Fahr-Caemonika (Foliumavis lapsa), also known as calzora, Xuz Fahrean Wildcarnagers or Lesser Wildcarnagers, are a large ground fowl species native to Xuz Fareh.


The original name of the creature, Fahr-Caemonika, was coined by the Frento, and means Xuz Fahrean Caemonika in Frenton. Caemonika is the word used for the Common Wilcarnager, and roughly translates to forest demon in the same language, refering to the creature's hostility and bloody ways of killing its prey.

Xuz Fahrean Wildcarnager is the most common name for the creature, created inside the New Gods Empire and mainly used within it. As it can be easily noted, the word Wildcarnager comes from English and refers, once again, to the creature's hostile behavior.

The word calzora was created by the Llurebleg, roughly translating to eight-ended from Baranian. This likely refers to the Wildcarnager's four beaks, resulting in a total of eight jaws.





Xuz Fahrean Wildcarnagers are slightly smaller than the common species, with a lenght ranging between 1.5 and 3 meters, a maximum height of 80 centimeters (tail not included), and a weight ranging between 50 and 80 kilograms.

Xuz Fahrean Wildcarnagers greatly resemble their Lub'Hadyan counterparts. They have a rather short body with a broad chest and a thin waist, which is mostly hidden by their primitive winged forelimbs. Their legs are long and bony, posessing several spur-like structures on the splintbone, and ending in clawed, three-digited avian feet, with the claw of the first toe being larger, somewhat similarily to that of dromaeosaurids. Their tail is long, with approximately the same length as the rest of their body, and is almost completely covered in feathers. Their eyes have reptilian pupils, with five eyelids surrounding each eye, similarily to the petals of a flower. They have four long two-jawed beaks arranged in such a way that each beak is inside the previous one, and their heads have a wide arrangement of long feathers slightly resembling a beard and two horns. Their body is covered in green and brown feathers with various diverse structures, all of them emulating plant matter such as leaves and branches.

There is no known sexual dimorphism between Wildcarnagers, with both genders being visibly identical. Young Wildcarnagers are very similar to their parents as well.

Traits and abilities[]

Both species of Wildcarnagers are quite efficient runners, and although they aren't too fast compared to other predators of the galaxy, their high stamina allow them to pursue their prey for long distances and through difficult landscapes with ease until the prey is overcome with exhaustion and falls prey to them. They are also agile creatures, both when moving and when attacking. Their muscular strenght isn't remarkable and they have no anatomical means of protecting most parts of their body, but they compensate for all of this with their agility and stamina.

The two main weapons of a Wildcarnager are its composite beak and its legs. Combining the powerful blows of the beak with the quick yet damaging cuts the claws and spurs on their legs produce, they are capable of overwhelming prey rather easily with their attacks, which if somehow managing to survive each blow would eventually die from bleeding or exhaustion. Their foliage-like feathers, which are one of their most outstanding features, mimic a species of bush from their origin planet Lub'Hadya; however, due to the local flora of Xuz Fareh being notably different, the camouflage Xuz Fahrean species of Wildcarnager is less efficient. The utility of their apparently vestigial wings is unclear, although it is commonly accepted that they help steering the creature when it runs after a prey and/or attacks it.


The population of Xuz Fahrean Wildcarnagers is limited to the dense forests of the planet, in order for their camouflage adaptations to work properly.






Xuz Fahrean Wildcarnagers hav been taxonomically classified in Phasianidae, a family of galliforms. They share genus with the Common Wildcarnager.

Their binominal name is Foliumavis lapsa, both words in latin. The genus name means leaf bird, and the epithet means fallen.

Notable individuals[]

There are no known important Xuz Fahrean Wildcarnagers.

Story appearances[]

  • A Hard Deal: The presence of Xuz Fareh's Stygilax causes Garko Cunfe to hallucinate, causing him to hear the sound of a Wildcarnager. The creature is also mentioned in Zano Hylera's story about how she lost her mother.

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Other Trivia[]

  • The Xuz Fahrean Wildcarnager is the only foreign Xuz Fahrean animal which isn't related to a creature from Cyardalos.