Relative Creature Sizes

Relative creature sizes, as demonstrated in Galactic Adventures; Left to Right - Baby, Normal, Alpha, Epic, Supersized Epic

During the game, multiple levels of creature can be found. All are able to be seen in the Creature Stage except for the Supersized Creature, which is only found in the Space Stage, and the Hyper Epic Creature, which is only known from skeletons.

Creatures Edit

Planet Creature Edit

Planet creatures only appearing in Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena, Planet creatures live inside the rock of a planet, where it usually hibernates. These creatures are large enough for several creatures to explore the inside of the creature.

Hyper Sized Edit

These are the juggernauts of the living world. These massive animals are known only by the huge skeletons and footprints they leave behind. Other than that, little is known about them.

  • Availability: Creature stage and up (Skeletons)
  • HP: NA
  • Ally: NA

Supersized Edit

A powerful variant of Epic creature, with about 16% more health. It can and will shoot fireballs at ships and deal about 300 damage. It may also occasionally assault colonies.

  • Availability: Space stage only (Created with Supersizer tool)
  • HP: 3,500
  • Ally: No

Epic Edit

An extremely large creature that, although not as tough as a Supersized one, is a deadly enemy. During Creature stage it is next to unstoppable, although as the game progresses, they become easier to kill thanks to advanced technology. As said before, they are very dangerous. In the Civilization stage these can be converted to work for a player (though still directly uncontrollable) by assaulting it with religious vehicles, and gain the ability of shooting fireballs at vehicles.

  • Availability: Creature stage and up (the higher the stage, the rarer they become)
  • HP: 1,000 in Creature and Tribal stages / 3,000 in Civilization and Space stages
  • Ally: No (Can be converted to work for the player in Civilization stage for a very limited time) (can also be allied in Galactic Adventures, but cannot be set as a task and can only ally those set on neutral or peaceful.)

Half Epic Edit

Half Epics are a rare occurance in games that are still not yet fully understood. They are usually found after a lost battle with an Epic, dead. They could either be a glitch or just another rare creature level.

  • Availability: Creature stage only (Extremely rare)
  • HP: 500
  • Ally: yes

Rogue Edit

Rogue creatures can be both powerful enemies and allies. These are the most powerful creatures in the game that a player can ally with. These are also the only ones that can fight an Epic without dying after the first attack. They are quite rare and often hard to befriend.

  • Availability: Creature stage and tribal stage (as a "pet" if you allied then on creature stage).
  • HP: 250
  • Ally: Yes

Alpha Edit

These are the leaders of the nest groups and they usually lead one or two babies. There are some minor differences between alphas and regular creatures. First of all they are harder to befriend and have a higher HP than a that of a normal creature of the same species. Next they are usually slightly larger than the average creature of a species. When impressed or killed, Alpha Creatures drop body parts. In the game development they may have been meant as females, thus why baby creatures follow them.

  • Availibility: Mainly Creature and Tribal stages, but sometimes larger, Alpha-sized creatures can be seen in Space stage
  • HP: ≈125% of that of a Normal creature of the same species
  • Ally: Yes

Normal Edit

This is the stable creature.

  • Availibility: Creature stage and up
  • HP: 5-100 depending on species and advancement
  • Ally: Yes

Baby Edit

They are small juvenile creatures that are very weak and easy to impress. After while a baby will become a full adult, but it still has to survive for that long. Babies are easy targets. However, if a baby is killed, then the species of that baby will be your enemy.

  • Availibility: Creature stage and up
  • HP: 1/2 of adult
  • Ally: Yes

Egg Edit

These are small eggs that will hatch into a baby after a while. If an egg gets knocked off the nest, then the baby will have 1000 hp upon hatching.

  • Availibility: Creature stage and up
  • HP: N/A
  • Ally: No

Cocoons Edit

Cocoons are strange, intermediate forms of creatures that are thought to be cell creatures in the midst of evolving. Usually, a smaller cell creature spins around and turns into a cocoon, later emerging to be a further evolved, stronger creature. Cocoons cannot be interacted with until they hatch into their evolved forms.

  • Availibility: Creature Stage
  • HP: N/A
  • Ally: N/A

Cells Edit

Epic Cell (Ducky)

An Epic cell in Cell Stage

Epic cell Edit

Epic cells are something like Epics in Cell stage. They are hard to kill and can eat other cells at once. Epic cells that will appear on next level of evolution can be seen in background.

Predator Cell Edit

Predator cells are cells that are larger than the player's cell. While herbivore cells can be at the predator stage, they are still considered predator cells as they can kill you very easily (one or two hits).

Peer Cell Edit

Peer cells are cells that are the same size as your cell. These cells have no damage modifiers, and can kill your cell just as quickly as you can kill them.

Prey Cell Edit

These cells are smaller than your cell, and can be eaten whole, in a single bite, by carnivore cells. They generally pose no real threat, but ones with weapons can still harm you.