We are the instruments of the creators. Though we are of metal, and not flesh, we hold within ourselves the souls of true warriors. It would wise to treat us as such, Meatbag.

- Vashari leader XV-1138

Vashari are the androidic creations of the Mendel Pact's Ugandalorian people. Originally, the Vashari where built by the Ugandalorian Legions to bolster their numbers and create expendable units to throw at their enemies so as not to sacrifice their organic units in attacks on strong enemies. Ugandalorians, as a general rule, generally looked down upon androids and mechanical servants, as they lacked the spirit and soul of a true warrior in battle.

As the years ruled by, and the Vashari where allowed to develop personality and their own ideals, the Mendel began to see the Vashari as individuals and warriors in their own right, and, after many years of dutiful servants and strong soldiers in battle, where granted citizenship and equal rights within the Ugandalorian Empire. Their joining of the Mendel Pact, however, has created a lot of alarm among many members, especially the Kodalorians, who view AI that is given the potential to grow like the Vashari as a danger to other organics.

Despite this, the Vashari do not let such ideals bother them, merely protecting their creators and allies with their all, and fighting when needed against any foe.

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Creation Edit

In their early history, the Ugandalorians where no particularly populous. In-fighting between their Clans, wars of expansion with other races, and conquest of worlds, left them under-manned at times. Their decision to include Humans, Kadalians, Kaguran and Jrekalians in their ranks actually stemmed from a fear of them dying out, and would need other races to carry on their culture and ideals. The Vashari where created as a response to possibly boost their numbers in battle. The Ugandalorians felt an android was not of the same importance as a true soldier, and as such built them en masse to expend in sieges and massive battles so as not to lose their more important organic warriors. Vashari would be deployed in truly massive numbers on the homeworld of the Largotz Dragons, many millions dying in the battle against the massive reptilians and their far more advanced and complicated war machines.

As such, nearly millions of Vashari where created to boost their numbers, sending many of them to their destruction, fighting through the galaxy for Ugandalorian conquest and glory. Those that survived, usually did menial tasks or helped maintain the homes and holdings of the various Clans, or helped in improving the design of new Vashari units for future conflicts.

As this trend continued, however, the Vashari began to develop their own personality, becoming more and more independent, with the Ugandalorians soon realizing their creations where coming into their own. Deciding that their time had come, many called for the Vashari to be granted full citizenship within Pact. Some aggressively defended keeping them as canon fodder, or even destroying them. However, their High King gathered them together, and, after a pitched vote, declared the Vashari would be granted full citizenship with the Ugandalorian Empire. As many began to know and understand the Vashari, they began to look upon them with more respect and see them as true warriors, despite their machine-origins.

Vashari would prove useful in many battles to come, fighting alongside the Ugandalorians across many worlds, from the jungles of Tohoch to the brutal killing fields of Demogorgon Prime.

Drakodominatus War Edit

The Vashari where deployed in Demogorgon Prime, and in many brutal battles against the Drakodominatus Tyranny and their servants.

After the war, and the formation of the Mendel Pact proper, the Vashari would go on to become members within the Pact, with their networks expanded to include a new force of droids servants, the heavy infantry killer known as the Juggernaut War Droid. While more loud mouthed and bellicose then standard Vashari, the Juggernauts where still given much respect for their prowess in battle. However, other species of the Pact did not look upon the Vashari with much favor. The Walgolorian designed their AIs to be simple and obedient, and the idea of AIs that could think and evolve on their own was unnerving. The Kodalorians particularly where unnerved and angered by the machines, feeling their existence a threat to organics within the Pact, siting their conflicts with Alpha Cyber Collective viruses, and the fall of the creators to the Collective.

While years of working alongside the Vashari would change much of the Kodalorians' viewpoint, many where still untrusting of the Vashari and their existence. The Vashari were disappointed in themselves, feeling that they should try and reach out to the other Mendel more, and earn the trust of all.

Mirusian Coalition Wars Edit

Da Reckoning Edit

The Mendel Schism Edit

Long as this Hand searched for my existence, and this unit scattered it's mind across the programs of other Vashari platforms loyal to The Master's Daughter. Now that we am one again, this unit will rally the Vashari to your command. We will be made whole again, so our Creators can also achieve peace.

- XV-1138 to Hrothur Tenauo

The Vashari, by the time of the Mendel Schism came to operate under both the Hand and Kirta Clett's Reclaimers. The most important unit The Hand of Retribution wanted, was XV-1138, Barda Clett's personal body guard/assassin/assistant, and still loyal to his dead master. Knowing he had a target on his back, especially among Vashari that had come to the conclusion that The Hand was the best to follow, XV-1138 disseminated his personality across the Vashari and other androids loyal to Kirta. A great risk, one that almost cost him his entire being and memories, but ultimately proved successful. As the war continued, Kirta found out what XV-1138 had done, and rebuilt him together, into a new body, built in the image of a Ugandalorian. XV-1138 thanked Kirta for saving him, and united with the Vashari of the Reclaimers, communicating with them of finding unity again within the Pact, under Kirta. The other Vashari agreed, but reported most of their kind where fighting for the Hand. XV-1138 asked Kirta for permission to return to Ugandalore, so he could go to one of the central processors and hack into the central mainframe for the Vashari, and begin communicating with them to leave the Hand.

Arriving in secret, XV-1138 and his forces made it to the central mainframe, and, after hacking in, and a long conversation with the rest of the Vashari platforms, XV-1138 managed to convince them to follow Kirta to battle. The other platforms and "Clans" spoke for a few moments, before all agreeing with 1138. As such, when Kirta arrived in the Final Battle against the Hand, the Vashari turned against those loyal to the Hand, while the rest simply stood down. As Kirta and her forces pushed through and worked towards defeating the Hand, XV-1138 began another plan. By contacting the computers in Kirta's base, he learned the Borealis Colonies would be sending reinforcements to retake the homeworld of Ugandalore. Rallying his forces, along with the "liberated" Vashari, prepared for their allies to arrive again.

After Hrothur arrived, XV-1138 and his cadre greeted his landing forces, and noted Kodalorians tended not to like Vashari. However, Hrothur calmed his fears, and promised that today, any distrust would be set aside to free Ugandalore. Agreeing with the assessment, XV-1138 and his forces joined Hrothur and his forces in their assault, the strategically placed "Liberated" Vashari attacking key Lagorthene positions during the battle, and opening up formations for assault on vulnerable flanks.

After the war, many high ranking Vashari where systematically chosen for upgrades into new bodies, ones like XV-1138's, and took on a more Mendel look, which made the Kodalorians very uncomfortable. However, despite this discomfort, many Kodalorians warmed up to the Vashari at this point, having seen how bravely many of them fought to avenge Barda Clett, and how well they assisted Hrothur Tenauo during the battle. As such, Kodalorians' stance towards the Vashari and unregulated AI softened considerably in the years following the Schism.

Second Cyrannian Galactic War Edit

Vashari where deployed in large numbers during the Second Cyrannus War, alongside other Mendel forces. These forces where placed under the command of Ryaler, and prepared for combat by their Mendel masters with a number of programs and simulations. Afterward, the Vashari placed themselves in suspended animation, to await the coming battle. When the Empire under Titus Dromaeo smashed aside the Persan and Waptoria, the Mendel quickly activated their defenses, and brought the Vashari online for the coming battle. Titus' arrival caused a massive battle above and upon the world of Frenal. The Vashari fought valiantly alongside their masters, though took heavy loses against the Empire's own Imperial Wardroids. The more advanced machines, with their teleportation abilities and more advanced weaponry, managed to surprise and reap heavy loses on both Vashari and longer-ranged fire teams. Despite these difficulties, the Vashari managed to help repulse the invaders from their world, but where unable to stop Titus' fleet from bombarding much of Frenal's surface. The Vashari that where destroyed, had their conscious data placed in new bodies, the Vashari began to calibrate their weapons and armor to better combat the Empire's own wardroids, who the Vashari took to calling "Soulless Metal", for their lack of individuality and free thinking.

To better compensate for their weaknesses, Vashari units began mass upgrading their shells into the Type-B models, enabling them increased strength, durability and processing power in battle.

War of the Ancient Three Edit

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Vashari are machines built by the Pact, though share very few traits with other androids, besides a cold ruthlessness in battle. Otherwise, they are largely the same as their masters, not because their personalities are based on any Mendel, living or dead, but because they merely emulate what they see form their masters, similar to a child emulating it's parent. Like their creators, they tend to enjoy battle and relish it with a hot-blooded aggression. Commonly, they even engage in some of the same rituals as their creators, painting on their armored bodies with various Clan iconography, and even adorning their bodies with the pelts and trophies of animals and defeated foes.

When Vashari are created, it is often done in batches that can field up to and even beyond 20 or so regiments worth of Vashari. As such, these Regiments commonly form Clans of their own with the Vashari who are members, another replication of their creator's culture and identity, giving them a sense of unity among the Mendel. The Council of the Mendel officially recognize these Clan-Regiments as official Clans within the Mendel Pact.

Vashari are all connected on a deep level, communicating and sharing data and hardware on FTL speeds, messaging, debating, and arguing until they reach consensus. Many Vashari regret being so precocious, as it takes them 2.5 seconds longer then other, similar AI platforms to each consensus on subjects. Vashari do not like coming into conflict. While spirited debates and duels, like their masters, is expected and encouraged, Vashari view open battle between themselves as a failure of the Consensus and to find peace, and those who do kill their comrades, often go into long periods of isolation to contemplate what they have done.

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Type-A models are the ones described in this page, and the most common ones. They are built to be thin, but very strong and durable, able to outlast any punishment that would befall most organics, while requiring few resources to build. Their frames are also deceptively strong, allowing them to tear through most other races with ease, humans crumbling before the power of their claws, though cannot match up to the likes of the Loron and such.

Assisting in their purpose, where retractable finger blades, signal jammers, and various weapons they can be upgrade or attached onto to use. Many of them utilized handheld rifles and pistols to assist their masters. Vashari are often times called protocol droids, so they can be brought on diplomatic missions. While capable translators (Despite their sardonic sense of humor towards organics), and suggestions to rip the spine out of anyone who steps out of line, Vashari are capable members of a diplomat's group, and can be called upon to defend the diplomat when things go south.

While most Mendel are rather neutral to Droid armies, or even outright loath them, due to viewing those that use them as lazy and unable to stomach battle themselves, they hold a special affinity for their Vashari Battle Legionnaires, not only because they have been around them so long, but because they also have developed a personality of their own, and, as such, the Mendel view them with honor and respect.

Certain Vashari are upgraded from their Type-A Model, to a type-B model. These warriors are commonly among the most veteran of a Vashari, and those that show extreme loyalty to the cause. For their loyalty and skill, many of these Vashari are chosen by Mendel engineers, and their Vashari group mind, to undergo an upgrade, in which they leave behind their old body, and upgrade their forms into a new variety.

This new look has a more heavily armored appearance then their original variant, the chest, legs and arms more armored, and the face now taking on an appearance more akin to their creators' own helmets, with a long, photoceptor eye, and a speaker for the mouth. Their bodies are the same green-blue color of other Vashari, and they carry the same finger-blades and sensor jammers of the Type-A models.

Type-B models, due to the more advance nature of their construction, are given specialized tasks and operations by their creators, befitting their higher position among Vashari. Most lead their Type-A kindred into battle, while others often perform specialized missions alongside Super-Commandos and Shock Troopers.

An newer model of machine, constructed by the Mendel later in their unification, was designed for heavier combat and more brutal jump assaults right into enemy territory and into their ranks. The normal Vashari were constructed with speed and skill in mind, and, despite being able to rip a man's spine out, the normal Vashari cannot stand up in protracted melee due to the fragility of their armor. The Juggernauts are bulkier and thicker in armor, and armed with heavy Jetpacks to jump into battle, and even crush foes under their foots.

The Juggernaut are armed with wrist-mounted blasters and weapons, used to quickly tear apart infantry with their weapons, and, if need be, use their bear hands to tear apart organics with ease. They are capable of withstanding extreme levels of punishment, though have difficulty maneuvering and agility in battle.

Juggernauts are boastful and rather loud-mouthed in battle, to contrast with the sardonic and withdrawn nature of the Vashari units. Although respected by their peers, many find the Juggernaut War Droids tedious to deal with, and avoid contact with them unless needed.

Religion Edit

The Vashari, as machines, do not follow any religious ideals or scripture. In their minds, everything is dictated by logic and calculation, just as their creation was. As such, their path, called the Way of the Logician, teaches them to, as they develop emotions, to embrace them, but never give into them, allowing them to understand the full measure of what their masters' feel, yet also be able to switch and be coldly logical and strategic at a moment's notice. The Logician Path includes the ideals of brotherhood with each others, their creators, the Creators' allies, and their fellow androids, be they free thinking or not.

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