Incoming Transmission Edit

"Greetings Trucinex. You have asked us a question, and we will answer. The Capricornians have not angered us in any way, so we do not want to intervene with them." - Oprhurzhul Angazhar

Incoming Transmission Edit

ccVoidcc - Though the Xhodocto don't seek, don't dare to ally with them, because if punishment goes severe with them, yours will be certainly bigger, by our hand, or of that of the Capricornians, they are under our protection, so don't call Xhodocto for help, you are warned! - The Sage of the Krassio

Incoming transmission from Vartekian Empire Edit

Deadly virus... well that really sucks for you :) One of our scientists looked at the virus and it is quite an ingenious virus! Weird enough we are immune... this allows us to carry some of your people aboard our mother ships in order to save your race. it seems a special chemical in are body produces a cure but the chemical kills you so... your oogied unless you send some people aboard. We only have room for 150 of you... but we figure that this virus is capable of killing all our pets! so we are also going to be a bit off edge.-Votarah

Alliance Edit

An enemy has set their sights on you! And your religion! It is called Spode, and it is evil! We are willing to help! We have billions beyond number! You will be safe by our side! Even your allies, the Vartekian, will always be here! Behold the grand dragon of which you worship! He is calling to you! To WAR! Jex1 19:48, March 26, 2010 (UTC)

Incomming Transmission from the Sapo Hive mind. Edit

Hmmm, spode. What is this spode fella? We dont have religion, so you'll have to deal with it. If you want you can vainly attempt to convert us by sending missionaries into our space. What we want is to start a trading route so we can start making spucks to pay other empires for whatever we may need.

Incoming Transmission from the Jarquvix FederationEdit

As you may or may not know, we have begun a war with one of our former members, the Tybusen Federation. Although we are sending a fleet to destroy their capital, we fear that this war may be more difficult than originally anticipated. As allies to your race, we are asking that you send ships and troops to fight against the Tybusen and help our cause. Please respond as soon as possible.

Captain Jovar III, Jarquvix Federation

incoming transmission from the ctron Edit

your allies the fordanta are running around calling us pests, so ovbiously we want to get back on their good side

you are allies of them

an alliance would help, do you agree

Incoming transmission from The Terdiatlan empire Edit

Greetings, we are The Terdiatlans from Sirius. Please identify yourself.

Admiral Edrantes Flayor IV

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