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Omnivore trait card

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Carnivore trait card

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Herbivore trait card

Creatures in Spore have different diets: Herbivore (only eat plants), carnivore (only eat meat), and omnivore (eat both meat and plants). If the player starts in the Cell Stage, then their species' diet is determined by their behavior in the Cell Stage; otherwise, the creatures diet is chosen on creation, which is then filtered to what creature they choose. The diet that came from the Cell Stage stays permanently as the creature's diet for the rest of the game.

The diet of a creature will affect what sources of food are available, and what is edible in the Creature Stage and the Tribal Stage. In the Tribal Stage, if a tribe is Herbivore, they will gather Seaweed in fishing hot spots instead of the normal seafood (fish) like carnivores and omnivores. The traits from the Cell Stage also make them get different abilities that get them food. These include Refreshing Storm, which makes fruit for herbivores re-grow and fall from fruitless trees and bushes. Carnivores get Traps which attract animals and then kill them, allowing the tribe to get meat. Omnivores get Flying Fish, which summons the Sea Monster to force fish onto shore.

If the player starts out in the Cell Stage, and want to play in the Creature Stage as a carnivore, the majority of food consumed should be meat chunks. If one wants to be a herbivore, then the majority should be seaweed, green plant flakes, and green plant matter. Omnivores must eat a balance of both meat and plant matter if the player wishes to become one in the Creature Stage. The diet of your creature is permanently dependent on your actions in the Cell Stage.

To check if you are on track in the Cell Stage, simply press "t" on the keyboard or press the evolution timeline button. The timeline will show up, with an arrow pointing to where you are, as well as how close you are to another diet type, and what consequence abilities come with each diet. This is useful for updates on how close you are to having another diet instead of your current type of diet.

The trait card is unconnected to the type of mouth and diet, so carnivores with a filter feeder mouth can eat fruit, and jawed herbivores can eat meat.


A creature vomiting.

If a creature eats the wrong kind of food (a carnivore eating fruit or a herbivore eating meat), it will vomit and gain no nutrition whatsoever from the eaten food.

Many players say that being a carnivore is hardest in Creature Stage, because when you get hungry, you have to kill to eat, which can be quite difficult, and it isn't easy to find dead creatures to eat. And that means that Herbivore would be moderate, and Omnivore would be the easiest.

Trivia Edit

  • Another type of diet, not usually seen in-game,is the "starvivore" diet. The only way to get this kind of diet is to use a force save mod or hack when your creature has no mouth in the editor. The icon it shows on the Sporepedia card is identical to the icon used as the "Mouthless" warning (a red exclamation mark in a red circle). It is possible that Maxis placed this in-game to prevent crashing when a creature is saved without a mouth. Five of the game files refer to the "starvivore" diet: "cl_starvivore.prop.xml", "starvivore.prop.xml", "starvivoretemplate.prop.xml", "#DD41AEA5.prop.xml", and "#A007B1DB.prop.xml".
Behavior in Cell Stage Creature Stage consequence ability Tribal Stage consequence ability Civilization Stage consequence ability Space Stage Consequence ability
Herbivore Siren Song Refreshing Storm Healing Aura Social Suave
Omnivore Summon Flock Flying Fish Static Bomb Gentle Generalist
Carnivore Raging Roar Traps Invulnerability Power Monger
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