There are many easter eggs in Spore and they range from easily noticeable to a rare find.


"Steve" as seen in the 1990's Sim City 2000, an older Maxis work.

Creature Creator Edit

  • If you spin the galaxy very fast, Will Wright's head will appear. This can be incredibly startling for players who don't know about it.

Main Game Edit

  • Like in the Creature Creator, if you spin the Galaxy really fast a few pictures of the Maxis team appear, and if you press CTRL+SHIFT a new cluster of pictures emerge from the Galaxy.
  • In the Civilization Stage when you are a military nation and you use IBCM when you have 6 or more cities, you can hear a "YEEEEHAAAA!!!" in the background. It's a reference to the film Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.
  • To do this easter egg easily, use dual monitors on a computer. You can "pull" the galaxy from one side and keep pulling all the way to the other side of the monitor. However you can still do this on a small single monitor setup.
  • Players can find the Sol system. Saying this could be a sign to the spore galaxy is the Milky Way galaxy.
  • In the Civilization Stage you can hear an air raid siren when attacking a city.
  • In the Civilization Stage you can hear the Sim City 4 theme "Gritty City".
  • Steve is the same UFO from SimCity 2000 box art.
  • Spice is an important resource in the sci-fi novel, Dune.
  • If you look carefully at a Happiness Booster, the letters IPPETAD are on the bottom of the tool. This is a parody of Family Guy's Blue Harvest, from 'Darth' Al Harrington's "Intergalactic Proton Powered Electrical Tentacle Advertising Droids" scene.
  • When presenting gifts in the Civilization Stage, the recipient may respond with "Why, I've always counted on the kindness of strangers." This is a reference to a line said by the character Blanche DuBois in Tennessee Williams' play A Streetcar Named Desire.
  • The Monolith tool, which raises a creature on a planet to the next technology level, is a reference to the monolith of 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • At the conclusion of the Creature Stage, a cut-scene depicts the players creature picking up a stick and striking the ground with it, as the music from the similar scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey plays.
Plumbbob and swearing

Creatures discussing a sock monkey, The Sims, and swearing.

  • There may be a picture of the Spore Galaxy or a planet in a creature's speech bubble.
  • Another possible speech bubble that pops up occasionally is one with exclamation points and little symbols in it, reminiscent of cartoon swearing (these are known as Grawlixes). This sometimes pops up in the Creature Stage as well, over the head of one of your pack mates or a summoned creature. It will also appear if you throw something (e.g. a stick) at them.
  • When trading with any empire, the theme song from M.U.L.E. can sometimes be heard in the background. An identical song called 'M.U.L.E.' is in the song library for use in adventures.
Atari 800 XL - M.U.L.E

Atari 800 XL - M.U.L.E. intro

  • Simply typing the $ symbol in the editors will create a Sporebuck symbol.
  • The Sporebuck § symbol also resembles Simoleon from the Sims and Sim City series.
  • Players can chase citizens around with buildings in the city editor. The citizens scream, shout and cry.
  • After a military attack in Civilization Stage or Space Stage you can see fires being stopped by hand-pumped fire carts used by the citizens, this is how buildings improve their health in these stages. The Fire cart can be used as a decoration in GA but not used. Occasionally buildings can be randomly seen with fire coming out of the door, again being stopped with the fire brigade.
  • In the Creature Stage, if you click on your creature while holding an object, it will knock its head with the object, with a resulting sound like a saucepan being dropped.
  • In the Civilization Stage, once the player captures all but three or so of the cities and you are unfriendly with your allies, when the last nation(s) give themselves up, sometimes they will say "Let's band together, so the world can live as one", and your only response is "I'd hoped someday you'd join us." A reference to John Lennon's song "Imagine".
  • In the Creature Stage, the player can occasionally hear a coo strikingly similar to that of the Mourning Dove or Tribble.
  • In the Space Stage the player can see non-sapient versions of the player's creature on many planets, including their homeworld and undiscovered planets.
  • In the Adventure Editor on Spore Galactic Adventures if you set a creatures setting and move your mouse over the peaceful button for a while a message saying "Your creature is a super hippie" will pop up.
  • In the Space Stage, if you take a sentient being from a tribe or city and beam them down somewhere else, the creature will make a fire and wait there if you don't disturb them.
  • The Staff of Life has 42 uses, a possible reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • The Loyalty Booster in the Space Stage resembles the top of a Dalek from Doctor Who.
  • One of the Maxis-built military aircrafts called the "Mace Combat", resembles an F-15 fighter jet. This along with the name is a possible reference to the Ace Combat series which features the F-15 as its mascot/cover art/title screens in most of the games.
  • Another two Maxis-made air vehicles, "The Enforcer" and "The Amphibos" are references to vehicles from another franchise... Star Wars Episode 1 this time. The former resembles a Trade Federation Battle Droid on a Stap, while the latter resembles a Trade Federation AAT (despite the latter being a tank and not an air vehicle in the movie).
  • In the vehicle creator, there's a ship body named the Kessel Runner -- a reference to the hyperspace route named Kessel Run used mainly by smugglers and pirates in the Star Wars series.
  • Also in the vehicle editor, there is a body named the Event Horizon -- an event horizon is a boundary in spacetime beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. In layman's terms, it is defined as the "points of no return", a place where gravity is so extreme it warps space and time itself, and not even light can escape it's ferocious pull. This is usually associated with a black hole.
  • You can find a Grox spaceship in the creature and tribal stages.
  • Sometimes, when having conquered almost all of the only opposing nation's cities in Civilization Stage, they will contact you with a message saying "It is time to fight no more forever." This is a reference to the surrender of Chief Joseph in the 1800s to American forces rounding up Native Americans.

Llamas Edit

Llama Moai

Llama-themed moai heads.

In many of Maxis games, Llamas* are used are used as a joke and easter egg.

Llama Shrine

Some sort of llama shrine.

  • Sometimes empires will assign players a mission to retrieve Llama artifacts.
  • Some planets have Moai-style statues resembling llamas.
  • Upon entering the Galactic Core, Llamas can be seen surrounding the wormhole tunnels.
  • The creature Al Packa is an Alpaca, an animal related to the Llama.
  • One of the Hyper Sized Bones that can be found on the player's homeworld is very similar to a Llama head.
  • In Spore Galactic Adventures, one of the objects available for the player to put in the adventure is a llama statue. Also, one of the Maxis-made missions' objective is to recover a giant golden llama statue from a temple.

*This is likely a reference to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. In the introduction to this movie, it mentions many different types of llamas, especially Mexican Whooping Llamas. Most Maxis games have other allusions to this movie as well; if you look at some of the Sim City zoos, they always include llamas, African swallows, evil rabbits, and other things related to Monty Python.

Other Edit

  • A creature version of Yaman and several other statue artifacts appear on the cover image of Spore.
  • In the Adventure Creator, one of the stain-glass windows you can use prominently features a PlumbBob.
  • In Spore Galactic Adventures, there is a useable song called "Pump-U-Up", which is actually a completely unedited soundtrack from Sims Superstar called "Studio Town".
  • At the end of an adventure, you can sometimes hear the music form the "Jiffy Lube" advertisement in the real world.
  • In the Sims 3, your sim can paint a painting of a Spore creature.
  • In The Sims 2, your sims can play the old version of Spore on a computer or game console.
  • In the Galactic Adventure expansion pack, a Spoffit creature can be found, usually hidden, in every Maxis adventure.
  • There is a creature called Tripod Neuvo which resembles a Willosaur.
  • In Sim City 5, the Giant Lizard monster which destroys buildings and eats garbage is a Spore creature, made mostly from the Creepy and Cute parts.
  • In SimCity 5, another Maxis game, the Logo of the game can be seen in the news bar at the top of the screen.
  • The trip through the center of the galaxy or galactic core there is a striking resemblense to the scene in 2001: A Space Oddysey where they travel through the monolith.

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