by shooting orbs of electroplasma at heroes, which are too quick to be avoided once they are launched. Their only flaw is that they can only build up enough charge from a distance, making ravagers essential for defeating them. Occasionally, they will be spawned by Terrasaurs as backup.

Description Edit

Electron Bursters have a vicious lightning bolt attack that will strike genetic heroes from afar. Because the lightning arcs directly and instantly from the Burster to its target, even the fastest heroes aren't able to avoid it.

One route is to stock up on the Deflection attribute, allowing the hero to shrug off energy attacks, but another is to maneuver into close range combat.

Electron Bursters can't build up enough of a charge to create lightning if their target is close, making melee heroes the perfect counter to this otherwise dangerous enemy.

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