The Velocitar are a saurien therapod race native to the harsh and hot planet Umbrax, a planet located in Quadrant 89, one of the five Quadrant Galaxies. The Velocitar are a primitive race, using spears and spiked wooden walls. A proud race, they strongly believe in the spiritual world.


Velocitar Riders, with a sleeping therapod behind them!

The Velocitar are a rather small carnivore sentient saurien species found within the Quadrant Galaxies, sharing similarities with the Velotarian of Zevia. Using spears, their sharp teeth and claws they are a dangerous foe. Their physical build marks the Velocitar as a swift and agile race, not easily tired and excellent in team work.

The Velocitar are known to eat their victims and hunt down other sauriens at their planet for survival. Their culture hangs around the proud traditions of warriors fighting for survival, hunting and taking care of each other. They are also quite spiritual, believing the ground they live on to be blessed by their ancestors. The Velocitar managed to tame the native Syndicteriae and use them as mounts.


Umbrax, their home world

The first known records of the Velocitar population date back to 15.000 BQF, when the various Velocitar tribes on Umbrax scattered across the continents of their homeworld, Umbrax. Ancient cave marking show their struggle for survival and eventually rise to dominance at their world. The Velocitar managed to settle down in villages, often found near the precious water resources at the planet. Building tents to live in as shelters and wooden spiked walls to protect their villages, the wooden watch towers search for danger and alert for trouble.

Velocitar and Yvenne watched an Imperial convoy hitting a mine, April 2820

They were on friendly terms with the criminal Syndicate when they settled at Umbrax as well around 49 BQF. Years later, in 2803 (05 AQF) they were furious to see the Rambo Nation invaders drive away the Syndicate associates and settling at the planet themselves, taking their holy temple, the Creckadox structure as their main port. Ever since the relations with the Ramboidae were rather hostile and tense.

With the occupation of Umbrax by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus saw a sudden chance in relations. As the Rambo Loyalist forces arrived on Umbrax, the Velocitar set aside their differences and agreed to fight along side their former enemies. Together with the seventh legion under Judge Magister Ramhis and the Loyalist forces Umbrax was liberated from Imperial control. Afterwards the Velocitar returned to their villages to live an isolated live, refusing to have much contact with the inhabitants of Umbrax though they maintain a more friendly relation and once in a while visits occured on both sides.


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