Delicate Negotiations is an Adventure created by Maxis. It is the first mission given to the player by Diplomat empires. In the mission, you must prevent two races (the Monalettes and the Capagues) from destroying each other by bringing one race's king's son and the other race's king's daughter to them. The adventure is a parody of William Shakespeare's play, "Romeo and Juliet".

A captain that has found Romiette and Julio.


The player is asked by Duke Montalette, the leader of the Montalettes, to find his son, Julio Montalette, who he thinks has been kidnapped by the Capagues, and to give the Capagues' leader, Baron Capague, a scroll. The player then finds the Baron, who denies kidnapping Julio, and says that the Montalettes have taken his daughter, Romiette. By talking to people in the village, the player finds out that neither child has been kidnapped and that they are together on a date up a path from the town. The two are oblivious to the strife their disappearance has called, and they return to their parents just in time to prevent the battle between the two races from taking place.

The war between the two families is about to start...


  • Rhyme: All the words and phrases in the speech bubbles and when talking to the characters rhyme with each other, this may be because the adventure is based on the play "Romeo and Juliet".
  • Names: The names are the reverse of Romeo and Juliet, as their names are Julio and Romiette. Also, their last names are Montalette and Capague, the reverse of Capulet and Montague.
  • When arriving at the Baron's castle gate, the player can follow the wall to the right to find two Spoffits. The inclusion of Spoffits in unlikely places is an ongoing joke in Maxis-made adventures.
  • The Baron asks you if his face is all red at the end of the adventure because he is embarrassed. Since his skin is naturally red, it is, but you couldn't tell if he's embarrassed or not.
  • When going back to the Diplomat Empire that gave you the mission, they will express relief over the lack of war and hope that the two Dukes will not argue over the color of their children's wedding cake frosting.