Egg of another creature.

Eggs are type of food and objects that laid by the creatures of Spore.


Cell Stage[]

In Cell Stage, after the player's cell mates, it will lay a cell egg. Cell eggs are yellow with a halo around it. Maas, after mating with Paas, also lay eggs which are transparent, but have a black fog inside them. Maa eggs will eventually hatch into Juniors.

All the different types of eggs you will see in the Creature Stage. In Galactic Adventures, they are called (from left to right) "Egg Groovy", "Egg Happy", and "Epic Egg" respectively.

Creature Stage[]

All creatures in the Creature Stage can lay eggs of varying color and patterns. After laying an egg, a creature usually dances. After a short time, the egg will hatch into a member of that species. The egg can be eaten for 25 DNA points and a tiny leap in the evolution bar. Both carnivores and (strangely) herbivores can eat eggs, but not the eggs of their own species. Eating an egg of a species will usually turn the entire nest hostile, although sometimes there is no change in their attitude to the player and they will remain neutral.

Tribal Stage[]

In Tribal Stage, when player clicks the Baby Icon (the icon will pops up when the mouse moved over the hut), a pink egg will roll out of Hut and hatches into the baby. Player can harvest eggs from pets, or steal it from wild creatures, although this will automatically make them hostile towards the tribe.

Galactic Adventures[]

In Spore Galactic Adventures, eggs can be added to adventures as props or decorative objects. These props come in five varieties: Egg Groovy, Egg Happy, Egg Platter (from Handheld Objects folder), Egg Pen, and Epic Egg (from Static Ornaments folder).

Other Stages[]

Eggs don't appear in the Civilization or Space Stages. They can be in your capital city in civilization stage if you leave an egg dish in the tribe when you advance.

Cancelled Stages[]

Eggs would not have appeared in the Molecular Stage. They were going to appear in the Aquatic Stage and they may have been a source of food in the City Stage.


  • As eggs will keep being produced as long as there is a species present in the nest, eating eggs is the best method to continue to gain DNA points after the evolution bar is full and you are prompted to enter the tribal stage. The amount of DNA points awarded for extincting or befriending species reduces after the evolution bar is full, but the points awarded for egg eating remains the same. Eggs can be moved by walking into them and letting them roll away from the nest. No matter how far the egg is moved away from the nest or creatures of that species, their hostility will still be increased if you eat their eggs.
  • One tactic that is useful for carnivores is to befriend 3 of your own species and then circuit the continent raiding eggs from any nest that has them. Ignore the species and just eat the egg, if the owners attack you your pack will kill them. This can be combined with a high jump/glide ability to make your pack leave the fight as soon as you have the 25 DNA.


  • Sometimes, in Creature Stage, one of the eggs can be seen in the air, as if there was ground below it. This can be fixed by gliding and taking it down.
  • When the player's creature come out of the ocean as an early creature, an egg just falls out of the sky into the player's nest. However, this glitch rarely happens.
  • Recently Discovered: when producing babies in the tribal stage if you change the graphics setting while the baby is spawing another will be produced


  • When the player's creature eats a egg in Creature Stage, it eats almost the same way as how a creature drinks in water.