Ducky is a cell made by Maxis found in the Cell stage at Level 3. They are epic-sized, but are soon turned into small preys and then disappear from the player's view. They are also the most simple creature in the whole stage

Duckies are sometimes seen in small packs of 2-4 and (when epic-sized) appear constantly. If the player's cell has Spikes, they can stab the Ducky's long eyes and easily defeat it. The Ducky may run away if hit. They are named Ducky probably because they have long jaws resembling duck beaks, and the honking noises it produces when in pain. Duckies are a slightly easy target when peer and prey sized. They make a "boroooy!" noise when hit and will run away making a "hohohehauwahohe" noise. However when chasing a prey sized Ducky they make a "yamyamyeheheyamayeyjyyamaha" noise.

Epic and Predator sized Duckies are often seen chasing Predator/Peer Stabbers.

Trivia Edit

  • Ducky bears a resemblance to Ildeeni, Ayug and Simnu.
  • Duckies are the most common victims of the supergiant epic glitch.
  • Ducky, like most cells, runs away if encountering a poison cell (such as Squirty or Puffish)
  • A Ducky might try to attack you but attacking it back makes it and most Duckies run away from you.

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Ducky from 2007.