Ghaeleyania (Chavliodon telmazoa), also known as cuzegels or Watoadzards, are a small brutusil species native to Xuz Fareh.


The original, Frenton name for the creature, Ghaeleyania, roughly translates to from the murky waters. The Frento likely gave this name to the animal due to their apparent preference for swamps over "cleaner" water bodies to live.

The name cuzegel was created by the Llurebleg, meaning web-footed in Baranian.

The name Watoadzard, which was invented and is mainly used within the New Gods Empire, roughly translates to frog lizard from Franglish. This word was probably coined based on the creature's appearance, which is similar to a cross between a lizard and an amphibian.


Watoadzards appeared in the planet Xuz Fareh. Besides their important role in the ecosystem, Watoadzards haven't participated in any historical events yet.



Watoadzards are very small creatures, with a maximum length of one meter (~3 feet), and a weight that oscillates between 2 and 5 kilograms (~4-13 pounds).

Watoadzards have a big mouth with two small tusks and bulging eyes. Their body is slim and its legs are thin, with webbed feet. Their front feet are smaller than their back feet. They also have a long tail.

There is no known sexual dimorphism in the species, and young Watoadzards highly resemble adults since they hatch from their eggs.

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The Watoadzards are usually found in the swampy areas of Xuz Fareh. They might also inhabit the smaller ponds located in the grassland areas, or even in the underground water bodies.


Watoadzards are plant-eating creatures, that feed primarily on aquatic plants. They live in underground burrows, whose entrance is located in a swamp, pond or other water body. Watoadzards spend most of the time in the burrow, except when going out to eat. Sometimes, homeless Watoadzards will try to take the burrows of other individuals, fighting them with their tusks. The winner of the battle will live in the burrow, while the loser will have to look for another one. When mating, Watoadzards couples will live in a same burrow (where they will also make their nest and lay their eggs), leaving an empty home for wandering individuals. Watoadzards rarely get out of the water/burrow in presence of other animals, but sometimes they do so in order to take breath or to lay in the sun during cold days to warm up. In the presence of a predator (eg.: an Aerocaul), Watoadzards will try to threaten them using their tusks, but if this doesn't work, they will run into the water/swim away instead of fighting it.


Watoadzards, as said before, are herbivorous creatures that feed on aquatic plants. They are really low in the food chain, paired with the pre-civilization Llurebleg. Their principal predators are the Aerocauls, but they might be hunted by Raptorels and Stroths as well if these are hungry and there is no larger prey to hunt. Unlike many other creatures in the planet, the Watoadzards were barely affected by the civilization of the Llurebleg. However, some of the species' activities, such as mining for metals or digging gas deposits, can destroy the burrows of the creatures.


Watoadzards have been taxonomically classified as brutusils beloning to the family Chavliodontidae. As the only other members of their family, the Baltogs are their closest relatives, although their physiology suggest a closer relationship with another brutusil: the Aeoneonatrix.

In Dinoman972's personal system, Watoadzards are classified in a family that, like the taxon in this wiki, is called Chavliodontidae. They are currently the only members of it, as well as the only members of the order Chavliodontoidea. This order, however, is a sister taxon of Therimorpha, which includes Llurebleg and Stroths, making them their closest relatives.

Their binominal name is Chavliodon telmazoa, with the genus name meaning tusked and the epithet meaning swamp animal, both in greek.

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Behind the Scenes[]

  • Their name is actually a mix of the English words water, toad and lizard.

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  • Watoadzards are the smallest creatures in the fiction to date (except Vigecataro and Thunder Bees, of course).