A Danger Reductor.

The Danger Reductor is the second part unlocked in the zealot row of parts, after the Protecto-Shell. It is a metal plate which periodically pulses, as if emitting energy. It generates a visible shield around its wearer. It greatly reduces incoming damage, and improves the energy efficiency of the Power Shield.

It reduces all incoming damage by 50% (.5 damage multiplier), and costs a quantity of energy equal to 25 x the damage it reduces. For example, an attack which would normally do 30 damage (Level 1 Energy Strike) would deal just 15 damage, and would cost 375 energy. When paired with the Power Shield, the energy cost is 40 x the damage it reduces (which is all incoming damage). When paired with both the Protecto-Shell and the Regen-Deflector, the percent of incoming damage reduced increases to 66% (.34 damage multiplier).

Note that the Danger Reductor will not reduce damage due to poison at all (though it will still reduce the initial damage of the impact by 50%).

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