Message from Overseer Zsark[]

"Hello to transmission receiver and personnel of the Xiliaan, your recent transmission has been a good one, your request for a bicameral union and mention of my presence in this quadrant has interested me. Furthermore, the confusing travel that I have made, was nothing, but a mere accident, I never had any knowledge of inter-dimensional exploration nor did my kind. Onto the requested alliance, our trade for knowledge will be most pleasing, however, a lack of trust and a risk of convulsions and being fatigued into agreement with your measures will bother my soldiers and I, henceforth I must refuse this request, however, I do request that we form a trading route along with knowledge of this quadrant, while in turn, we share you our knowledge of our Electro-magnetic pulse caliber weaponry. I do not know how you have gained awareness of my kind, the Kashuthil, I kindly ask that you keep this a secret."

Yours truly,

-Zsark Zsarkminiportrait.png


Incoming Transmission from the Waptoria Alliance of Species[]

Waptoria Alliance.png Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: Cria'a'siln, Expeditionary Navigator

This is Cria'a'siln , navigator of the local expedition fleet from the Waptoria Alliance of Species. It appears we are picking up strong signals indicative of sentient life. From a genetic scan we can conclude that the main genetic race is insectoid - Gryllidae, correct? Futhermore, I am detecting other readings that would indicate a secondary group with genetic makeup different from the main race. As this group shares the same basic gene-pattern but with a great deal of remarkable variations, and seems clustered in what we assume to be barrack, I would assume that these are a genetically-egineered soldier race - much like myself!

It is always intriguing to find such a simmilar race despite outward differences, as such races have proven to form the strongest alliances with us -not the most known, but the strongest none the less- and as such archieve the deepest amount of understanding and symbiosis. Speaking as a fellow Biotic as myself, is extremely rare to find beings so alike as you, fully sentient, unbound, with strong bonds amongst yourselves. We are to do you an highly generous offer even for our standards, but in galaxy full of uncertainties, it is always good to find a fellow mind - and to keep such a mind a close friend.

As such I -and though our groupmind, the whole Waptoria Alliance of Species- would like to propose an alliance with you. Such an alliance can also give you a boost in prestige on an intergalactic scale and can be a cause for technological advancement, for us as much as for you. We offer membership to the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, an act that shall give you a further voice in intergalactic politics. A subsector of our Waptoria home Sector in the Mirus galaxy will accordingly be opened up for you to colonize should you be willing to accept our offer of alliance.

Should you accept our offer to colonise the designated subsector of our Mirus heartlands, we can offer the possibility of joint exercises and a genetic excange between our Biotics. This will be mutually beneficial for us both as it will allow for an even greater range of evolutionary adaptations for the Biotics of both our factions.

If you have any suggestions or alterations to make, or "certain rare specimens" that would require our aid, please contact us. We are highly availible to such measures.

We would be much obliged by the reading of this message and by your response, which I personally eagerly await.

May you farm the fruits of life, fertility, and adaptability.

Cria'a'siln out.
Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: Cria'a'siln, Expeditionary Navigator
Odd...Static. We must have moved out of range. Switch to long-range transmittors and approach allied territory. Carefully. We do not want to give any suggestion of agression.

To answer your question: we do not use conventional nanotechnology. Rather we use a variety of single-cellular organisms that are capable of performing roughly the same functions. As such a joint project into the possibilities of molecular egineering can benefit us too.

On another matter, the seers of our elder allies have picked up sigals concerning strange activity in the Tyris Minor Sector of the Milky Way near Biskin space, practically on top of where the Helmore once lived. We believe that point where the gap between dimensions seems to be rather weak there, as the last two times such activity happened, it heralded an extradimensional invasion. As you uderstand, since we have friendly relations with to most of the empires in the bordering Tyris Mayor sector, this has left us highly concerned. Backtracking your recent transmissions, you seem to to have attempted contact. If so, can you please inform us if this presence is hostile. If contact already had been made and said presence is friendly by any chance, feel free to rely this information trough to the source. You never know it might be usefull.

Lastly, we would be highly relieved should you be willing to give a handfull of Biotic Regiments to us. We are in open conflict with the Imperium of War at the moment and such we need our own Biotic soldiers and Biotic fleets on the front lines. If you should be prepered to help us by joining the war in full, we would be even more in your debt. Of course, it goes without saying that after the war is over and the Imperium is defeated, we will reimburse you in kind.

Cria'a'siln out.

Incoming Transmission from the Draekar Remnant![]

Representing the Draekar Remnant is: Drakan Thel'Vimicelnes
Greetings Xilics. We are requesting a trade route between our capital nations in hopes of better relations. We require resources to fight against a certain enemy, and you may require ours to fight against yours.

I hope you will consider this offer

Representing the Draekar Remnant is: Drakan Thel'Vimicelnes
Hm. I thought you kept inter-empire communication away from the civilian populace. We have this information due to an impressive network of Agents, Inquisitors, and Seraphs planted throughout Mirus, Milky Way, Andromeda, Cyrannus, and any other galaxy we colonize. Not much passes through our fingers (At least the events that occur anywhere in or near Dreacorran space). Any event and information we acquire is only given to my Arms and Fists, as well as the Council of Eight. We will destroy this information as you requested, but the required resources to fight against the ancient enemy will push us to ignore you and go on to other empires.

Be warned Xilics, as the Four Races are a force to be reckoned with. Not many have escaped our claws, but those that do are scarred by either our talons or our fire.