Chyeranustoya (Podocephalus ceratorhinus), also known as furgals or Wistompts, are a large species of therapsid native to Xuz Fareh. They are herbivores that serve as cattle for the Llurebleg.




Wistompts are native to the planet Xuz Fareh. They have been economically important for the Llurebleg since their rising, due to the amount of useful resources obtainable from them.

A specific Wistompt individual, known as Lumble, is known for having participated in an "assault" to the Nurkane. After escaping from her owner, and with a young kid on her back, the animal crashed in the meeting room of the building during an important debate, then fled to the forest.



Wistompt are large and bulky creatures. Their length varies from 3 to 5 meters (~10-16 feet), their height can go up to 2 meters (~7 feet), as well as their wingspan. Their weight ranges from 100 to 250 kilograms.

Their head is narrow and has no defined jaw. They posess three assymetrical tusk-like horns on their head, causing it to look like a foot. They have six limbs: four thin legs with mammalian feet and two small wings. Their tail is short. Their skin is thick like that of a rhino or an elephant, and its colors are lavender and blue.

There is few sexual dimorphism between female and male Wistompt, but the females are usually larger. Females do posess mammary glands, but these are pretty small and hard to be noticed. Wistompt calves are very similar to their parents, but their tusks are usually shorter.

Traits and abilities[]

Wistompt have strong muscles that allow them to run rather fast, as well as to stomp on predators, and their thick skin protects them from most attacks. They are, however, not agile creatures, due to their bulky body.

Posessing wings, Wistompt can fly out of the reach of danger. However, due to the wings being small in comparison to the rest of the body, they fly very slowly, and take a rather long time to take off from the ground. These wings are useful against some predators, but are rendered useless useless against flying threats like Raptorels and Pycari; also, not reaching enough height in time would put the Wistompt in further danger against the razors present in the morphology of a Fontis. As such, their best weapon are the tusks on their face, which can be used to fatally impale predatirs.


Wistompt mainly reside in the grasslands of Xuz Fareh, where they find their favorite plants and have enough space to run/fly away from predators.


Wistompt are slow and quite peaceful herbivores. They usually live in medium-sized herds, commonly living together with herds of Grinklers and Sabales. When spotting predators, Wistompt will emit a loud bellow, thus warning all nearby herbivores of their presence. Like most herbivores, Wistompt will try to run away from the enemies at first, but in case it is surrounded it will try to fight back using its horns and its heavy feet. If it finds itself unable to fight, it will try to use its wings to fly away as a last resort.

Wistompt don't have a set mating season, and as such will reproduce at any time of the year. Females seem to prefer mating the males with the larger side tusks in this species, while males look for females with the largest front tusk. The process is usually peaceful and not violent, but a fight between two males or females can occur if their interest cannot decide between him/her and the rival. Wistompt calves come to the world by live birth, and are taken care of by males and females alike until their fourth year of life, when they become indepedent, although rarely leaving the herd they were born with.

Unlike many other herbivores in Xuz Fareh, Wistompt don't consider the Llurebleg a threat, due to their small size and lack of deadly natural weapons. This allowed the species to tame them and use them as cattle in the early stages of their civilization. Similarly to Earth's dogs, some Wistompt seem to be able to feel emotions and establish a friendship with their owners if treated correctly.


Wistompt are low on the food chain. They're prey to almost every predator in the planet, including Stroths, Raptorels, Fontis and Jawwhorls. They are herbivores creatures that feed primarily on grass and small plants.

During the developing of the Llurebleg as a civilization, Wistompt were tamed and served as livestock. Their meat is an important food source for the species, their skin can be used for making clothes, they can be milked like Earth's cows, and their horns are useful in the making of tools and weapons.


Wistompt have been taxonomically classified in the Volaticus family of therapsids. As they are the only quadrupedal, six-limbed members of the family, no close relatives of the Wistompt are known.

Their binominal name is Podocephalus ceratorhinus. The genus name means foot-head in greek, and the epithet means horned nose in the same language.

Notable individuals[]

  • Lumble: A female Wistompt previously owned by Nynn Vandar's family, but then released by him. Her current status is unknown.

Story appearances[]

  • Forgotten Sacrifice: Although never mentioned, Wistompt were presumably one of the species catalogued by the Solariean explorers.
  • Project Fidne: Lumble is about to be sold by Nynn's father, but she manages to escape and rampages around the city. The story revolves around Nynn and Olgun trying to save her from the guards of the city, before releasing her to the wild.
  • Wannabe Captain: Lumble's incident is mentioned.
  • Expedition: Although not mentioned, Wistompt are amongst the herbivores that watch the GT-92 leave the planet. Additionally, Lumble's incident is mentioned again, and `Zano compares the bellows of Arzhraghases with those of Wistompt
  • A Hard Deal: Wistompt are amongst the many animals that flee from Garko after his descension, some of them even breaking into the city. A young Wistompt is used by Nynn to get to Garko and Zano, riding it.

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Behind the Scenes[]

  • The name Wistompt comes from the English words wisent, also known as European bison, and stomp.
  • Ingame, due to the head used for them, Wistompt are actually carnivores.

Other Trivia[]

  • The Llurebleg always refer to the Wistompt as furgals, meaning tusked in Baranian.
  • The Wistompt are the first non-sapient creatures in the fiction to have an actual character.
  • Wistompt were previously classified as pseudosaurians of the Suisauridae family, but were later moved to the Volaticus family of therapsids.