The Electronic Entertainment Expo (or Exposition), commonly known as or E3 , is the world's largest annual trade show and the third largest gaming convention for the computer and video games industry. The expo is open only to game industry professionals and journalists who are over eighteen. The first E3 was in 1995, and was used heavily to showcase the Nintendo 64/Sega Saturn/Sony Playstation generation of consoles. Since then, E3 has been a regular annual event, showcasing not only prominent articles of hardware, but also software titles.

Many video game developers show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware at the event, over a fifth of which have never been unveiled prior to the expo. The independent "Game Critics Awards" have been given to "Best of E3" games in various categories since 1998. In short, E3 is currently the defining place to reveal something for companies desiring a lot of media coverage.

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