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The Earth is a planet in the Sol solar system in Spore. Earth, along with other planets from the real life Solar system, can be found in the game.

Earth is treated like an easter egg among its other Sol planets. Once a player finds Earth, they are rewarded the "Manifest Destiny" Achievement. If a player chooses to destroy Earth with the Planet Buster, they will also achieve the "Oh the Humanity!" achievement. Earth is uninhabited by default.


Earth, in a Maxis made mission in Galactic Adventures.


By default, the Earth has a Terrascore of 1 (high atmosphere). The Earth harbours 3 slots of randomly-generated flora and only 1 herbivorous species.


The unique factor about the Earth that its terrain is deliberately shaped like real-life Earth's, albeit the proportions of Earth is surprisingly small, with many small countries such as the United Kingdom shown as being the size of an average spaceship. Regardless, the Earth systematically functions like any planet throughout the game.

When Spore Galactic Adventures was released, Maxis made a template of Earth for adventure makers.[1]

Designed using USGS topographic maps, this replica of the Earth is perfect for creating your own custom made, realistic Earth adventures! Created by MaxisKate.


Earth, as seen from The Moon.

If the player makes it to the Galactic Core, Steve will give them the Staff of Life. He also mentions the "third rock from Sol", which describes Earth. Although he mentions a "free breakfast and presentation", while in the Earth, there will be nothing new there. This may indicate that Steve originated from Earth and is an example of humans in future times, or it may just be a joke from Maxis.


At different terrascore levels[]


  • Due to Earth changing color when becoming T-3, some players may not want to terraform, but this can be countered with planet coloring tools.
  • While on the Earth, planets seen as faint star-like twinkles are seen in plain sight, many times magnified. Jupiter appears in the sky orders of magnitude bigger than in real life.
  • For some reason, Britain appears to be connected with continental Europe. This is most notable with the Hologram Scout. However, this may vary as Earth varies slightly between games.
  • There is a glitch where, if a planet with the geography of Earth appears in place of the nearest habitable planet to your homeworld, the crashed alien spaceship that is supposed to be present at the beginning of the Space Stage will not spawn and you will be unable to progress.
  • There's also a glitch where upon finding Earth for the first time, it will be completely flat brown land with no water or geographic features. This can be fixed by simply leaving the Sol system and then going back. This should cause the game to reload Earth normally.
  • Strangely though, Earth turns a brown-red color when it reaches a terrascore of T3.