The Ducal Cape is a socializing captain accessory appearing in the Captain Outfitter of Spore Galactic Adventures.


The Ducal Cape bears a resemblance to that of a formal tie. It can be manipulated to change it's shape however, allowing it to resemble a stubby sword-like blade (as seen in the preview picture).

When adjusted to a horizontal position, the Ducal Cape resembles an axe.


The Ducal Cape enables Harmonious Song, which replaces Sing. This ability requires no energy (and thus cannot be upgraded), but is better than normal Sing.


Ducal Cape should be equipped on social adventures. However, it's best to only have one socializing tool on one captain; they aren't too much better than normal socializing. But if, for example, your creature only as a Level 1 Sing, then the Ducal Cape (or Harpolizer) is at it's best.

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