Volver are bipedal, amphibious creatures. They are covered in a layer of tough yet smooth skin. They stand at around 4'7" to 5'8", depending on their genes. Volver posses great vision with one very advanced eye. Using their good sense of smell and vision, they hunt prey on land and in water. Volver have powerful jaws, hands, and arms that are used to capture their prey or fend off potential predators. Males have large antlers, which are used to intimidate or ram threats. Both males and females have highly toxic poison glands at the tip of their tails. These glands can spit poison that can kill prey in minutes. The Volver's most useful adaptations would be it's jumping ability and flight. They are pretty bulky creatures and don't get off the ground fast unless they jump using their powerful legs. Once in the air, they will use their large wings to fly to their destination or swoop down on prey. Volver use their webbed feet to swim through water with ease. There are blood vessels near the surface of the skin and when a Volver is underwater, oxygen diffuses directly into the blood. When not submerged, they breathe like humans using their chest muscles.

Life CycleEdit

New BornEdit

New born Volver hatch from eggs in small ponds. During this stage of life, a new born Volver is partially blind, has no antlers, small teeth, and has pale skin. They are capable of swimming at birth, but depend on their parents for support.


Voler of this age can see and swim very well. Their skin has gained light coloration and they are learning how to hunt for prey. They have also begun producing toxins, which can paralyze predators. Adults teach the adolescents how to fly when they are ready.


An adult Volver has well developed wings and clawed hands. Their skin has full colorization and they can fly and swim easily. They protect the young from potential predators and compete with other Volver species for territory. Their toxins have been inhanced greatly, being able to kill targets in minutes.


Volver reproduce sexually with a male and female. The female lays her egg(s) in a small pond and are kept at a constant temperature. Volver also have the ability to reproduce with almost any species. This adaptation is unique among creatures on it's homeworld. This allows the continuation on their species and mixing a variety of genes.


Volver Species and adaptions can vary on depending on their habitat. Since most Volver live near water, most of them possess webbed feet. The Volver who live in the desert however, had clawed, scaly feet. Unfortunately, this variation of Volver has gone extinct due to loss of habitat. Volver live in marshes, fens, bogs, beaches, and most commonly in swamps.


The Volver are evolved from a Volver ancestor known as Glorill. Volver are often said to be a devolution of the Glorill due to their inferior strength in comparison to their ancestor. Volver did however, evolve larger brains which allowed them to think and make tools. The Volver and their ancestors were actually created by the Nyarqaeshu and were given adaptations that were perfect for survival and combat. Because of this, Volver are able to withstand the life draining effect of Alphorium, a rare element that can kill if one comes into contact with it for too long. Since they have this resistance, the Volver were able to forge a sword out it and used it to their advantage. Volver can also survive in space for prolonged periods of time.

Racial InfoEdit


The Volver language, often known as Asconian, is a simple system of symbols. Each word contains syllables, like English, and means something specific. For Example: ᏞᏬᎮᏞᏣᏏ (Vol-Ver) is Asconian for Volver.


Volver are a very strong and proud people. They live by a Code of Honor, though they are not trusting of many other species.


The Volver are proud of their religion and worship their gods. They also have accepted the gods of other cultures into their religion as well.


The Volver, as mentioned before, are suited to survive in any environment. Volver can go long periods of time without oxygen, and can even breathe any molecule that contains at least one oxygen atom. Volver can breathe and filter air through their skin as well as their lungs. The eyesight of a Volver is known to be astonishing. The Volver have a singular, advanced eye that can view objects that as far as the horizon with decent clarity. The eye can recover from any injury, and even regrow itself in the Volver's eye socket in under two weeks. The fangs and claws of Volver have been tested to be tougher than steel, as well as their antlers and skeleton. The Volver also have a very acute sense of smell. While not as powerful as a dog's, the Volver can locate foes or prey by smell.

Volver have very powerful limbs and tails. The tail is capable of holding up a fully armored Volver, which would weigh around 250 pounds in average. The tail contains poisonous glands that can spray a toxic gas into the air around it. Because of this, Volver are immune to all types of poisons and toxins. Volver poison is very potent, capable of paralyzing and even shutting down respiratory systems. The Volver also sport powerful, bat-like wings. The wings are strong enough to support the Volver's bulky weight. Volver, dispite their overall round body structure, are quite agile in the air.

While underwater, Volver have increased agility and maneuverability. They can breathe underwater by diffusing oxygen into their bloodstream via their permeable skin. Their webbed feet allow them to swim swiftly in water without much problem. Another feature of their skin is that it can excrete oil that reduces drag in the water and air when the Volver is in danger.

Volver also have evolved a resistance to the life draining effects of Alphorium. In fact, the Volver have evolved a few biological enhancements to their physique. Volver do not produce lactic acid, therefore they do not get cramps or tire easily. Volver blood is very oxygen rich, allowing a Volver to survive without oxygen for days. Volver cells die and multiply rapidly, allowing for faster healing while they rest.

Volver are often seen to be very strong. A combat trained Volver is estimated to be as strong as 10 adult male humans. They are capable of lifting around 700 pounds when using two arms, five tons if augmented with advanced armor and prostetics. A punch from a Volver can shatter human bones if launched at full force. The legs of a Volver are far more deadly than any part of it's body. Volver legs are able to heavily dent a few centimeters of plate steel without much effort. If one were to be kicked by a Volver, chances are that they will not be getting back up.

Known WeaknessesEdit

Volver, despite their near perfect adaptations and powerful physique, have a few weaknesses. Some of their foes exploit these weaknesses to defeat them.

The Volver are immune to all poisons. Unless, however, the poison is Anthroth venom. Anthroth venom is so extremely potent that it can indeed, kill a Volver. The Volver's poison immunity helps it resist the effects for a while, giving it a chance to heal itself and purge the venom from its body. If not purged within a few hours, the Volver will die.

Burns to the skin of the Volver restricts it's oxygen diffusion ability, forcing the Volver to breathe through it's lungs. In this state, the Volver would be incapable of breathing underwater. However, the Volver's healing ability allows it to recover from burns very quickly.

Volver are very fond of ramming their opponents with their antlers. If one were to sever their antlers off, the Volver would have to adjust to the shift in weight as well as lose the defensive advantage that their antlers provide to their face and head. The antlers are also capable of breaking Volver bone. If someone were to use the broken antlers of a Volver as a weapon, killing one would be much easier.

Volver eyes are very advanced, capable of recovering from any injury. However, due to the posture of the Volver and the position of their eye, a Volver is actually blind to attacks from behind it. This can be tricky however, as a Volver could smell their attacker before they get the chance to attack. In addition, having one eye does effect the depth perception of most average Volver. Though most warriors have trained to overcompensate for this, or use high tech visors to alleviate this weakness.

Volver noses are sensitive and very acute. Very foul smells can temporarily stun a Volver.

Volver are known to be quite heavy set and suffer from average speed on land due to their webbed feet and weight. If their opponent is faster than them, the Volver could possibly be overrun.


The Volver later formed the Volver Tribe which later turned into the Volver Empire.

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