The Zalosian species is a sentient aquatic life form native to Darzabeth in the Torivas solar system. They are predatory by nature, seeing most other life forms, be they sentient or not, as simply another type of food. They are a deadly intelligent species, and an ancient one as well. Their empire has expanded far and wide across the surrounding star systems, their gaze ever upon the horizon of the next one.


Nicknames: Saberteeth, Sea Vipers, Deep Ones, Sabermaws
Homeplanet: Darzabeth of the Torivas system
Species Type: Warm-blooded reptilian anguilliformes
Lifestyle: Pack Hunter
Hunt/Forage Success Rate: 100% Hunt (90% success rate)
Armor: When off-world, or at war, they wear a thick titanium alloy plates in order to defend themselves, though their ancestors never used such things when they fought amongst themselves and other species.
Defenses: Covered in thick scales, they also have thick skin beneath them, along with a thin layer of blubber that also serves for warmth.
Weapons: Their natural defenses consist primarily of the tooth studded maw. They are strong enough to bite though steel, and are ferocious enough to not feel most of their wounds until after their rage has passed.
Tools: The Zalosians, being amphibious, could move about the surface of their planet for short periods of time. Their ships, once they achieved space travel, were built with aquatic quarters so that they could survive with ease.
Method of Eating: Tearing apart prey and swallowing the pieces, no chewing
Reproductive Rate: Live birth
Gestation: 2 years
Number of Offspring: 3-5
Offspring Survival Rate (before age of maturity): 70%
Singular/Plural/Possessive: Zalosan/Zalosians/Zalosian


This species can reach a length of up to 20 feet long, and can live to be nearly 200 years old. They have two pairs of powerful flippers which help them to cut through the water like a hot knife through butter. Their gills can hold water for days, allowing them to live on the limited land on the planet and to survive in areas of low oxygen. They are known to dive to the bottom of the planets seas, their bodies able to withstand the great pressures via a thick, dense skeleton and hardened scales. Their razor sharp teeth are perfect for snatching smaller organisms and to tear apart larger creatures.


This species evolved in the sea, a pack hunter that usually consisted of several individuals. They were a fierce species, encircling their prey from all sides before attacking all at once, tearing it to shreds. Eventually, their brains grew, granting them the gift of intelligence, and placing them as the top life form of the planet.


The ancestors of the modern Zalosians built tribal caverns out of underwater cave systems, decorating them with the bones of their prey. The Black Skull tribe began to overpower its neighbors, attacking them in order to increase the size of their own territory. Few could stand up to them, but eventually the Red Tooth tribe fought back against them. A bloody conflict ensued, and many lives were lost. Eventually a truce was formed, and the High Council was created consisting of all the tribes under one banner, thus bringing about civilization.

The first great city of the Zalosians was built within a dead underwater volcano. An intimidating fortress, it was used to develope the technology for land-based cities. Shortly afterwards the civilization spread across the planet, all under one banner. Their gaze soon fell upon the heavens and the stars that filled it, and with that in mind they developed military ships known as the Star Teeth and took off, conquering their own solar system, and then beyond it.


Many races considering themselves "good" greatly dislike the Zalosians for their habit of eating their own prisoners and other sentient life. These actions have led to several conflicts that all ended in defeat and provided more "food" for the Zalosians to dine upon alive, for they dislike the cooking of foods, thinking that it destroys the flavor.

Star Killer[]

A current technological device being developed by the Zalosians, it is a super weapon capable of obliterating stars by causing them to go supernova. Such a weapon would be devastating in the wrong hands, and it so far unknown what the Zalosians are building it for. So far the device has only worked on proto-stars.