As they say - War is a profitable business. The Vranntan love warring, and I love profiting off it. You give a warmongering race of barbarians the tools to become as barbaric as they wish to be, and you will find yourself a rich man. That is to say; I much prefer their money to their company. Vranntan are poor company when they are sober, and even poorer when they are drunk. Nevertheless, hired muscle is hired muscle.

- Tuk Nijusi

The Vranntan are a race of reptilian entities originating from the desert world of Nammud Xar within the Pal-Tal Sector of the Tuuros Galaxy. Galactically known as a species considered as barbarians, the Vranntan have a penchant and lust for violence, and their kratocratic regime of the Vranntan Order has been the bane of the Frontier of the Tuuros Galaxy for many millennia. They are not an entirely united race, and numbers of them exist within the Nanusuloan Convocation as well as the Nijusi Syndicate.


Evolving on the desert world of Nammud Xar, the Vranntan have been spacefaring for many thousands of years - no one, not even the Vranntan themselves agree on a particular date, although the majority assert that they have been in space for nearly thirty thousand years. A race in cultural isolation, almost to an extreme degree, the Vranntan faced extinction in refusal to joining The Congregation; as one of the Tuuros Galaxy's most physically able species, the Vranntan overwhelmed many of The Congregation's ground forces in invasions, although taking many losses in the conflicts. Since these conflicts, the Vranntan Order had adopted a kratocratic philosophy, and the rite of succession in their absolute government is to overthrow the other through violence.

Whilst the Vranntan are content with expansion at a gradual rate, some of their Channvokk have attempted mass expansionism through invading other states and pillaging their resources - in the past, the Nanusuloan Convocation, the Asilaphean Empire and the Sumikian Commerce Nexus have been prone to the Vranntan's military aggression. Though sufficiently advanced to have fought on equal terms against the outstanding powers of the Tuuros Galaxy, the Frontier has repelled the Vranntan on many occasions, and as a whole, the Vranntan are deemed a barbaric race with little chance of integration into the more civilised parts of Tuuros' society. The Nijusi Syndicate has capitalised on the Vranntan's war machine, and numbers of them now live in service of the Syndicate itself.



Side profile of a Vranntan.

The Vranntan are among Tuuros' largest species; many of them stand over five metres in height, and it is often found that figures of authority are of a greater stature and are therefore stronger. Bearing incredible muscle mass, the Vranntan are also among Tuuros' physically strongest species; many of the galaxy's populace do not engage in a fist fight with a Vranntan due to their high chances of being killed in the process. They are accustomed to arid and hot environments and do not thrive well in colder climates, which logically makes them more present on Sumikian worlds than any other larger civilisation in the galaxy.

As a race that are accustomed to more extreme environments, the Vranntan have extensive digestive and respiratory systems that assist them in surviving in extreme environments for much longer than most; many Vranntan can go without eating for a number of days granted they have a large enough intake. Whilst not particularly fast on their feet, the Vranntan's tail can move at speeds of up to sixty miles per hour, which can cause severe damage to any species upon the receiving end.

Behaviour and Psychology[]

With an unusual lust for testing their strength against many foreign lifeforms, the Vranntan are pejoratively compared to Schism races for their inhospitable temperament; something which they respond to with much anger. The Vranntan themselves are in fact quick to anger due to their predatory senses, and often act upon their instincts rather than a more logical process, which is much to the chagrin of the rest of the Tuuros Galaxy. Despite this, the Vranntan are very quick learners and are able to adapt to many situations quickly, which was a necessity in evolving within Nammud Xar's vicious terrain.



The day that a reasonable Vranntan enters the borders of the Convocation is the day that the Schism freezes over.

- Random Nanusuloan

A worthy adversary to cross my blades the Vranntan are!

- Malegras

A proper civil Vranntan is about likely as getting the mercy of one holding you by the head.

- Random Kurinnurii

Vranntan. A vile breed of vermin, the creations of who-knows-what. Fickle and capricious, there are only two universal truths about these líturan; one, a normal Vranntan will be possible only when the universe burns in fiery hell and then freezes over, and they never seem to realize that charging into our guns will always kill them.

- Fēirst neb Trepidhrúirdhu, Rasumuru philosopher

Perfect war hounds. Mine!

- Sethzak


  • The Vranntan were inadvertently designed similarly to the Deathclaws of the Fallout series, although later iterations of the Vranntan design were intentionally made to draw comparisons between the two.
  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II