The Zuckhs, later known as Zxxon (to those who could pronounce the name), were feathered herbivorous mammalian humanoids from the planet Noph in the Girdo Galaxy. Their colonial Zuckhs Empire was the first known civilisation dedicated to the worship of Spode in said galaxy, and they along with the Tsajaginykar, Cyberion and Saqqarit Radeon were the only species known to be part of both the Second Galactic Federation and the later Girdo Empire.

History Edit

The first Zuckhs civilisation was formed around 9000 BC within several fertile river valleys surrounding a large gulf. As the local priesthood developed increasingly sophisticated magic tricks, they were able to convice neighbouring societies of their divine power and, along with an increasingly strong military force, were able to establish a global theocracy within three thousand years. The priesthood were forced to secretly develop more advanced technology in order to maintain their control over an increasingly less credulous populace, and eventually the offshoots of this process led to industrial and then spacefaring technology.

During the 5th millennium BC, the Zuckhs built a large colonial Zealot empire near the base of the Southern Arm, setting themselves up as a ruling species. During this time, they were visited by extragalactic Radeon missionaries, who brought to them the religion of Spode before being allowed to settle on the planet Waset. These Radeon were cut off from their home civilisation, and later developed into the Saqqarit kingroup.

However, the Zuckhs Empire came into conflict with the Tsajaginykar circa 4100 BC, and then the Grox around 200 years later. Despite joining the Grand Galactic Fleet for protection, their civilisation crumbled, and many lower-class Zuckhs turned to Shamanism instead, taking on the identity of the "Savvy Zxxon Monks" and peacefully spreading across the galaxy from the temple-world of Maekor. However, their aggressive mentality remained, and the Zxxon monasteries found work in exterminating violent death cults, as well as hunting down extremist members of their former Spode-worshipping religion, being one of the few remnants of the Second Federation era to survive to the time of the Girdo Empire.

The early 25th century AD saw the darkest time for the Zxxon Monks. Seen as heretical apostates and occupiers of rightful Spodist territory by Jaharan ae-Zamarros, most of the violence of the Radeon crusades within the Girdo Galaxy - known amongst the Radeons as the "Reclamation of the Zuckhs" - was directed against them, reaching its peak with the Glassing of Maekor and the execution of most of the Monks' leadership. Disorganised, scattered, and nearly exterminated, the influence of the Zxxon had been curtailed to such an extent that in the late 2610s, nearly two centuries later, they were still unable to put up resistance against a small military force and fell swiftly under the control of the Tentekh.

Biology and Appearance Edit

The Zuckhs had a fairly typical humanoid bodyplan, with specific details including muscular legs for jumping, and a tail with a large cluster of feathers at the end. Their fingers and toes were webbed, an adaptation for wading in rivers and along coastlines.

Zuckhs were herbivores, and although they had a naturally aggressive personality, before inventing weaponry they were only capable of fighting using their heads, with their main combat features being an armoured ridge and a pair of sharp downwards-pointing tusks on their snouts.

Society and Culture Edit

The political structure of the Zuckhs Empire is one of the most well-documented in the Girdo Galaxy. The Empire was led by a priestly Zuckhs aristocracy, with a Pharaoh at its head. Other species occupied lower levels in society, being divided into several castes. The government itself was composed of the Zuckhs castes. The pharaonic caste was the ultimate ruling authority, consisting of the Pharoah himself, his second-in-command the Vizier, the Nomarchs (leaders of individual star systems), and their large extended families. The day-to-day running of the Empire was controlled by the bureaucratic caste, while loyalty and authority were maintained by the priestly and military castes.

Zuckhs Monastery

A Zxxon Monastery in 2650.

Each Zuckhs was given shining armour and shielding after hatching, and upon reaching adulthood, they were further gifted with additional technological items which were used to keep unruly members of other species under control via mind control and trickery. Ultimately, the aim of this was to make the Zuckhs appear to be in possession of magical powers, maintaining their religious control as well as providing physical protection.

Despite their rigid social structure, the Zuckhs Empire was remarkably free, with mobility and marriage between castes being commonplace, and government surveillance almost absent. Regardless of this, the Savvy Zxxon Monks strove to free themselves from their innate hierarchial tendencies, but did not succeed until opening their ranks to other species.

Notable Individuals Edit

Agent Atirieil, leader of Girdo Intelligence during the Girdo Campaigns, was the highest-ranking Zxxon in the Girdo Empire.

Trivia Edit

  • The Zuckhs were first created, as the "Zxxon" (named for an in-game reference), as a species assimilated into the Tokzhalan Empire for the Imperial Civil War (and of which Atirieil was not a member), a conflict that was eventually heavily retconned into the Girdo Campaigns. Later, the Zuckhs were introduced into the Mirror Universe as the leaders of the Simhaslaeo Province, and a backstory was soon created requiring a Girdo-native equivalent empire.
  • Noph, Waset and Saqqara are names to ancient Egyptian cities, fitting with the pharaonic government of the Zuckhs Empire. The same is true for the Tsajaginykar's homeworld of Tjenu.

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