Cryos map

Cryos, planet of ice

Cryos is a planet from the game, Darkspore. It is a small planet, at only 0.981 maro (as opposed to Scaldron's 2.001 maro). It suffered from an ice age for centuries, extincting many species. The Crogenitors tried to heat up the planets' core by generating a White Hole there, but the seemingly unlimited heat source only caused more problems on the planet. The only known inhabitants are Zrin, Blitz and Merak. The Crogenitors have hidden some of their ancient technology somewhere on Cryos, which could help pave the way towards the Darkspore's downfall, and the galaxy's freedom.

Lore Edit

Arriving after Cryos experienced mass exterminations from a millennial ice age, the Crogenitors opened a "white hole," a practically limitless supply of heat, to reheat Cryos's core. But their results were unstable.

Now volcanoes erupt through ice-crusted deserts and oceans while plasma bolts rip from surface to sky like rivers of reverse lightning.

Most bizarre of all are the Hyro and Helo "oceans," two plasma storms held in place via gigantic manipulation fields. Each supports an array of sunspot-like floating "islands" swarming with mutant life forms that savagely compete for life.

Despite the duration of their occupation of Cryos, the Darkspore have not yet discovered the hidden troves of ancient Crogenitor technology that remain buried there. Should the Darkspore unlock those secrets before the Neo-Crogenitor resistance can recover them, the mutants will exterminate any chance the galaxy has... for freedom.

Gameplay Description Edit

Crogenitors who brave the frozen wasteland of Cryos will need to prepare for an onslaught of Plasma Darkspore with a wide array of powerful abilities.

Plasma enemies will assault the player's genetic heroes with debilitating lightning attacks and fiery onslaughts.

Players foolish enough to bring Plasma heroes will find the majority of their attacks doubled by the Darkspore.

Those making it to the end will face off against Merak, the Devastator, waiting in his molten sanctuary.

Environmental Hazards Edit

Certain areas of Cryos, particularly caves, have dark ash-covered ground that are filled with fire geysers which burn heroes and enemies that come into contact with them. The outside landscape is also dotted with 'cryo-beacons', structures that release regular bursts of cold that temporarily freeze solid any hero that is caught by a burst. Players receive points for destroying them.

Hero Inhabitants Edit


Goliath runs about Cryos, battling enemies.

Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the planet, Cryos, is taken straight from the Latin word cryo, meaning 'cold'.
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