Varkorian Goblins are a race of goblinoids native of the Western Forests of Koldenwelt. Known for their aggressive and somewhat irrational behaviour, these creatures are often deemed as meddlesome pests by more developed cultures.


The Varkorian Goblins hail from Razewater Swamp, located at the northeast corners of the Western Forests. Their disorganized behaviour meant that they never managed to create long-standing empires or factions, with them all eventually falling apart due to the Goblins' tendency to fight each other. Wranploer bandits have seen use in these creatures and often employ them as servants due to the fact they are attracted to violence.



Varkorian Goblins are curious creatures who undergo a series of metamorphosis during their lives. The known Goblin version of the creature is actually its infant version, characterized as a small humanoid with a large head. Once they turn sixteen years of age, they change into Hobgoblins, becoming as tall as elves, growing multiple spikes out of their limbs and immense, fanged teeth. If the Hobgoblin lives until they are eighty years of age, they become Bugbears, creatures who tower over most humanoids and have characteristic jagged teeth, immense limbs and pitch-black eyes. All incarnations of the Varkorian Goblins have a blue, leathery skin, and females are visually indistinguishable from males.


Varkorian Goblins are immensely aggressive creatures who take joy in destruction. They will fight anyone and everyone, including each other, meaning they have great difficulty in maintaining factions without them falling apart due to their violence. Varkorian Goblins have a distaste for talking, and have culturally made themselves groan and retch whenever they speak to others. Hobgoblins tend to be marginally more noble than their Goblin counterparts, while Bugbears replace all of their irrational thinking with cunning malice. Varkorian Bugbears are often noted as one of the most malevolent beings in the Forests. Varkorian Goblins have a love for fire and arsoning, as well as an irrational fear of dogs, horses and books.


Varkorian Goblins are small, quick-moving creatures who attack their enemies by swarming, using weapons such as primitive axes and spears to kill their victims. Their physical strength and endurance is quite poor, and a well armored man has little to worry about them unless overwhelmed. Varkorian Hobgoblins are stronger than the average man and also possess large claws which can rend through flesh, and Varkorian Bugbears are strong enough to lift and throw adult horses like ragdolls.



Rhhhek! Stab thing! Stab thing dead!

  • Name - Gretchbite
  • Affiliation - N/A
  • Status - Active

Gretchbite is a particularly successful Varkorian Goblin chieftain whose territory borders that of the Sovereignty of Dryada, particularly the Aithrena Elves. Having united a substantial number of followers, Gretchbite constantly tries to harass the elves and steal from them, though the Aithrena themselves see him as little more than a undisciplined child, having never lost anything of value to him or his so-called raids. Gretchbite is easily told apart from other Goblins for using a giant lizard as a mount, and many claim the lizard is the brains of the duo.





  • The Varkorian Goblins act as the Fantasy equivalent of the Varkorus.
  • The Varkorian Goblins are partially inspired by the goblins from Pathfinder.
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