The Xi-Ur are an ancient, enigmatic, manipulative, and warmongering race of extrauniversal beings. They are notable for being heavily affiliated with Therusism, having turned thousands of species and civilizations into thrall armies in the name of sewing hundreds of cycles of interstellar cullings, with the end goal of eventually wiping out all life and matter by their god's decree. However, much of their influence was extinguished in the titanic War of the Old Ones, in which the Xi-Ur and their thralls were exterminated and their Chthonarchs imprisoned within the hellish Subterfuge by the hand of the Psal'Jinnai Symmetry.

The Xi-Ur are sometimes known, along with the Psal'Jinnai, as the Old Ones, and by Symmetric and Progenics as the Enemy or the Adversary. The still-living species influenced by them often refer to them as the Graven Serpents or Second Tide, and the Vanara notably tend to refer to them as the Conqueror Worms.

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The primary Xi-Ur "language" is a partially chemical-based, partially Essence-based one that centers around the infliction of varying kinds and levels of pain on others. However, they are also capable of speaking in a vocal language, which to many species is barely pronounceable.

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The Xi-Ur reproduce in a variety of different ways; most are produced asexually from oviparous females as hybrids of assimilate species and biospheres, making up the empowered and easily directed legions of their Horde. Male and female Xi-Ur will produce pure members of their species via spawning in viscous Nebir-Shuian acid pools, in which new Xi-Ur will begin their lives.

All Xi-Ur offspring begin as pale, thin-bodied larvae after hatching from their eggs, millions of which may hatch in a single acid pool, depending on its size. These larvae will begin to feed on each other, with their siblings providing 80-90% of their early mass and nutrients. The number of larvae that emerge from the pools fully developed can vary from one to over fifty.

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Draw not the worms, paint not the worms, sculpt not the worms, speak not the names of the worms, write not the names of the worms, know not the names of the worms.

- Vanara commandments regarding the Xi-Ur

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  • The Xi-Ur were partially inspired by the Worm Gods of the Destiny franchise.
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