Ducky is a Maxis-made cell, present in Spore and can be found in the Cell stage at Level 3. They are epic-sized initially. They are the simplest cell in all of Level 3.

The Ducky may run away if hit. Duckies are an easy target when peer and prey-sized.


  • They make a "boroooy!" or "beeee!" noise when hit and run away making a "hohohehauwahohe" noise.
  • However, when chasing a prey sized Ducky, they make a "yamyamyeheheyamayeyjyyamaha" noise.


  • Epic and Predator sized Duckies are often seen chasing Predator/Peer Stabber.
  • Duckies are sometimes seen in small packs of 2-4 and (when epic-sized) appear constantly.
  • They are named Ducky probably because of their long jaws resembling duck beaks, and the honking noises it produces when in pain. (Speculation)
  • It is also possible, because of the Chomper cell, that Ducky (and Chomper) are named after the characters in The Land Before Time.


  • If the player's cell has Spikes, they can stab the Ducky's long eyes and easily defeat it.
  • Ducky bears a resemblance to Ildeeni, Ayug and Gadoonk.
  • Duckies are the most common victims of the supergiant epic glitch.
  • Ducky, like most cells, runs away if encountering a poison cell (such as Squirty or Puffish)
  • A Ducky might try to attack you, but attacking it back makes it and most Duckies run away from you.




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