A captain being informed of an eco-disaster on one of his colonies.

An Eco Disaster (or Ecodisaster) is an event in the Space stage in which a certain species of creatures is infected with a dangerous disease and must be eradicated within a short amount of time. Stopping Eco Disasters can earn the Eco Hero badge.

Like other eradiation missions, the goal to stop an Eco Disaster is to kill five infected animals marked with a glowing trail. If this is not done in time, the species will become extinct, but not before they pass the infection to the next group of animals on the planet. This time however, the next infected species are not marked with a trail and cannot be found with the radar.

If the player fails to stop the ongoing infection for all three animals in one single Terrascore row, the T-Score will then start to drop, eventually leading to several cities on the planet to be destroyed. The player must then add new plants and animals to stabilize the T-Score and ultimately to stop the Eco Disaster. Failing to assist another empire that had an Eco Disaster will give you a -40 or -60 Relation Bonus for "Hurting our Planet".

Eco Disasters on your colonies can be slowed down with Bio Protectors and reduce the probability of it occurring with Bio Stabilizers. It is also possible to halt an Eco Disaster with the Staff of Life and rejuvenate a lost species if the planet was a Category-3 planet.


Due to a bug, an Eco Disaster can occur on a players homeworld when playing with another save file. The issue is that in the save file where the Eco Disaster itself is occurring, it cannot be dealt with by the impacted race itself as it will not appear for them. It will only appear on the other save file of where the mission occurred. However, you cannot use weapons on the save files of other homeworlds, making the mission unclearable.

If one wants to deal with this issue, wait for the species to go extinct while playing the race that received the Eco Disaster mission. This will carry over to the other save file that had the species go extinct. You can then play as the other race to plop down a replacement species, or use the Abduction beam to drop the targeted creatures.