In Spore, you can follow various Diplomatic options in the game. For example, in the Tribal stage you may bring gifts to appease other tribes, while in the Civilization stage establishing a Trade route may also increase your Relationship.

Tribal stage Edit

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The player may pursue a few diplomatic options in this stage, as this is only the beginning of the concept of diplomacy in Spore. This includes sending food to another tribe as a token of goodwill, playing music to another tribe using Wooden horns, Didgeridoos, and Maracas to impress another tribe, possibly even making them your allies. You can make peace with another tribe by bringing them a gift.

Civilization stage Edit

Diplomacy becomes much more diverse in this stage. The player may interact with other nations in many different ways, usually depending on the type of nation the player is--Religious, Economic or Military. However, there are some general options too, such as giving gifts to other nations like in the last stage. These are accessed by hovering over a city and clicking a button, including Contact, Give Gift, Convert, Propose Trade Route, Capture, Buy City, etc. Each type of city has its strengths and weaknesses, too.

Military cities use pure force to capture a city from another nation, so while they may have the strongest fighters, they are forced to destroy the buildings of a city.

Religious cities use words and ideas to convert a city. Therefore, their vehicles do not destroy anything and can shut down entertainment centers and turrets quickly.

Economic cities use money to buy a city. When buying a city for a good bid, the relationship actually goes upwards. While it may take longer, it is a peaceful way and makes your nation wealthier.

There are five ways to finish this stage, all using different diplomatic concepts. . .

  • Religious takeover, in which all cities become united and follow the same religion, or are converted by an uprising.
  • Economic takeover, in which all cities are bought through money or decide to merge with each other.
  • Diplomatic takeover, in which all cities are allied and the world is rid of enemies, and then decide to merge.
  • Surrender, in which the last resisting cities surrender without being actually captured.

Space stage Edit

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During the Space stage, new diplomatic options occur and old ones fade away since the Civilization stage. In the Space stage, you will meet many empires, and will often be communicating with them. Besides repairing, recharging, trading and missions, an option named Diplomacy will be available where you can learn about their philosophy, give them gifts, try to form a trade route, ask them to attack someone, form an alliance, etc. These options will all make your diplomacy go up, except learning about philosophy, breaking an alliance, or breaking a trade route.

Diplomatic Playing Edit

The procedural nature of Spore is believed to automatically adjust the game based on how one plays the game. Generally this means that the less hostile one is, the less hostile other lifeforms will be to one, even things yet to be discovered. This could also be interpreted as if a player is an overall peaceful player, if they were to attack another Civilization because it was his only option, it may not jeopardize his peaceful standing in the game.

Other reasons for playing diplomatically includes being able to gain allies and aid from other species if the player were to encounter a hostile race, and the bonus of possibly being worshiped by other species.