The Xiaan are actually two species, who have the same genetics yet with a few differances. The two species, the Poseidon (aquatics) and the insectoids decided to work together and founded the Xiaan Alliance wich grow out to become one of the more powerful, prominent and mysterious within the Cyrandia Cluster. The Xiaan are natives to Quadrant 89.


The Xiaan excist out of multiple species, the Poseidon (aquatics) and the insectoids. Mysteriously, both species share a common genetic ancestry yet have differant appearances.

As of 06 AQF/03 NE only two species are known to excist.

Poseidon (aquatics)
Xiaan PoseidonII.png

The Xiaan Poseidon (aquatics) are a non-humanoid race that evolved to living underwater. The aquatics are wather-breathers and cannot survive in oxygen areas. They resemble fish/sharks and glide through the water using their fins and tail. They measure between 2.5 and 8 meters.

As the aquatics favor water, and hate to be in places with little water they view species who are dependant on oxygen to be weaker and below their standards. The aquatics are known to be wise and patience, though can be very aggressive against outsiders and none-Xiaans. Some believe aquatics can reach ages well over 1200 years.

The Poseidons are the most mysterious and less encountered species of the Xiaans.

Xiaan Insectoids
Xiaan InsectoidII.png

Xiaan Insectoid are the most encountered species of the Xiaan society, and are the first to attack tresspasser and are quick in making (the wrong) decisions. The Insectoids are warriors by nature, and speak in fast clicks- which is difficult to translate, only the aquatics seem to be able to speak it as well. The Insectoids have wings for flight and have thick, crusty hide to protect them from danger. The Insectoids are very strong, as they are able to lift weight 100X there own weight. The Insectoids are the onces who invade/intercept or destroy enemy ships, or are send to capture enemy ships. They often support the aquatics and many ways, to provide food or to communicate with other races. The insectoids consider the aquatics their protectors and as such aid them in any way possible. They have an average life span between 7-25 years and are about 1 meter in size. The Insectoids are also present in very large numbers as they can easily reproduce themselves.

The Insectoids are friendly agains the Xiaan members, but hate species who are afflicted with avians, since they mostly feed on insects.


Early History (Pre-1152 BQF - 0 BQF)[]

Not much is known of the early history of the Xiaans, though according to their own date their civilization dates back to early 100.000 BQF. After evolving and setting up their own imperiums and nations the Xiaan seemed to have reached space around 1152 BQF, around the same time as the Lizardians.

Over the following years, the aquatics and insectoids thrived and gained an immense size of territory in Quadrant 89, where the insectoids inhabit the most planets as they were always in larger numbers. They became known as a xenophobic species, as they attacked anyone who dare to enter their borders.

As such the Xiaan lived in isolation and ignorance for quite a while, not interessted in galactic affairs.

Entering galactic affairs (0 BQF - 05 AQF/01 NE)[]

The Xiaan isolation came to an end shortly before 0 BQF, when the Xiaan made first contact with Rambo Nation. Sadly first contact was disastrous as the Xiaan destroyed the Rambo vessel. They informed the Rambo that their space was off-limits. The Rambo soon gathered information about the Xiaans from the only ones who had information abou them, the Syndicate. They learned that only two species were known of the Xiaan Alliance and that all stayed away from them- as did the Rambo after this event.

Imperials invade the Xiaan Alliance

Their isolation came to a full end during the Second Galactic War (0 BQF) when the Imperial Alliance invaded their territory in surprise attack. During those heavy battles the Xiaans were unable to set up a defense and were soon overrun. Shortly after, to prevent furhter casualties the Xiaan Council surrended. As both the Rambo and an unkown species to them, the Hutter also were overrun by the Imperials they signed a treaty to rebel against the Imperials and re-gain their freedom.

The first act was a joined fleet that liberated the Rambo Capital, soon followed by their own liberation as well. The Xiaans signed the Quadrantia Threaty, which later grew out into the Quadrantia Federation. The Xiaan agreed to send a representive and later on joined the Cyrandia Alliance as the QF was re-formed into the CA.

Battle at Angforst

When Rambo Nation experienced the three silver years, so did the Xiaans, but the Xiaan territories have diminished a lot due to the Imperials, something the Xiaans are still angry for. When 04 AQF started the Xiaans finally started to become more open and even allowed the Rambo to aid them in constructing a new Poseidon cruiser, their own V2 version!

When the Great Cyrannus War broke out- the Xiaans refused to aid both the Rambo or the URC, as they felt it was more a Rambo/URC problem than a Cyrandia problem. Though the Xiaans were angered by the Hutters and their attempt to make a peace treaty with the Confederacy of Allied Systems. When the Confederacy managed to destroy Ramaprica- the Xiaans began discussing among their own ranks whether or not they should intervere, as Ramaprica was a Cyrandia planet. A decision came shortly after the end of the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui when the Xiaans decided to aid the Fleet of Retribution to take part in the Second Battle of Nosiso. Later on, after the forming of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus the Xiaan aided the Rambo in their defense during the battle of Angforst. Gaining a victory the Xiaans were relieved but were unsure if they would stand against the Empire again, as formally it wasn't their enemey and the Cyrannians didn't publicy announce them as enemies. When Rambo Nation was eventually conquered the Xiaans feared a conflict with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and decided to return to their old ways and isolated themselves once again.

Return to isolation (05 AQF/01 NE - current)[]

Xiaan Aquatic Cruiser using sub-space Vortex

Luckily it wasn't needed and the Empire summoned their ambassador for a summon at Rambo Prime. There the Xiaans agreed to sign the Treaty of Rambo Prime, which resulted in a weapon truce. Though in opinion of the Xiaans- it was only temporarily as they didn't want to become subjects of the Empire. They withdrew from the Cyrandia Alliane as well, as both the URC and Rambo were subjects of the Empire, so wasn't the alliance ended in their eyes.

With the following months only the Hutters seemed to have problems with the Empire, and the Empire did now show any hostilities against the Xiaans. In pre-caution the Xiaans updated the insectoids cruisers for a possible conflict with the Empire or for that matter, with the Hutters with whom they grew disatisfied with. Around 05 AQF/02 NE the Xiaans began perfecting their means of propulsion- though they always used subspace vortexes to travel, since 02 NE they are now able to cross large distances in instances- rivaling the transwarp of the Rambo!

During the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF the Xiaan grew aware that many empires and nations from the Cluster were invited to join the Cyrandia Conference. The Xiaan refused, believing it to be below their interessts. Though they did were surprised that the New Cyrannian Republic was allowed to form.

During the first month of 07 AQF they supported the Lianna Initiative but decided not to join the new organisation. Afterwards they took part in the Battle of the Infernal, succesfully securing the massive star destroyer for Initiative purposes. Sadly its commander, Mortikran managed to escape. One of their own diplomats, X-im-ta-nark spoke with captain Ramniels Ramcelsior and informed him about the Icolian possesion of a ship from the future and that they should be dealt with as well.



Xiaan Insectoid Cruiser V2
Xiaan Insectoir Cruiser.png

The Xiaan Insectoid Cruiser V2 is the most common ship of the Xiaan Alliance. It is only piloted by the insectoids and can be deployed from the larger cruisers to act as escorts or support frigates.

The insectoid cruiser are equipped with advanced weaponry and shields-and her agility can prove to be a true annoyance and danger to larger ships.

The class measures around 100 meters in lenght.

Xiaan Poseidon Cruiser V2
Xiaan Poseidon Cruiser V2.png

The V2 version of the Xiaan Poseidon Cruiser, constructed with secret aid of the Rambo it became one of the most powerful in the entire Quadrants. The class is very large, is equipped with advanced shields, weapons and uses an advanced from of vortexes to travel large distances in a matter of seconds. With the use of the vortex travel the Xiaan do not need warp or transwarp to propel their vessels.

The class is often escorted by insectoid cruiser, as her large size and lack of agility makes her vulnrable for enemy fighters. The ship has a size of around 2500 meters.



Yellow face.pngCooperation can be in place!


Orange face.pngDo not cross our border without permission!


Red face.pngOur enemies!


The Xiaan former appearances, as both the ships and creatures themselves recieved new appearances (a so called V2 version).


They confuse us

- Hutter

A xenophobic species, who are a powerful assest if on your side

- Rambo Nation


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