The Vrorekaa Territories.

The Vrorekaa Territories are a small nation in the South-eastern savana grasslands in the Eastern Plains of Koldenwelt controlled by the Vrorekaa Tribe. The Vrorekaa call the Territories their home, and all Vrorekaa in the Tribe live here.

Location Edit

The Vrorekaa Territories are located in the Eastern Plains, near Lake Dynamis and River Autakaa. It is relatively close to Korodis.

Settlements Edit


A Look at the Chief's hut, the Totem Pole and the Central Table, where the drummers drum.

There are 3 Vrorekaa Settlements in the Vrorekaa Territories, Vrorkaa, the Capital Settlement, Irokaa, the 2nd Settlement, and Ekovror, the 3rd Settlement. They are 8km apart from each other, and Irokaa is northwest of Vrorkaa, and Ekovror is South of Vrorkaa.

The Vrorekaa build a new settlement every 300 people, meaning that when the Vrorekaa reach 900 people, they will build a 4th Settlement.

Characteristics Edit

In the Settlements, Vrorekaa walk around and dance or work at the sound of the Drums. Drummers are usually drumming in large tables, and they take turns - After 1 hour, another drummer takes his place.

There is also a totem pole near the Chief's hut and the Central table, which is basically like a church - It's a place of worship. They gather around in the pole every night and pray to the god for him to bless the Vrorekaa. (However, this God is not real)

Celebrations are usually held for sucessful hunts or battles.

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