E-DNA in a bio-tank being injected into a Crogenitor hero.

Exponential DNA, usually known as E-DNA, or sometimes eDNA, is a powerful type of DNA invented by Crogenitor Xylan, featured in the 2011 game Darkspore. The Crogenitors used it to shape living matter as they pleased - even go so far as to weaponize life itself, as evidenced in the Living Weapons. In their arrogance, the Crogenitors did not notice that the E-DNA was becoming unstable. Some mutated into a virus, later called The Darkspore, which empowered by it's E-DNA, began to twist planetary populations into mutated hordes.

E-DNA fusing with DNA.

E-DNA's role in Gameplay[]

  • E-DNA in Darkspore is used in a similar way as DNA Points in Spore. It is gained after killing an enemy, then is brought back to your ship and stabilized so it can be used.


  • E-DNA may be a reference to EA, (Electronic Arts), the publisher of the game.
  • E-DNA appears to be a black, cloudy, oil-like substance, but when viewed at microscopic perspectives, it is actually made up of many tiny silver crystals.
  • Thomas Vu, the lead producer for Darkspore, accidentally pronounced "E-DNA" as an actual word, "edna" at Comic-con (which is ironic in that the name "Edna" means spirit renewed) /07/24/10/.
  • E-DNA is involved in a Darkspore ARG called Help E-DNA. The ARG's text shows E-DNA as eDNA.
  • If the player switches blood off in Darkspore, enemies will burst into clouds of E-DNA, rather than splatter into bloody residue.