The Visaria are a noble race of Warriors and Knights, smart and powerfull they became the oppisite of the Aurilithiaen Order, a large organisation that came into excistence in the far future, and replaced Rambo Nation.

There story will be told in the The Legacy.


The Visaria are blue serpant like creatures, although they also have arms, legs and fins they can live in many an enviornment. The Visaria have large fins/horn like gestures on the end of there tail and on there head. They also have various fins on there back and legs.

The Visaria are a race of noble, yet pretty aggrasive and territorial creatures. They are omnivours and dislike the excistence of what they see as lesser creatures. None the less, when they like you they are great allies and will aid you in any cause, whether it is friendly or not.

The Visaria are of avarage length and weigth, ideal for swimming and walking around at land. The Visaria came into excistence at around 10.250.000 BQF as cells at a remote planet within the Quadrant Galaxies.


Visaria Leader

The Great One

The Goverment of the Visaria is based upon one simple rule, the Great Leader is the supreme commander of all Visaria, and everyone honos him a lot.

The current leader of the Visaria is only known as the Great One, and took the mantle of leader after Eekevehe died of old age. The Great one changed appearance after he found several records of the Xhodocto, and he introduced them as part of the Visaria religions and ordered statues to build of the Great Xhodocto.

He hopes that one day they come again and will take the Visaria as there followers. However, he is also quite rude and doesn't hesitate to kill those who opposes him. His Grand Goal is to find the last Serindia, however the Aurilitiaen Order also searches them, which will anger the Great One a lot, eventually leading to a devastating war.

He posseses various powers beyond the Visaria knowledge, however he has not shown them to the public yet.


Visaria Cell

Visaria Cell

Cell Stage (10.250.000 BQF - 03 AQF)Edit

The Cell form of the Visaria is an odd one, they have one big eye and are capable of eating both herbivore and carnivore food, effectively making them omnivours. They also have large fins for speed and took a blue color, so they would have some sort of camouflage in the waters they lived in.

The Visaria Cell are microscopic creatures and were often attacked by other cells, forcing to defend themselves they evolved various horns.

The Cell form managed to evolve over the many millenia into a land based creature.

Creature Stage (03 AQF - 157.000 AQF)Edit

Visaria 02

Visaria 1st Evolution

1st EvolutionEdit

The 1st evolution of the Visaria is a small and cell like creature, they only get legs to move around land and with it, the first Visaria and his companions searched for a nest. It also seemed as if the creature began forming a tail, since it back was higher than it's head.

The Visria kept this form for a long time, for over 10.000 of years, this form had to hide from it's natural predators (not to mention overflying UFO's) and escaping those massive Epic creatures. None the less, after those many years the Visaria appearance changed a lot when a new egg was laid.

2nd EvolutionEdit

Visaria Second form

2nd evolution

The Second Evolution was a new appearance, as been told it hatched from an egg and all other Visria looked surprised and wanted to attack the new appearance. However, some did not and they began fighting over eachother. Over the course of another 1000 years the 1st evolution went extinct and the 2nd evolution was growing rapidly, even immigrating to a new nest, a bigger nest.

The 2nd evolution then began searching for allies and creatures to kill, because it needed there flesh to feed herself. This form also excisted for a very long time and explored a quarter of the known continent then.

When it returned to the nest, it became clear that other nest had also been made, but those were differant and evolved forms of the second evolution.

Later on in records, this form became known as the most friendliest of the creature evolution appearances of the Visaria.

3rd EvolutionEdit

Visaria third evolution

3rd evolution of the Visaria

As explained before, due to the differant nest of the Visaria, those near the coast changed there appearance and recieved more fins thanks to evolution. The 2nd form and 3rd form were now growing together and soon the 2nd form also evolved in the 3rd form, because it was more powerfull, faster and had more health.

The 3rd form continued the exploration of the continent, and with swimming even got to other continents to inhabit. But the 3rd form still had to make allies and was still affraid for epics, and around that time, the Visaria were not yet the dominent species on the planet.

The 3rd evolution form also excisted for many of thousends of years, and became a common yet aggressive sign. The 3rd form attacked many nest and made it possible for many species to go extinct.

Later on in records, the third form became known as the most aggressive form of all the Visaria.

Visaria 4th Evolution

4th and Final Evolution

4th EvolutionEdit

The 4th form is the final and last evolution of the Visaria. In this form they became the dominent species of the continent and explored it further. They also immigrated twice to a new nest.

During the immigration, they travelled by a chrashed space ship, unsure what it was, they left it and did not investigate it.

Spore 2010-06-20 21-51-51

Visaria locate the chrashed space ship

When it became clear the Visaria reached there final form, one smart Visaria found a way to creat fire, which opened to the way to the Tribal Stage.

Tribal Stage (157.000 AQF - 10.000.000 AQF)Edit

Visaria Tribal

Visaria Tribal with shield

The Tribal Stage began with the creating of a fire, soon after the Visaria came together and instead of living in nests, they began constructing huts of woods and began the first society known on the planet.

The first Tribal leader was Eekevehe the First, and is in record the first leader of the Visaria and his legacy is still thaught to the Visaria in modern times. Under his leaderschip the Tribal Visaria began expanding there influance over the continent, with learning the ability to defend themselves from harm. In order to do this, the Visaria forged shields of woods, and later spears to attack any hostile tribes and to hunt on creatures.

Visaria Tribal Leader

Eekevehe, the first Visaria leader (Tribal Era)

Over time, the Visaria also learned the ability to play music with various instrument and they learned the art of fishing, they could do this easily because of there ability to swim and the tools they recenlty constructed.

Visaria fishing

Visaria fishing during the Tribal Stage

The Tribal Stage then became a dangerous time, when most other tribes showing hostilities the Visaria engaged many a Tribe, wiping some out and with others they made peace. The Tribal Stage lasted for a very long time, and the Visaria did not show any ability to advance further.

Then a miracle occured, when the first Visaria Tribe discovered a cave, with ancient markings and books, as they learned the ability to read and write, the Visaria learned of a place called Rambo Nation, the Core Federation, the United Republic of Cyrannus and other Empires that were not from the Visaria homeworld. Shocked, the Visaria began studying the various books and with them, they soon advanced to the Civilization Stage.

Civilization Age (10.000.000 AQF - 9.850.040.023 AQF)Edit

The Civilization Age started with the construction of the first City, known as Visaria City and became the most epic center of the Visaria. The Visaria skyscrapers resembled those of an Empire from ancient times, that of the Core Federation, since the Visaria liked those building the most they rebuilded them, with differances and another color.

Visaria City

The first Visaria City completed, Visarialae.

Visaria Citizen

Visaria Citizen

Soon the first Visaria City, named Visarialae rose and became a prominent city on the continent. While the city became bigger and bigger, the large sky scrapers were finished within years, and the first tanks and boats son rolled out of the factories. But, the Visaria are very territorial and upon the expanding and searching for spice, they enountered other Visaria, which soon led to serie of conflicts.

During the civilization age the Visaria changed appearance to a more modern look, which was effectifly to work in the offices or industrial work outs. Then a long period of peace and prosparity arrived, and the Visaria all over the globe had peace and civilization was florishing, and Visarialae became a rich and wealthy city and was known to be the more friendliest.

It allied various other cities and prevented many a times conflicts between the Green and Blue cites. But, at 7.999.989 AQF when Visarialae became the most advanced city with technology (rumors had they were building a space craft, to explore the galaxy) the other cities soon began arguing and reinforced there borders. It soon became clear that the Visaria were heading for conflicts, and soon the Green City and Blue Cities went into global war. However, as Visarialae allied another city, they too became involved when the battles raged and soon the planet was for a long time plunged into civil war.

Longneck Class

The Longneck Class, the first launched space ship class of the Visaria.

The war started at AQF and lasted till 9.850.040.023 AQF and ended with Visarialae launching the ICBMS in a last effort of hope. This powerfull missles destroyed all other cities and the survivors joined Visarialae and due to the missles the Visaria became unified. However, there planet was in ruins and the rebuilding started. At the same time, the Visaria launched there first space ship and the Visaria reached the Space Stage!!!!

Upon achieving space travel, the Visaria also adopted another time date, since they found them selve a Legend, they introduced the Legacy Era, better known as the Space Era for the Visaria. It was now dubbed as 1 LE, meaning 1 year into the Legacy Era.

Space Stage (9.850.040.023(0 LE)- Current)Edit

Visaria Fleet

A Visaria fleet is launched from a Crete Class to explore a nearby colonie.

The Visaria launched the first Longneck Class into space and soon began colonising there moon and nearby planet. Within a year they had 2 colonies and a decent fleet, all thanks to the various datafiles they found of various ancient empires, excisting long before the Visaria even went to Tribal Stage.

So, within that year, the Visaria grew out to a small space empire, ready to explore the galaxy and upon the completion of the second Crete Class, the first exploration task force fleet was send into space to explore nearby systems, in search of the empires which the Visaria found in there datafiles. At the fith day of the space task force, and shorlty before 1 Le the Crete Class known as the Serenity launched a Visaria Fleet from one of her docks to explore a nearby colonie, which still sended out some sort of call.......

Upon arriving at Pauvenris they found shipwrecks of ancient times, however also a database of old was still functioning, sending out the strange signals. Please, the Visaria Fleet took it and returned to Rambo Prime. Pleased with event the leader of the Visaria read the entire file and soon found out about races and the star charts of the Quadrant Galaxies which was known to Rambo Nation and from beyond.

Then something snapped in the leader, why explore and take over Rambo Nation her place? With this information the Visaria would become the dominent species in the Quadrant Galaxies, he rather was an Empire with an attitude of Rambo Nation and the Imperial Alliance. He then began a conquest for power and conquered various races, which were all in the civilization stage or in the Tribal Stages. Yet, he did wonder why there were so little space empires left in the Quadrant Galaxies. Upon arriving in Quadrant 89 they encountered the Basaleara and after a small conflict (they had ships resembling that of the Old Rambo Nation) they made peace. Over the course of the next years the Basaleara fell under the control of the Visaria. The Great One, loved and feared at the same time, the leader of the Visaria then founded the Aurilithiae Order. A New Order that replaced the Imperial Alliance and Rambo Nation, it became a large galactic society which became the dominent organisation in the Quadrant Galaxies, together with the Remnants of the Hutter Kingdom.

There further history is explained at the Aurilithiae Order page.

Quadrantia Federation (02 AQF-Current)Edit

Quadrantia Federation Flag

Quadrantia Federation flag

In thier time a paradox occurred and a large portion of the Visaria fleet went missing, subscribed as dead it woud later turn out the Visaria of the Paradox instead arrived in the past of the Quarant Galaxies in Quadrant 21.

The missing fleet eventually joined up with the humanoids and together they gave new life to the Quadrantia Federation. Putting their resources to the Quadrantia Federation fleet they constructed new vessels and added shields and new weapons to the Federation ships.

As such the Visaria became vital to the newly formed Federation and began preparing themselves for the intraquadrantic politics.

Visaria Space ShipsEdit

The Visaria Navy has various space ships, although not that advanced they are more advanced than most empires in there earlier years due to the datafiles the Visaria found on other empires.

Longneck ClassEdit

Longneck Class

Longneck Class

The Longneck class is the oldest and most common Visaria ship. This ship was the first ship constructed and then send into space to explore and colonise the moon. It later was used in mass production.

It is a light class cruiser, and has decent weapons and shields. Due to it's form it has a good agility and is pretty fast. The ship is operated by less than 40 crewmembers and can endure a lot of damage.

Star ClassEdit

Star Class

Star Class

The Star Class are small light class cruisers of the Visaria. They are build for speed and agility, and are very fast, even more so than the Longneck Class. Although fast and equipped with decent shields and weapons, her endurable to damage is low, and when hit at curcial places the ship is easily destroyed.

The Star Class features a unique design and can make various space jumps to escape enemies. Although good for battle, the Visaria often use this class to explore and land on nearby colonies. It is also used to transport civilians or other high officials to and from colonies. So it is both a military and civilian ship in the Visaria Society.

Crete ClassEdit

Crete Class

Crete Class

The Crete Class is a large Visaria Class ship and is classified as a Battle Cruiser/Carrier. Due to her unique design fighters hangars are protected by large metal plates and can be runned with only 1500 Visaria and is cheap to construct.

Even though there massive size, they are difficult to destroy and can endure a lot of damage. Even bigger than the URC Star Destroyer, this class carriers a whole Visaria Fleet, capable of surprising enemies long before they can react in time.

The ship is also equipped with repair docks and cantines and sleeping facilities, some say these ships are flying colonies. However, they are no bigger than 25 km's.

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