An example of an atmosphere colored with Sky Cyaninator

An example of land colored with Cyan Terra-Coloring

An example of water colored with Cyan Sea

This is the Cyan Series of planet coloring tools.

The Sky Cyaninator colors the sky Cyan.

The Cyan Terra-Coloring colors the land Cyan.

The Cyan Sea colors the water Cyan.


Three of them (Skies of Red, Purple Terra-Coloring, and Deep Blue Sea) will be given to you automatically if you choose the "I want to paint planets" mission from your homeworld.

The rest are found the same way as artifacts: by visiting a planet with yellow radar waves coming out of it, using the radar to locate the item, and then using your Abduction Beam to acquire it. They have the same appearance as terrasculpting tools, so you can't be sure what you will get.