Overview of The Wolve[]

The Wolve is a very adaptive Species, being able to survive T0 Planets just like Grox, and also being able to live on T3 Planets, They are also slightly venomous although this has not yet been proven. The Wolve's Home Planet is Sirian IX in the Star System Lupinau in the Yaxlar Galaxy.


As the Wolve is adaptable, it can survive in many different planets, from Terrascore 3 Planets to icy Terrascore 0 Planets. The only Environment the Wolve is in extreme danger in, is warm, hot or scalding planets, this is because the Wolve is covered with a thick layer of skin, mostly used to block out cold, if a Wolve is let out in the Sun too long, then it will die from heat exhaustion.


Wolves give birth to live young that are like exact replicas of their parents albiet being smaller then them. At 2 feet long they are vunerable to predators such as Eye Eye.