The Venatioa are a honorable race of Capricyránae native to the Quadrant Galaxies. The Venatioa are known to be quiet, shy but a force of good with a love for art and poets. Eventually they became members of Rambo Nation.

They are among the most prominent race of Capricyránae within the Quadrants, due to many being intergalactic diplomats. During the Second Great Cyrannus War the species suffered a bombardment by the Empire and were driven from their homeworld. During the war they became founding members of the Dinotopian Republic.

Biology and AppearanceEdit


Jioan and Or-Ana, the two most foremost and known Venatioa

The Venatioa are quiet, thoughtful beings who place great importance on diplomacy and justice. They are known for being artistic, peaceful and enlightened. Venatioa society values education, art, music and peace- because of this, they harbor a great empathy toward the natural world.The Venatioa are bipedal saurien like creatues who have resemble many other Capricyránae. They are warm blooded and have sharp teeths they use for their meat like meals. The Venatioa, due to their strong leg muscles are gifted sprinters and are able to make high jumps. The Venatioa are also gifted swimmers, as they use the waters to cool themselves down at the hot climate at Bikasulam.

Over time, the Venatioa gained two appearances, one was the bright colored prime species who were seen as just and noble. As wealth came to Bikasulam some of the Venatioa lost their primal urges and began to enjoy the wealth with little movement those pariculair Venatioa lost their bright colors- having duller colors they remained strong and agile, though some became corpulant due to an overtime on eating- and were often considered some sort of sub species of the Venatioa.

Poets, artists and scientists are very common among the Venatioa, admired by other Quadrantians. Since a lot of wealth came to Bikasulam some of the Venatioa became greedy and vulnerable to corruption. As such, those who fell to wealth lost their bright colors and became more dull and shorted in appearance. Yet both Venatioa get along very well, and they themselves see it as a balance for their species- one side who harbours the old ways and the ohter embrace the new wealth and act as emmissaries for the Nation.


The Venatioa records indicate the earliest evolution taking place on their homeworld of Bikasulam was over 2.5 milion years ago, since skeletons and fossils were found which indicate the ancestors of the Venatioa. The small raptor/dinosaur like creatures soon became the dominent species on the planet and with it they began to advance and change in appearance. Around 1298 (1500 BQF) the current Venatioa appearance was seen and the history of te Venatioa took flight- as most of the planet was covered by water, the Venatioa became gifted swimmers.

Bikasulam old

Old Bikasulam City

With the construction of their capital city on the island shores, close to the warm and fertile grounds of the vulcano- the Venatioa build their ancient city at the shores and soon was fortified. Soon the cities were filled with knights and other medieval sights- the Venatioa began to advance and conquered the planet and defended her from another native threat, a hostile spieces the Venatioa do not wish to comment about. This act unified the planet and all the Venatioa and it remained that way until they reached space around 15 BQF. Around this time an individual known as Jiaon became the Chancellor of the Venatioa.

The Venatioa began to explore nearby space and founded a deep space colony known as Vietara in the Badlands Sector, which they sadly had to abandon due to the threat of the Lizardians- a species they despite. During their exporation the Venatioa encountered Rambo Nation and began opening trade with the Rambo- soon after they joined the Nation as full members. Over time the Venatioa were valued and well liked though the species suffered hostilities by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus when Inquisitor Chi Chodecra bombarded their homeworld and drove the Venatioa to other planets.

By July 2820, after the Western Sectors were liberated the Venatioa were founding members of the Dinotopian Republic.




A kind and noble species

- Serindia


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