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To build the creatures, you are starting out with parts. We have seven part categories -- feet, mouth, weapons… Each category has four columns of parts, and each column has eight or nine choices. As your brain level increases, you unlock more columns. All in all we have about 400 creature parts. Each of these parts also has morphs.

- Will Wright

The Creature Creator (known as Creature Editor before it was changed in the final game) is a type of creature creator appeared in Spore series that allows players to create and modify creatures. Creatures consist of a malleable body with an underlying spine, which can be sculpted in a variety of ways. Any of 228 functional parts can then be added onto the body, and be reshaped themselves.


The Creature Creator impressed fans so much that many petitions began to spring up, including this one from Petition Online. The concept of releasing a module from a game to serve as its demo, sometimes months ahead of its release, is not unknown. Peter Molyneux's The Movies' Starmaker and Wright's own The Sims 2's Body Shop modules are both example of such a demo release.

  • A demo was announced in the interview with IGN shortly after the start of E3 07.
  • On 17th of June 2008 the creature creator was released at around $10.99. A demo version is available from spore.com, but it only contains around 25% of the parts from the full version. The creatures made with the pre-release module can later be downloaded into the full game.



The interface of the Creature Creator is organized into three portions:

Build Mode[]

Where the creature is sculpted and functional parts can be attached. This mode is where parts can be changed, and the spine can be altered. It shows the creature in its base colour, without patterns or part colours.

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Paint Mode[]

The Paint Mode is an integral part of the Creature Creator and operates on the simple premise of selecting a color and texture, which the computer will then procedurally apply to the creature. In addition to the basic texture, three levels of overlay are available for things such as Base, Coat, and Detail.

Test Drive[]

The Testing Drive is a small arena in which the created creature is brought to life. Here the player can preview animations example of movement, action, etc. The player can also change background, add babies, screenshot, and record the creature.

Status Bars[]


The stats of a creature

In the current version of the creator, the various statistics of the creature are displayed as icons on the right side of the screen with numbers indicating the skill in that field.

Icon Name Max Stats Description
SporeAbilities Abilities 23 General abilities such as Sight or Mating Call.
SporeSight Sight 1 Allows the creature to clearly see its surroundings. No sight shrinks the visible area.
SporeSneak Sneak 5 Move about undetected with camouflage. Higher levels allow it to get closer to creatures before they see it.
SporeJump Jump 5 Spring into the air to traverse steep terrain.
SporeGlide Glide 5 Wings give a limited form of flight. Higher levels allow it to stay airborne longer.
SporeGraspers Graspers 1 Hands allow creatures to pick up objects in the world.
SporeMatingCall Mating Call 1 Potential mates will reply from any distance, helping to navigate home. Granted by all mouths. If there are no creatures at your nest, using this spawns one (for example, when trying to form a pack before migration).
SporeSprint Sprint 5 Allows the creature to move faster for a short period of time.
SporeAttack Attack 20 Aggressive actions meant to harm other creatures.
SporeBite Bite 5 An average-strength attack with a short cooldown time, granted by all mouths.
SporeCharge Charge 5 A weak attack that stuns an enemy, usable only from range. It has a long cooldown. Most feet, especially hooves, as well as horn-like weapons, upgrade this attack.
SporeStrike Strike 5 Hands and spikes make for a powerful attack with a long cooldown. The only distinguishing feature is that this attack can hit more than one target at a time.
SporeSpit Spit 5 Spits out a purple liquid. The only ranged option, it has a medium cooldown and low damage over time, but will stun the target if it is attempting to charge.
SporeSocial Social 20 Social actions meant to impress and befriend other creatures.
SporeSing Sing 5 Makes the creature sing to the selected target. Any mouth (except for the mechanical mouths) lets you sing, but some are more vocal than others.
SporeDance Dance 5 Makes the creature dance for the selected target. Better dancing requires specialized feet.
SporeCharm Charm 5 Makes the creature charm the selected target. Fur, feathers, and other accessories help with this ability.
SporePose Pose 5 Makes the creature pose for the selected target. Adding hands to your creatures lets them pose.
SporeSpeed Speed 5 Adding feet and other parts increases a creature's speed.
SporeHealth Health 5 Various parts decrease vulnerability to attacks. As brain size increases, so does overall health.
Spore Omnivore Diet Diet N/A Carnivores can eat meat, herbivores can eat plants, and omnivores can eat both.

Creature Parts[]

To the left of the Editing screen are the seven palettes (categories) containing 228 functional parts that can be attached to a creature. Each palette contains up to four columns with up to ten parts in each.

Creature Stage

In the Creature Stage, parts are unlocked by rummaging through skeletons, and killing or befriending alphas.

Name Description Icon
Mouths Determines the creature's diet (herbivore, carnivore or omnivore) as well as its ability to sing and bite. Every creature must have a mouth; creatures without mouths cannot be saved. SporeMouth
Sensory Organs Eyes, ears, noses, and other organs - only eyes provide sight, the rest are purely cosmetic. SporeSensory
Limbs Contains a selection of differently-shaped arms and legs. SporeLimb
Hands Contains a variety of graspers and manipulators that contribute to a creature's striking and posing ability, and give it the graspers ability. SporeHand
Feet Determines a creature's speed, dance and charge stats. SporeFoot
Weapon Weapon parts, such as spikes and horns. They all provide offensive abilities, such as charging or spitting. SporeWeapon
Accessories Feathers, leaves, wings etc that do not fall into any of the other categories. SporeDetail

Other GUI Elements[]

The editing interface also includes, in the bottom left, an indicator of the amount of evolutionary credits (DNA points) currently available to the player for use in creature creating. All creature parts have an associated cost, which reflects their efficiency and effect on the creature's rating. The further to the right a creature part appears in the list that opens on clicking a category button, the more expensive it is to buy and the higher level ability it offers (in most cases).

Lastly, in the bottom right there are buttons for Undo, Redo and Exit, and the name of the creature in the top right, next to the ranking.

Keyboard Control[]

  • Holding down ALT key, then pressing the part, and holding it will duplicate the selected part.
  • Rolling over any part and hold down the I key will display part statistics (available in Patch 1.02 and higher).
  • Holding down CTRL and dragging with a mouse lets to detach or attach a node in a limb. (NOTE: To detach/delete a section of limb, drag away the area between the joints -- not the joint ball itself).
  • Holding the TAB key while selecting a part will display more rotation rings to better position it.
  • Holding the A key will allow the placement of asymmetrical parts (Patch 1.05 and higher).
  • Holding CTRL and F and clicking will flip an asymmetrical part (e.g. right hand becomes left hand).
  • Pressing B will open the Sporepedia.


Part Packs[]

Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack was the first and only parts pack released worldwide. Contrary to the name, however, it has three themes: Cute, Goofy, and Creepy. Galactic Adventures, Spore's expansion pack, has no new Creature Editor parts, but does have a new Captain Outfitter with all the Outfitter clothes and 32 new Captain Parts, along with a new paint option for creatures that will be turned into Captains. This paint job is a parody of the Red Shirt from Star Trek.

Spore Mech Parts Pack[]

Between January 5, 2010 and December 31, 2010, as part of a partnership with Dr. Pepper and Electronic Arts, players could enter a code from a bottle or cup to get 14 new robot parts for the Creature Creator. This promotion was only available in the USA, and as it has since ended, there is no official way of acquiring this parts pack.

Barrakuda mentioned that Will Wright would have liked to have robotic parts in the Creature Creator after advancing to the Space Stage, possibly as a result of research in the game.[1]


  • In the movie Shorts, the Spore Creature Editor Test Drive Mode is shown on a TV Screen while a boy and girl are having a long staring contest. Spore is shown being played on a Playstation 3, despite the fact it was never released on that platform.
  • In Test Drive, double-clicking or double-tapping one of the arrow keys will make your creature go slightly faster. This will also happen if the mouse or arrow keys are held before the test drive loads.


  • A glitch that causes limbs to become invisible. The steps for doing this glitch are shown here.
  • There is a tail glitch. The steps for the glitch are shown here.


Creature editor's development[]

Example creatures[]

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Here are a few examples of creatures that have been made in the creator, showing the incredible range of styles that are available to the player.


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