Crystal Hound is a Maxis-made captain, present in the Spore Galactic Adventures, it is a bipedal, medium-sized, crystalline, blue, canine-like captain. It possesses Gnathognasher mouth, Empteyes eyes, Batboy senses, Elevatorclaws and Raptorclaws feet, Ultramegadeer weapons, Springle and Stealing Crystals detail parts, and accessories, it possesses Kharmadillo and Connector Plate shoulders, Skull details, and Bladed Knuckles captain weapons

Galactic Adventures Edit

Crystal Hounds were introduced in Spore Galactic Adventures. They appear in the Maxis-made adventure, Defend the Crystal Mine. In the adventure, the titular mine creates a form of energy that sends the Hounds mad. Their goal is to destroy the Mine Generator Main.

Trivia Edit

  • Although they are animals, they were made in the Captain Outfitter, due to the fact they needed the Bladed Knuckles to make this creature.