Darkness. Hatred. Anger. This is what being a Zazane feels like.
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The Zazane (Low Zanatai Common: Blood Folk), otherwise known as the Drichi Aanei (High Zanatai Common: Bound by Blood), are a race of draconic synapsid sapients of extra-universal origin and are not native to the First Gigquadrant despite being present and significantly established throughout various galactic territories. Violent and passionate, the Zazane are renowned and infamous for their tendencies of warlike and aggressive behaviour which coincides with an impressive degree of innate physiological strength, stamina, and durability, with the aforementioned traits dictating much of the culture found throughout their multiple empires and societies.

Zazane are as communal as they are militant and dedicate much of their lives to the ideal of hierarchal recognition and contribution to their people, with heavy emphases on loyalty, honour, and discipline. Zazane, due to the harsh conditions of their homeworld, are evolved to thrive and excel in combat and survival thus are innately inclined towards violence and conflict for not only does it encourage generational improvement via strong genes and is rewarded with physical and psychological stimulation, it is a core segment of their nature; when Zazane cannot fight others, they will often come to fight between themselves, which has caused calamitous events and political instability throughout their history as a both a pre-spacefaring and post-terrestrial civilisation, with an enigmatic and supernatural influence reoccuring time and time again.


The Zazane stem from the archaic and lost world of Volhix IV - a world present within the outer-rim of their native galaxy, which the Zazane would identify as the Sawblade Cloud - where the earliest records of Zazane civilisation stem from the southeastern regions of an equatorial continent, with the Zazane thriving upon their world and swiftly spreading outward while establishing major developments within the branches of warfare and military technologies, where they advanced from primitive weaponry and equipment to hi-tech war-machines and superweapons over the course of fifteen millennia, with other technological advancements following at a more gradual pace amidst the many differing cultures, religions, traditions, and empires that arose during the various global eras. While many records of the wars and conflicts fought throughout these periods of time have been lost, those of the Consolidation Era - the last era prior to the rise of the Zazane as a spacefaring power - were not and the history of the Zazane was forever marked by the ascension of the seemingly immortal Zazane warlord Zagadhal Segra Khabrek - known in the modern era as Zagdala Breek - who appeared from the ashes of a great fallen Zazane nation to conquer and unify a majority of the world.

The First Sovereign Domain was established by Zagdala as a means to implement further research into otherwise neglected studies and technological forms - such as interplanetary travel - and after a century or so into his reign while quelling rebellions from outer nations, the First Sovereign Domain gained access into the heavens and, after the uncovering of alien hi-archeotech buried beneath the surface of their homeworld's moon, swiftly colonised its home system of Volhix. In some short centuries the Sovereign Domain led an expansion into extrasolar territories which led to the eventual discovery, first contact, and conflict with the Zazane's neighbours in the stars of their home-arm; the divided realms of the Cyrod and the expansive swarms of the Het, both of whom were conquered and integrated into the society of the Sovereign Domain. However, the Zazane's empire would fracture as Descension began to root within the hierarchy as a result of bloodlines diverging from the primary monarchial lineage of Zagdala, which eventually led into the downfall of the Sovereign Domain due to issues pertaining to the increase of Descension within their territories and also disputes between clans and bloodlines. The First Sovereign Domain was effectively decimated and dismantled by a mid-rim superpower known as the Gruug-Sal Hierarchy when the Zazane expanded into Gruug-Sal territory and toiled with disputes over their worlds, at which point the Hierarchy forcefully conquered the Zazane and their own vassals and razed the colonies of the Volhix solar system, including the Zazane homeworld, which Zagdala and a detachment of his personal fleet and guard sought to - unsuccessfully - defend.

The Zazane, alongside their vassals, were integrated into the Hierarchy as second-class citizens with the exception of remnants of the Blackswords - the personal guard of Zagdala - and various System-Governors that would survive and evade the Hierarchy's decimation and subjugation and go on to found the Freeblood Realm which remained as a power in the outer-rim. Some centuries after the subjugation and integration of the Zazane into their society, the Hierarchy befell social collapse from internal strife garnered by cooperation between the Blackswords and Zazane revolutionaries led under the influence of Cronal the Merciless - a Zazane warlord claiming descent from the bloodline of the late Zagdala - which brought in the foundations for the Second Sovereign Domain.





Subspecies and Subgroups[]





My people, we shall unite and achieve honour for our race!

Tyraz Breek is a Zazane warlord, Lord Councillor of the Brood of War, Highlord of Andromeda and Grandmaster of the Guardians of Light, the main military force of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth. Tyraz Breek is a prominent figure in the Gigaquadrant, mainly for his position in power but also because of his status as a powerful Descended being, having displayed his immense demonic strength many times, both to cause havoc and to save the lives of his friends.

Tyraz is a man who possesses many inner demons of the spiritual kind, all of which eat at him and exploit his guilt that stems from his violent background and past. Because of this, he is not often seen in happy moods and can be sensitive to comments made by his friends, comrades or colleagues. Tyraz is mostly known for his uncontrollable rage, which stems from his protective nature over his friends. It can be argued that despite Tyraz's reluctance to accept it, his rage is his greatest and most powerful weapon, pushing him beyond physical boundries that cannot be touched by regular mortals and taking away his ability to surrender. This, combined with his trademark Firesword, is what makes Tyraz feared throughout the Gigaquadrant as an "angel of death", as his punishment is swift and incredibly painful.

Keldar Taran1.png

We were made to be equal like adults, not divided like children.

  • Name - Keldar Taran
  • Affiliation - Brood of War
  • Status - Active

Keldar Taran is a Zazane warmistress and a Councillor of the Brood of War, as well as a former Canoness of the Sorority of Swords, which she created herself and later mostly reformed, and currently the Head Mistress of the WOMB, a special elite task force designed to assist the main Brood military on the frontline. Keldar is an affectionate and idealistic individual who grows close to those who she sees as possessing good hearts, although when enraged she is a fierce and merciless fighter, attacking with an improvised combat style dealing with throwing weapons, although she is also an effective melee fighter and possesses a katana for up-close weapon clashes.

Originally fighting against the Zazane Empire for their treatment of the female gender, Keldar took the opportunity of reforming the Zazane race into a united empire to serve as a means of protection from threats of extinction. Keldar eventually reformed the Sorority of Swords into the Woman's Organized Military Bloc, although there are remnants of the Sorority that have opposed against working with the Brood and openly consider Keldar as a traitor and a coward.

Savas Golge.png

If you are not willing to risk everything, even your own life, for your desires then you do not deserve them.

  • Name - Savas Golge
  • Affiliation - Brood of War
  • Status - Active

Savas Golge, birth name Savagormmoro, is a Zazane warlord and a Councillor of the Brood of War, as well as the current Punisher King of Cakothar, Lord Commander of the Dragon Battleguard and Head Executioner, as well as founder, of Section IV, which he created in order to preserve the fundamental values of the Zazane race and to rid the Brood of internal threats such as terrorists, rebels and occultists. Savas is a brutal, aggressive and fundamentalistic character who prefers to distance himself away from most people in social situations, preferring to engage himself in conflict and war rather than expose himself to the rest of society. While not necessarily easy to anger, he shall become enraged at signs of weakness in his opponents or his allies, as well as insult those who disrespect the Zazane way of life.

Savas possessed no particular alliegance towards the Zazane Empire when it existed, in fact disregarding it entirely without a care for who ruled it or not. However, upon the Empire's attempted invasion of Cakothar, his homeworld, he promised that he would ultimately destroy them if they bothered to persist in engaging him and his forces. Savas was eventually given the place of Councillor, or rather was forced into it. He is often regarded as the most physically powerful and strongest Zazane in current existence, disregarding modified Zazane and Essence users.

  • Name - Hork Zando
  • Affiliation - Brood of War
  • Status - Active

Beltharon Tanaris.png


Hell will sing.

Xanat Breek is a Zazane warlord and a captain of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Formerly a member of the Confederation of Andromeda, Xanat now serves with full loyalty to the Cyrannian Empire. He was raised under the wing of Admiral Votarah in the arts of warfare and combat, and has become something of a supersoldier for the Cyrannian Empire. In command of his own unit of Cyrannian Zazane, Xanat is a skilled commander and soldier still in his relative youth.

Xanat is a fierce fighter an prefers to fight with extreme cruelty, not often killing his opponents straight away even if he is capable. He is sometimes described as something along the lines of sadistic, although his reasoning is he wants to know how strong his opponent truly is and even if they are worth fighting against. He will only kill his targets after incapacitating them and humiliating them through the cruelest and most painful manners. Confident in his abilities gifted to him from the experiments performed on him, he will allow normal enemies to take shots at him and even injure him to some degree before he regenerates and attacks back. However, he is arrogant enough to be taken by surprise and is often prone to underestimating some enemies. He is notably different compared to most captains of the Cyrannian Empire because of his arrogant and sadistic nature.

Kezoreg Teen.png
Kez Mini.png

You would do best to keep away, because I don't care who you are. I want to hurt you, I want to kill you.

  • Name - Kezoreg
  • Affiliation - Kicathian Republic
  • Status - Active

Kezoreg Breek, his formal name being Kezoreg Ipevreia-Breek, is a Zazane - Asgord - Xhodocto hybrid and is the eldest child of Tyraz - the current Lord Councillor of the Brood of War. He is renowned by many individuals as being a hideous, destructive abomination due to his heritage, appearance and his gargantuan Descension potential which can be detected by many, even if they are not Essence adapts due to a horrifying secret - he possesses blood that has been cursed with the essence of Khazurhal Angazhar.

Kezoreg has destructive tendencies and takes pleasure in causing harm and pain to others in conflict without any restraints such as honour or tradition, something that makes him appear as disgraceful within Zazane society and a monstrous creature within most aspects of Asgord civilizations. Despite his accursed blood and his twisted heritage, he is not in full control over his Essence powers as of yet and still possesses many flaws and traits reminescent to mortals despite being born of parents who had been Descended at the time of his conception. He is currently under the advanced training of the Kicath Warlord, Kithworto.

Zagdala Breek.png
  • Name - Zagdala Breek
  • Affiliation - Zazane Empire
  • Status - Deceased


It's all warm and sticky!

Kalcedia Myran, known commonly by her codename The Eye, is a Ottzelloan Zazane (who is part Pseudomorph member of the dreaded UNOC unit, making her one of the Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello's most important military individuals. An excellent sniper, she focuses on nothing more than her targets, which she becomes magnetically attracted to. A charming, charismatic and manipulative character, as well as being a perfect aim both with and without implants, she can use any sort of disguise to blend into her surroundings, and take the form of anything, or anyone.

Although generally a confident person, Kalcedia hasn't had a childhood and thus is still finding out what she is afraid of. When genuinely scared, Kalcedia often resorts to a childish manner, seeking comfort and attention out of fear. This is due to the fact that since she never had a childhood, she never had the opportunity to face her fears earlier. However, in the presence of other UNOC members she will slowly regain her confident composure and prepare herself to fight or challenge her fears.

Telda Laonda.png

You can't have war without weapons. You can't have weapons without tech.

Telda Laonda is the Zazane Supreme Advisor of the Indoctrinate Collective. Acting as the head of the Zazane who immigrated to the Collective following an agreement between the Brood of War and the Collective, Telda was chosen to be the Supreme Advisor of her people for her vast intellect and leadership skills.

As a Zazane, Telda enjoys combat, but she prefers the technological side of warfare to the front lines. She is eager to aid the Collective in creating new armaments and eventually sharing them to the Brood of War, which she is still fully loyal to. Despite all this, Telda is personality-wise quite shy and gets nervous easily. She is also unhappy with her own body, as she is considered "flat-chested" by Zazane standards.

Moxix Breek=
Moxix 001.png

Everything dies and when it does, I take charge.

Moxix Breek is a formerly Zazane creature who was once the emperor of the Zazane Empire and is the older brother of the current Lord Councillor of the Brood of War, Tyraz. Moxix is an infamous figure known throughout the Gigaquadrant due to his efforts at attempting to destroy and slaughter all known forms of life in the Universe due to his nature as an undead being, in revenge for being murdered long ago by the late Dondrik Isachaar. Moxix Breek holds a hatred for all mortal life, with a strong desire to kill and resurrect everything he touches so that it works under his control, as evidenced by events during the Holy Shadow War and Red Snake Rising, where he has shown to both use the dead as soldies as well as influence and manipulate people to work for his bidding.

He was resurrected from death by the arrival of the Five Gods, who were unsealed and released by the birth of Kezoreg. Moxix displays a high amount of hatred towards living beings but even more so towards those who have wronged him, such as the late Dondrik or his own brother Tyraz, having a strong hateful desire to kill him even before his own death.

Tovarisch Crispy.png

I shall fulfill lost promises!

Crispy, birth name unknown, is the leader and namesake of the organization known as Crispy's Insurrection, a peaceful political faction that had seperated itself from the main government of the Brood of War. Crispy is the main political rival of the current Brood of War leader, Tyraz, and is renowned for his charming and suave personality and character that allows him to interact with others easily. He enjoys the company of others and believes that a diplomatic solution can be applied to almost all political problems, making him unique amongst the Zazane race as he is the first known Zazane to place diplomacy in front of conflict in terms of priority and application. He is best known for his calm and collected quality.

Although most of his past is unknown to the general public, Crispy claims to have been a victim of war at a young age and lost his family during a certain Zazane conflict in which he and his family were forced to fight, leaving him as the sole survivor. This apparently led Crispy to become the man he is today and desires a more peaceful, or at least reasonable and more tolerant, existence for the rest of his kind for their own good. While regarded as scum or a traitor by high-ranking Zazane officials and military personnel, Crispy is also seen as a "savior" and has managed to win over large amounts of supporters due to his promises of prosperity and co-existence with others both within their organization and outside alien empires.


There are only horrors crawling in my mind, but not even these can deny me of my loyalty to Crispy.

Tagutan is one of Crispy's highest lieutenants, and a member of Crispy's Insurrection. He was once the prince of a kingdom of Zazane descended from visitors that colonized the planet Usarake thousands of years before. The society of the colonists descended into a seperate monarchy from the old Zazane Empire and had eventually forgotten about their allegiance as new generations spawned. Tagutan was the son of another man named Tagutan who was king of this Zazane kingdom, as well as hiss namesake in the future. However, his planet was eventually attacked and destroyed during a battle between the Tabescere and the Corruptus, which also caused his own corruptuon.

Tagutan is a man plagued by burning visions of Shu'ulathoi and his minions, as well as deep regrets that reside within him. Due to his Entropic powers, he is prone to fits of rage or violence but has been shown to be a more sad individual by expression, despite his powerful status. He prefers time to himself or time with his fellow generals where he can relate to them. Due to his nightmares, Tagutan rarely sleeps, prefering to take medications to remain awake rather than being plagued by more visions.


Know my pain.

Sorusiko Rahael, more commonly known as Shikan, is one of Crispy's highest and most powerful lieutenants, a powerful member of Crispy's Insurrection. He is a rather chaotic yet quiet individual who possesses both Descension Energy and Demonic Energy, yet he is seemingly individual from the demons of Hell.

Shikan holds a great deal of hostility towards those who call themselves warriors and take pleasure in killing, with a philosophy that there is no pleasure in causing pain, only the sharing of knowledge and that those who enjoy it are either mentally deficient or psychotic. Shikan doesn't kill for pleasure and hopes to avoid unnecessary deaths despite his violent nature and obsession for causing pain, though "unnecessary" is a term used loosely around Shikan and often refer to those who do not have an immediate place in his plans. He suffers from a form of God complex, where he sees himself as the Universe's saviour and deliverer of the true message of peace.


If my father is a god, then I am a king!

Cattalix Daren, or as he prefers to call himself Prince Cattalix, is a powerful Zazane who is a member and lieutenant of the Clan of Daren and is the most powerful and intelligent son of the Zazane demigod known as Kol Daren, who is the Clan's head. Cattalix considers himself a worthy inheritor of Kol's throne and is devoted and loyal to his father, always seeking to impress him although he retains moments where his own goals and desires can get in the way. Cattalix possesses a superiority complex, seeing himself as superior to all other mortals and demigods aside from his father.

Cattalix has been known to be somewhat immature or child-like in his personality, usually being quick to annoy and anger and is not above insulting or disrespecting his enemies. Cattalix is selfish and inconsiderate, seeking only to serve his own benefit when acting independentely. He has been known to work on his own although he ultimately prefers his work done for him by other people.


I will spill your blood.

Sanguine Daren is a heavily deformed, mutated and imperfect clone of the individual known as Hachiman as well as a technical "child" of the demigod Zazane known as Kol Daren. His species is a mix between human, Drik Zazane and Ottzelloan Zazane. Constructed from Hachiman's genetic data and information with gaps filled in by Kol's own material and Essence, Sanguine is capable of using Descension energy and Dark Chronoscopic energy as well as possessing an incredible amount of physical capability that extends to his strength, speed, agility and endurance to damage and pain. Sanguine, unlike his unknowing genetic donator Hachiman, is relentless and brutal although is not sadistic, preferring to kill quickly unless the fight itself is personal.

Sanguine retains a serious attitude at all times concerning missions and tasks he is given from his "Father" and is incredibly aggressive. He is not known to talk much to his foes or allies aside from Kol, remaining silent or without much opinion concerning most situations unless encountering a personal enemy. While he is powerful and aggressive, he can lose himself at times when fighting personal opponents that he is oblivious to the environment around him although this is not always the case and usually depend on how angry he is, becoming less aware with the angrier he gets. Sanguine seeks to impress Kol Daren in hopes that he would be seen as a "real" son to him, which involves killing Hachiman as the ultimate test.

Yidda Profile1.png
I enjoy the hunt, I find it so...exhilerating stalking new prey
  • Name - Yidda
  • Affiliation - N/A
  • Status - Unknown

Yidda Daren (or merely "Yidda, which is what she prefers) is one of Kol Daren's spawn that was rejected by her father for not being perfect; evidenced by her stunted snout and, more importantly, lack of eyes. Rescued by Nelassa a low-ranking inquisitor of the Grand Inquisition while little more than a newborn, Yidda grew quickly as a result of Kol Daren's science, her rapid maturity resulting in childlike traits or curiosity along with a voracious desire to eat.

This desire to eat has led to the emergence of one of her most prominent personality traits; her love of hunting prey. Being one of Kol's spawn she possesses both Dark Chronoscopic and descension potential. As the adopted daughter of an inquisitor, she has come to understand descension energy more.

Despite her size, Yidda is incredibly flexible and agile, capable of scaling walls and even ceilings, her scales are able to mask her within the shadows, hiding her in the dark places. She was last heard hunting on a transport bound for the outer reaches of Segmentum Draco.

Lieutenant Talon.png

I am unstoppable. We are unstoppable.

Skato "Talon" Wolrein is one of the Old Fang's lieutenants and is a man who has earned much of her respect and trust. He is more of a terrorist rather than a military general, preferring to use shock and terror tactics rather than full-up military might and strength. Skato is over 100 years old, having replaced much of his organic body with metal and cybernetics, making him extra agile, fast and strong. He has also been shown to scale walls and ceilings almost naturally without problem.

Talon is cold and merciless, though he is a religious follower of the native god of his homeworld, known as the Kashou'Rakta. Talon is a firm believer that the ends justify the means and he is not hesitant to sacrifice civilian lives in his efforts to achieve victory and success.


There is only me, my master and Her.

Varugr Kriese is a former Zazane who once governed a planet in the name of the Brood of War, but was disgrunted and believed himself to be the most "perfect" of his kind, seeing everything else as ugly and wrong. Shu'wokerama appeared to Varugr and allowed him to bask upon the "perfect power that is Entropy, turning him into his newest servant. Varugr's personality is selfish and somewhat reckless, placing his own personal matters first and those of the rest of the Corruptus second. He tends to insult other people rather harshly, whether they are his allies or not. He is a merciless fighter, though he often does not kill his enemies, but rather absorbs their power through eating them with his carnivorous tail.

He is something of a perfectionist, believing high authority to be a thing of beauty due to the fact he was born into a high society, as well as thinking that nearly all other beings, especially average mortals, are ugly and do not deserve to live as he thinks they ruin and pollute the Universe. Varugr dreams of isolation from other mortals to be alone on his homeworld. He has gained an affection for his homeworld's sun, believing it to be the most beautiful thing in all of existence and wishes only to see it and enjoy it for himself, which would mean eliminating all other mortal beings, who he considers "dirty" and "impure". This affection has come to the point he has proclaimed the sun his "beloved".

Pyrak Yannor Clothed.png

quote here

Nosferatu Hexus.png


Nosferatu Hexus is one of the Overseers of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. He has a rather intimidating appearance, standing at five metres in height and possessing scars all over his arms and limbs from where he had gained them through either fighting or cutting himself. His pitch black eyes are a result of his heritage, as his ancestors evolved on a dark world shrouded by eternal night. His muscles are large in his arms, legs and body as a result of his years being enhanced and augmented. His tail, as a result, has also gotten shorter as time went by. Nosferatu usually wears iconic bat-wing armour that is also worn by the soldiers of the Nocturnal Legion.

In terms of personality, Nosferatu is negative but he is also emotional. He often remains silent, carrying out orders without a word. He prefers being alone, as do a majority of those within the Nocturnal Legion who spend their time alone in their cells all day until their next assignment. Nosferatu knows no pain but he also knows no pleasure and has no indulgence in any activity he enjoys doing. Instead, he cuts his flesh to past the time and release his stress.


During the reign of Tadjamad, our kind and the Zazane were enemies, and many of us fell to the monstrous undead unleashed by the thrice-cursed Moxix Breek... Yet now, it seems we actually think alike. I can believe that sins of the Butcher can be forgiven, and we and Zazane can become allies.
Also... this vision... I cannot forget it...''

- Iovera IX

Do not think that you are stronger than the Grox. We shall prevail over you.

- King Grochius II

Problematic. Your race survives.

- Xhodocto

Potent warriors and proud allies, a true kindred race in an uncaring universe.

- Hel'Bre'K Ce'So'Va, Blademaster of the Fordanta

Valuable allies. Interesting biology...

- Jerkon


- Hagto'Zhl

Must break. Must destroy. All must burn!

- Kolossus

The Zazane are a proud and honour-bound species. Their martial pride reflects my own species' values on martial readiness and their varying philosophies on war reflect the Daconis' own view that combat is an aother artform to be mastered. For some reason I sense a feeling of brotherhood between them and the Draconis. My only regret is how many of their have died in youth to reach this pinnacle.

- Uriel Ultanos

Violence, violence, violence... so uncivilised. Words, money, and good old poison can solve problems with much less bloodshed.

- Lamenar Reminocles

Out of all Andromedans, the Zazane are the one that can understand us the most. Honour, war and glory: these are the pillars upon which their empire has been built. Let it stand for ages to come!

- Abal'nyan

The Zazane are a proud race, that is, a Zazane would take pride in his natural body, and see technological improvements as a reminder that his body is limited. As such, Zazane typically refuse such modifications, believing it to undermine their tradition and weaken their race. They look down on other warrior cultures who do as dis-honorable, a common feature in such societies. But their tradition is flawed. We view technological modifications as extensional biological adaptions. Their conservative traditionalism is truly a limit in a universe where even weak races can 'godmod' themselves.

- Excerpt of a DCP Cultureology study




  • The page was created by Technoliterator for TheHachi to edit during the early days of his time on the wiki.
  • The Zazane take inspiration from multiple sources, most notably warrior aliens such as Klingons and Vulcans from Star Trek and Kzin from the Known Space series. They are also inspired by the Samurai of real world Japan, both in terms of appearance due to the design of their crests and their philosophy revolving around honour and practice.
Darkness. Hatred. Anger. This is what being a Zazane feels like.
Zazane Empire
This is where the fun begins!
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