A people of war and dance, do not confuse them for being anymore nice then the rest of their cousins. They are just as happy to gut you for threatening them and their families, and more then happy to induct your kin into their ranks. They just do it with nicer language.

- Unknown

Walgolorians are the second subspecies of the Ugandalorians, being more conservative and imperialistic then they, or the Kodalorian. Willing to expand their empire further and further, the Walgolorians follow a doctrine similar to the Waptoria Alliance of Species' idea of the Greater Good, called the Abiding Truth, with the believe that all who believe in the truth can help make the galaxy and it's inhabitants safer.

Due to being weaker then the Ugandalorians or Kodalorians, Walgolorians depend on long range combat, having among the longest ranged sniper rifles of the first Gigaquadrant, and using guerilla warfare tactics often against enemies who usually have heavier armor.

While seen as betrayers of traditions and culture by other Mendel Species, the Walgolorians still respect traditions, and are willing to destroy planets to protect their ideas of the Abiding Truth. They hold family and Clan above all else, and, while more tactful then their kin, are still aggressive and nasty in battle.

Walgolorians are one of the 6 member states of the Mendel Pact.

History Edit

Creation Edit

The Walgolorian came into being when the Multus Esse, the ancient creators of the Ugandalorians, placed the Ugandalorians specimens on various planets, one of which was the low gravity world of W'alor. However, their clans proved more fractious and violent towards each other then most other Mendel-subspecies. This all ended with the appearance of a strange Walgolorain during the battle between Clans Rwehian'ta and Khais'mecorian. A strange Walgolorian appeared to the besieging Clan Rwehian'ta, and demanded to see their leader, as another appeared with Khais'Mecorian's gates to demand a similar thing. After this, the 2 told the clans to begin talks of peace, and, not long after, others of this mysterious "Empyreal" caste, appeared across W'alor, uniting the Clans, and gearing their technology for expansion across the stars.

Evolving with slower reflexes, but far more advanced technology, the Walgolorian reached space after the mighty Ugandalorians and the reserved Kodalorians. While their tougher cousins grew up with a very liberal mindset, and a love of culture and tradition, the Walgolorian where at odds with them due to their conservative mindset compared to them, and increased imperialism. This even lead to an near-war with their cousins, with was resolved by the Raptoranean Matriarchy, one of the three ancestors to the Waptoria Alliance. Some others joined the Raptorian Empire, later joining the Waptoria Alliance. To this day, almost all most Mendel living inside Waptoria borders are Walgolorian.

As they expanded, the Walgolorian encountered the psychic Nithasaar. As the Walgolorian where setting up a Waystation near one of their new colonies, a Nithasaar Clan fleet came across them, establishing contact with the Walgolorian. The large, fragile, psychic race was entirely fleet based at this point, having been driven from their homeworld by unknown means. Accepting them into their Dominion, the Walgolorian began using the Nithasaar's fleet capabilities to expand further and increase their travel abilities, as their hyper-space travel abilities where rudimentary at best, thus making them the first alien members of the Waloglorian. Later, a number of Togunda joined the Walgolorian as well.

OrgaatWalgolor Alliance

The Alliance between Orgaat and Walgolorian would prove to be one of the most beneficial in Mendel history.

After this, a the Walgolorian became one of the first of the three to join the Mendel pact, and helped incorporate other sub-species of the Ugandalorian species. During this time, the Walgolorian's king, Casio Lwerian'ca, was meet by representatives from the Orgaat people, who asked for help for driving away the invading Hermicce from their lands. Seeing a people in-need, and the Hermicce in direct violation of the Abiding Truth, Casio rallied his forces, and, along with the Ugandalorians and Kodalorians, sent forces to aid the Orgaat, along with some Waptorian forces, and helped drive the Hermicce from Orgaat colonies. With this, the Orgaat joined them in thanks for saving their scared homeworld of Tohoch.

Later, the Walgolorian also encountered the rather insane insects, known as the Kamaside. Out-going, and sometimes considered insane by outsiders, the Walgolorian worked with their Hive leaders to integrate the Kamaside into the Dominion, and the Pact as a larger whole. Due to similar mind-sets, Kamaside joined the Walgolorian in large numbers, and their Stingwings became large parts of the Walgolorian military.

The Walgolorians would later assist their genetic cousins in Aterro Dominatus.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

The Walgolorian are a culture founded on the principle of teaching others their ways, and spreading their ideals. Believing that cultures that do not accept them are closed-minded and lowly, the Walgolorian, surprisingly, treat other races, whether friend or defeated foe, with respect. Walgolorians are more open to new ideals, though inherently hold their ways to be better then any others, unless proven wrong.

Like all Mendel subspecies, they have a very communal way of living, united under religious, clan, and philosophical believes. This is where they are similar to the other Mendel in many ways. However, things that differ include their armor permutations, preferring a generally uniform look, over the more barbaric, individualized approach to other Mendel. Two important parts of their culture, include the bonds of childhood and parenthood, and Master-student relationships. They view the abandoning of their children has a marked sign of weakness, and believe such children must be watched over all the more, to make sure they grow up strong.

Another is the Master-student dynamic. This is reflected in their powerful martial art, Vior'nes'ken, and the way they chose their next Supreme Commanders, based off who was the best student of last Supreme Commander. The passing of knowledge is based off how the Empyreals passed on knowledge and technology to the Clans of W'alor and brought them together. As such, teachers are given the highest respect in their society.

Walgolorian, also, do not glorify war to the same extent as other Mendel. This is considered strange, as their race was the most violent before unification, and it took the arrival of the mysterious Empyreal to calm their race. It's believed the Walgolorian actually do not want to return to the barbaric times of the past, and do everything they can to avoid it. As such, the Blood-Thirst is conquered very early when it appears, and the Walgolorian do not gather trophies, skulls, or pelts to adorn their armor to the same degree. Despite the preference for ranged combat, all Walgolorian are required to carry Claymores into battle.

Another curious trait, is their use of Battle Suits. Based upon their ancient knights of old, the Walgolorian of the highest rank can achieve these massive weapons of war, to use with devastating fire power, or, in some cases, even carry melee weapons. It is this advanced technology, that allowed the UAE to come up with the Project Warrior-Hunter, with the Walgolorians having many famous warriors in Project's ranks, including the most famous, Kenvash.

Behavior Edit

Most Walgolorian maintain a silent, aloof nature, dutiful to their ruler, the Empyreals, and dedicated to their ideals and philosophy. While welcoming to outsiders, they hold their ways to be the best, but are open to other ideals. Despite, in battle, they enter a tranquil fury. While the other Mendel species tend to get aggressive and hot-blooded, the Walgolorian keep their emotions in check, until one of their Empyreals is killed, causing them to develop the same hot-headed attributes as their other kin.

Despite their differences, they share many loves with the rest of their kin, including massive amounts of fire power (Mendel are not a race known for being subtle), natural liking for battle, even if it is not as strong as their kin, and a deep love for ancestors, family and Clan.

Government Edit


An Empyreal stands before crowds of Orgaat and Walgolorian citizens with his cadre of bodyguards.

The Walgolorian are a race that, unlike their cousins, do not crown leaders based off efficiency in battle and diplomacy. Instead, they crown a Sovereign Lord. A hereditary title, the Sovereign is dedicated to the will of the people, and must abide by their needs and wants. He is assisted by the various Clan lords of the Walgolorian clans.

Under the Sovereign Lord, are the Princes who rule sections of W'alor in his name. These Clan Chiefs are considered to be descended from the founders of the various regions, or Districts of W'alor. They hold domain over the realms of the certain areas of the planet, command their personal armies and Clans, and rule the planet alongside the Empyreal Caste. The Empyreals also yield command in the Courts of the Princes, advising them and acting as Co-rulers, the two sharing equal power in all things.

Princes rule over not only their district on the world, but also yield command over a planet, as the Princes all organized their forces to colonize a region of space, and each conquered a certain section of the a world, such as the Prince of Morgwanyy leading his army to conqueror Vior'tal. However, the planet is largely independent, and has it's own Lord to govern it, only moderately answering to the Prince his forces came from.

Religion Edit

The Walgolorian, while they respect all individuals' religious believes, only believe in one ideal, the Abiding Truth. Similar to the Waptoria Alliance's idea of the greater good, the Abiding Truth maintains that all who do their part for it, help other servants of the Truth, and take pride in their work without giving into narcissism, will have a place in the Grand Orchestra, the Walgolorian equivalent to heaven.

The Walgolorian are very zealous in their believe in the Abiding Truth, though evidence today shows a growing number turning back to the worship of the traditional gods of their past.

Biology Edit

Walgolorians, being descended from the Ugandalorians, are similar, yet have several differences. They have sharper vision, being only able to see to the same depth as Ugandals, but also see into ultraviolet, though they have slower reflexes. They are smaller in muscle mass, and somewhat fragile compared to their cousins, though are slightly taller and more dexterous. However, they still enjoy a good fist-fight with anything that dares cross them, and can hold their own with superior flexibility.

Reproduction, locomotion, and brain patterns, are mostly the same as other Ugandals.

Walgolorian are also almost entirely incapable of using essence. This commonly results in them being incapable of having their minds read or controlled, via essence-usage, resulting in them usually only have a slight buzzing or whispering in their head that they can barely make out.



The ever mysterious and wise Empyreal are the rulers of the Walgolorians, mysterious and enigmatic compared to the rest of their race. When the Clans of W'alor where killing each other in racial war, the Empyreal Caste arrived and united them, appointing Clan Lwerian'ca to rule the empire in their name, as the Walgolorian where lead to new heights of growth and prosperity. Empyreals are known to be wise and passionate rulers, whose job to guide their people, yet not be over-bearing. They must push their scientists further, guide the ambitions of their diplomats and government workers, and work the aggression of their warriors. Though smaller in number then the other Walgolorian, they still yield command of most Walgolorian cities and planets, and their existence is close to royalty and priesthood among the Walgolorian populace, who view them as great teachers and saviors. Lesser races even believe the Empyreals divine messengers.

The Empyreal live far longer then other Mendel, which has lead to much debate about their origins and existence as a whole. Their presence as a strangely calming effect, however, keeping their warriors, especially those of Mendel origin, calm and cool-headed in the face of danger and foes they fight. While mostly seen in the command stage, if an Empyreal ever appears on the battlefield, it inspires great ferocity and righteous fury among his troops, causing them to push themselves beyond their limits, and fight all the harder. However, if the Empyreal falls, his warriors will briefly descend into madness, some fighting each other, some retreating, but most going into a berserker rage and attacking the foe with everything they can throw at them. The killer of the Empyreal faces the worst fate, often being captured and tortured by Walgolorian for daring to kill their master.

Why the Walgolorian, and, indeed, all species of Mendel descent are impacted so much by the Empyreal caste is unknown, but some believe it to be Pheromone or psychic based in some way, while others say it is advanced technology. Whatever the case, the Empyreal are secret in their ways, and the Walgolorian do not like anyone daring to try and dissect the bodies of their Empyreal.

The Gvanta are a group of tribes and clans that inhabit the barrens within their homeworld. Unlike the others, they are nomadic and tend to travel about, working for various clan lords as warriors as mercenaries and sell-swords. Gvanta, due to their experience in the wastelands and barrens are experienced working in the wilderness and deserts of their world, and, as such, commonly act as scouts and pathfinders for their employers when hired. Gvanta, despite their differences from their kin, where respected for their skills in survival and patience in battle.

When the Empyreals came to unite their kin, the Gvanta tribes joined despite their reservations of these mysterious lords, wanting to keep their species together and stop the many civil wars that had gripped their race. As such, the Gvanta would, with the new military ideals set up by the Commanders and Empyreals, act as scouts and snipers due to their abilities, as the other Clans maintained their warriors as front line units in battle. Now adays, despite the respect for their skills in survival and scouting, are distrusted by most Walgolorian now for their independence from the Dominion and outward distrust for the Empyreals at times.

Gvanta tribes are smaller then other Walgolorian, and for this reason keep away from them so as not to cause racial tensions, taking the life of nomads or living on the frontier to avoid causing too much trouble due to their differing views. Commonly, they have close kinship with the Orgaat, commonly living on the frontier side by side, and helping them hunt and gather. Gvanta, while they could easily settle down, chose not to, believing their abilities are needed by the Empire for it's continued survival. While they still retain doubts about the Empyreals, most hold their tongues out of respect for the "Three Tribes" unity.

When Empyreals die around a Gvanta warrior, they notably can keep themselves calmer about the situation, though will still feel incredibly angry. Many will join their brothers in hunting down his killer. Due to not have an almost entirely different genepool from other Walgolorian, Gvanta are noted to be more robust and stocky then the standard warrior, though still not as capable in melee combat, though are better as assassins.

The most famous member to hold the title of Gvanta Pathfinder is Mer'doth, a sub-commander under Commander Saren.

Abilities Edit

Military Edit

The Walgolorian, due to smaller muscle frames and poor reflexes, avoid melee combat, even when they carry Claymores and swords into battle. This is also a culturally believe, believing that they cannot partake in melee combat without giving into the inner demons that nearly lead their race to doom so long ago.

As seen on Vior'tal and it's nearby systems, as well as other planets settled by Vior'talians, the Walgolorian, through use of bionics in their eyes and brains, are capable of developing the coordination for melee combat. Vior'tal and any systems it conquers are among the minority, however, with all preferring to avoid melee combat if possible. The Empyreans, when cornered and forced to fight with their honor staffs, also display powerful skill in melee combat.

Veterans of the armed forces prefer to pilot advanced battle suit units, based on the knights of their old world. Armed with the most advanced weapons, the way they use these suit varies. Some prefer to lie in wait and strike the killing blow, breaking the enemy completely in one fell swoop. Other, especially those of Vior'tal and it's systems, love to lead assaults right into the heart of the enemy, crushing foes beneath their heals and blasting through them with advanced weaponry.

Commanders, when they receive their advanced battle suits, may actually use whatever weapons they wish, including gigantic swords, though even then, still avoid melee combat, instead preferring overwhelming fire power.

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Relations Edit

Green face protectorates Edit

You accept the Abiding Truth into your lives. This is good.

  • The Orgaat Webs. - Among our closest Allies.
  • Kamasid Hive - Loyal and eager servants of the Abiding Truth.

Green face Allies Edit

You stand with us for the service of the Abiding Truth.

Blue face Friends Edit

Welcome to our domain.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

What do you wish of us?

Orange face Disliked Edit

Stay your distance.

Red face Enemies Edit

The Abiding Truth demands your death, and we are it's instruments!

Quotes from others Edit

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Yes their melee skills could be considered sub-par, too bad for our enemies that they will never get close enough to use that to their advantage.

- Empress Zuki of the Vanara Empire

More brothers in arms. May we fight together with honor and loyalty!

- Volver Empire

We have your backs, as long as you have ours of course

- Lavatuft Republic

We will work together to forge a peaceful future.

- Antroth Empire

You don't see as tough as the Ugandalorians, but your passion is all the same. Great allies to have!

- Soldarian Empire

Notes Edit

  • The Walgolorian are based on the Welsh during their war against the English crown, as well as the Tau Empire from Dawn of War.
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