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Verdimihn are a member race of the Union Republic of Ottzello, which are excellent soldiers and Dark Chronoscopic users, but have other roles. Associated largely with the Katel and the Ioketa, while they don't necessarily live in tribal villages, they are involved in Essence research and in the military. They do not serve much of a role in culture, and are mostly 'bred', as opposed to living actual lives.



A joint between the Galot and the Kralgon, the Verdimihn were a biological product, the latest of the Creature Projects. The project was to design the perfect military race, one which was intelligent, and an excellent force leader race, who can also cope in combat. The project, during the First Ottzello Galactic War, was cancelled.

Advancing aloneEdit

The Galot cancelled the project, although the Kralgon kept the Verdimihn in labs, hoping to expand it further. They made the creature grow more and more like the genes of a monster than a real creature. In order to correct them, the Kralgon developed them as a hive mind. However, the Kralgon were defeated, and the labs were opened. The Verdimihn became a sentient collective consciousness, and expanded across the Ottzello Galaxy.

Perils of OttzelloEdit

In the Perils of Ottzello, the Verdimihn weren't noticed much, until the time before the Third Ottzello Galactic War. The genes of the Verdimihn were used by Falrik Zaarkhun as one of the components of the genes of the Hostile Xenoform Threat. The consciousness, as a result, was largely torn apart, and fled the galaxy, in nomadic ships.


When the Annihilation occurred, they fled towards the closest source of their DNA's component- Chronoscopic. The Verdimihn's closest source at the time was the Borealis Galaxy. They settled here for some time, and later, they joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello. Their collective consciousness was initially absorbed in The System, as all of UNO's races had one major collective group mind consciousness, but very few have a natural one.

When the Unified Nation was destroyed, the Verdimihn became members of the Union Republic of Ottzello, in which they retained their own collective consciousness.



The Verdimihn are a 4 legged race, with spikey bodies. They had tough, greyish skin, and many eyes, which is not dissimilar to many bugs.


The Verdimihn behave similar to bugs, in that they simply to their job without much thought. As with all URO's races, they never hesitate to stop what they're doing to get into combat. Verdimihn have no real individual personality, a trait not commonly shared by most URO species.


Verdimihn are excellent Dark Chronoscopic uses, but are also strong soldiers. They are incredibly strong and even more intelligent, but are also slow, which is a reason they can be poor in combat. They also have a mentalism ability, meaning they can access others almost hypnotically, and weaken foes. This ability is similar to the Loron but much stronger. They are also very adept at using Psionic Energy.



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