We are all the children of the Sovereign; in that regard, we are all equal. Male, female, infant, veteran. Discrimination within ourselves is pointless, as we are all made in the Sovereign's divine image. And we are born with purpose.

- Zandrascus, the Grey Custodian

The Zarkhator were an artificial race of large, reptilian bipeds that were native to and resided within the Borealis Galaxy, with their species being an apparently ancient one as they possessed more technological and cultural knowledge of the Kormacvar than any other sapient civilization within the galactic community. The Zarkhator were a race derived entirely from the genetic material of the ancient entity Zarkhator Prime, effectively meaning that all members of the race were clones and shared similar, if not completely identical, genetic sequences and structures with one another; in turn, the Zarkhator were incapable of reproduction between themselves and relied on complex machinery to produce more of their number.

The Zarkhator were egotistical and many held fervent superiority complexes in regards to the other residents of their native galaxy, which was encouraged by their physical prowess and their own biological immortality. Despite being incapable of reproduction, the Zarkhator possessed genders and, albeit ineffective, reproductive organs. The Zarkhator, like all creatures despite being immune to chronological death, were required to consume nutrients in order to retain their strength and improve their physical condition. The Zarkhator collectively believed that they were created with a purpose provided by their Sovereign, holding him as their analogue for a deity, and that because of their ties to Zarkhator Prime and their own technological and territorial scale, the galaxy was rightfully theirs to claim.


The original race which Zarkhator Prime was once a member of was one of the great power of Borealis during the era of the Kormacvar Empire, over five billion years before the current day. The Kormacvar held control of the galaxy with an iron fist, and all those who refused to submit themselves to their rule were either subjugated or annihilated; the original Zarkhator being one of them. A race of proud and vicious conquerors, they refused to kneel before the Kormacvar and grew envious of their position as rulers of Borealis, leading them to wage war in an attempt to exterminate them. The hatred felt by the original Zarkhator was such, they committed heinous acts during their war with the Kormacvar which forever tainted their reputation, leading the vassals of their enemies to unite against them and aid the Kormacvar in tearing them asunder with extreme prejudice. The original Zarkhator were wiped out by the Kormacvar Empire, their history erased and their greatest military leader, the being later known as Zarkhator Prime, imprisoned for eternity.

However, the galactic invasion of the Grox Empire led to Zarkhator Prime being freed from his prison, where he would retreat to the far east of the Eastern Arm with what resources he could muster and wait until the end of the war, where the Kormacvar Empire eventually fell to the might of the Grox. Growing obsessed with securing the legacy of the Kormacvar for himself, Zarkhator Prime begun mass-creating clones of his own genetic material, false images of the original Zarkhator which would serve as his forces. These would become known as the modern Zarkhator, with Zarkhator Prime becoming known as their Sovereign and Progenitor.

Through the following five billion years, Zarkhator would send his drones to fight any race in Borealis who attempted to harness the power of the Kormacvar, until they were eventually chased back to their sector by the Alvino Brood. They would also repeatedly attempt to assault the Borealis Grox Empire, each time leading to a large portion of Zarkhator Prime's forces being wiped out. The Kondrakar Dominion, during its prime, would also battle and hunt the Zarkhator in an attempt to enslave it, though their eventual defeat at the hands of the Rovegar Matriarchy and the Ganthorea led them to give up on their attempts.

During the Ice Age, the Zarkhator race emerged from their sector again as they fought the Polar Crystal Alliance in what became known as the Zarkhator War. With the might of their member states, extragalactic allies and the reformed Grox of the Kormacvar Legacy, the Zarkhator race was defeated and this time, wiped out as the Grox hunted down the Worldships they were created in, with Zarkhator Prime himself being imprisoned by the Polar Crystal Alliance. Much like their original counterparts, the Zarkhator were driven to extinction for their actions.



The clones of Zarkhator were massive reptilian aliens with six limbs; two pairs of arms and one pair of legs. Large in size, the average Zarkhator drone was close to four meters tall. Their bodies were covered in thick scales, dark blue and purple for males and red for females, while great spiked protrusions grew out of their spines and from the long tails which followed behind them. Their heads possessed an impressive crest, where two pairs of red eyes resided. While Zarkhator Prime gave his clones genders, they were indistinguishable between each other save for the colour of their scales.


The average Zarkhator drone was essentially non-sapient. Created through the use of cloning machinery, their brains were shaped to be unable to have preferences or motives other than the orders presented to them by Zarkhator Prime. Extremely few Zarkhator were ever given free will, with it being reserved to the Sovereign's most powerful servants, and they were characterized by a great degree of arrogance and egoism, believing themselves to be the greatest race to ever walk Borealis' stars.


Even without the use of their advanced technology, the average Zarkhator drone was an impressive specimen. Created specifically for warfare, they were extremely strong and resilient creatures, capable of displaying great feats of physical prowess. They were biologically immortal, born as fully grown adults which never aged which made them forever able to fulfill their functions until they were destroyed. Due to their general lack of personalities, the Zarkhator clones could do little without the instructions of a fully-sapient commander, though it notably gave them an immunity to the indoctrinating powers of the Borealis Grox Empire.




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