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The Vanara are a member of The Progeny

History Edit

Origins Edit

The Vanara were never supposed to exist and indeed their entire existence was an accident. They were created by a mad Prerunner scientist who wished to defy death. Abducting children from other worlds he killed them by flooding their bodies with radiation and then repaired their bodies with cybernetics and genetically modified planet symbioses before attempting to summon their souls back into their newly repaired forms. It worked but the children in question were left with grotesquely misshapen bodies, strange psychic powers, and extreme mental instability. Reveling in what is work had accomplished the Prerunner scientist extracted their DNA and infused into other cadavers to resurrect them. This worked as well but those resurrected displayed no signs of the horrific mutations the children had received. However, when those resurrected had children of their own these children were born as grotesque mutants same as the original children had become.

The Prerunner nobility was not impressed and demanded the scientist lock away his creations. They quickly changed their tune though when the Multus Esse went to war with them. The children were taken, further modified, and given weapons. Their job was to infiltrate Multus Esse communities. This backfired spectacularly when the Multus showed compassion to the children that they had never known under the Prerunners. The children thus sided with the Multus and then proceeded to infiltrate and slaughter the Prerunners in vengeance for the abuse they had suffered.

After the war was over and the Prerunners all either destroyed or exiled, the Multus took the children and modified them to cure them of their deformities and suppress their mental sickness. They still remained drastically mutated though and thus the Vanara race was born.

Traits Edit

Biology Edit

Vanara biology is something that defies most forms of conventional science, they are plant based creatures with a combination of biological and metallic tissues, though like animals they gain nutrition from eating and have two sexes with each individual being of a single sex. Like planets they sustain themselves through a photosynthesis-like process, as well as eating, but use ionizing radiation instead of light. Vanara are liquivores, meaning that they use digestive enzymes to liquefy the insides of their prey and then suck it up. They also absorb water through the bottoms of their feet.

Vanara all have an internal nuclear reactor that acts as something akin to a heart, indeed the only way to truly kill them is to pierce this core or through decapitation. This core generates a strong electromagnetic aura throughout the Vanara's body which can be manipulated by a Vanara's innate psychic powers allowing them to move thanks to the aura's interaction with their metallic tissues. With these innate psychic abilities also allow Vanara to generate and manipulate electromagnetic fields and waves granting them telekenisis and telepathy (how they communicate) respectively. A Vanara's psychic powers are projected from its horns and it these horns are broken the Vanara will be rendered paralyzed and mute until they grow back.

While Vanara can reproduce sexually they can also reproduce by infecting other races with what is called the insurrection virus. When infected with this virus any children the infected has will be born as Vanara hybrids. The insurrection virus also allows the Vanara to combine their genes with beings of an otherwise irreconcilable biology and have children. When Vanara do have sex their sexual organs form on the ends of their tails and newborn Vanara by budding off from the end of their mother's tail.

Behavior Edit

Vanara minds are as strange as their bodies are. Instead of thinking via a causal methods based of cause and effect Vanara thinking is synchronic, based off meaningful coincidence. This allows them to do such things as defy predictive modeling and throw off attempts to figure out what they will do next, but also makes them very erratic, chaotic, and eccentric beings in the eyes of others.

On a very fundamental psychological level the Vanara are cursed beings, for each Vanara is possessed of a voice seated deep within their DNA that seeks to drive them to destroy and dominate all other non-Vanara. While normally this voice can be resisted it gets stronger as tension within a Vanara's psyche builds up and given the right trigger (a traumatizing event for instance) can take control and drive the Vanara into a homicidal fury where they lash out indiscriminately at the world around them. Thus the Vanara must release tension on a regular basis. However, as a race of living weapons made for war violence is their only option for reducing the control of the voice. Thus they frequently engage in activities such as hunting, boxing, fencing, etc.

Socioculture Edit

Terminology Edit

  • Young Vanara - A Whelp
  • Female Vanara - A Queen
  • Male Vanara - A Bull
  • Collective Noun - A Vector
  • Collateral adjective - Vanaran

Alternate Universe Vanara Edit

Universe P Vanara are notably different the their Onuris Universe counterparts. They for one are noticeably taller, stronger, and their magics are entirely based around the powers of darkness, blood, and death. Other major differences is that they feed exclusively on blood and can only reproduce virally, having no sex organs to speak of. These Vanara have no centralized society and are instead divided loosely between those that serve the Darklings that serve the Order of Zaraturai, and those that serve the Brotherhood of Darklings. They are typically divided into "Bloodlines" consisting of Progenitor Vanara and their Descendants.

Universe S Vanara are much taller and stronger then their Onuris Universe counterparts, but just as skilled with the One Powers of Accel Space. While they lack sadistic tendencies they are far more aggressive and territorial. Lead by their Empress Zuki they have become fearsome conquerors who now hold Hegemony over most of the Mirus Galaxy. Despite being conquerors they are far from despots and let their none rebellious vassals pretty much rule themselves as long as they keep internal order. However, they are much less selective about who they will ritualistically sacrifice to their gods, and any prisoner of war will do.

Universe M Vanara are similar in many ways to their Onuris universe counterparts, at least in terms of physiology. In terms of sociopolitical standing things are very different. These Vanara were almost driven to extinction by the Scelus, until the forces of the Universe M Ugandalorians drove back the assimilants and the Universe M Vanara joined the newly forming Ugandalorian Empire. Having a significantly stronger wanderlust then Onuris Vanara, M Vanara frequently work as explorers, traders, and privateers for their Mendel masters who they see as their saviors from a hostile universe and are undyingly loyal to.

Quotes from others Edit

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When I first encountered the Vanara, I thought them savage and destructive. But now, having fought alongside them, and seen their culture, I see they are a group worthy of respect and honor, more so then most others.

- Ugandalore the Un-touchable

For all its laws and energies and materials, so predictable yet so chaotic, the beings born of this three-dimensional space continue to defy expectation. Such potent defiance is to be made useful in achieving Symmetry, shaped and nurtured like seeds in the rich soil of reality to become precise needles in weaving the final Pattern.

- Psal'Jinnai

Trivia Edit

  • Theme -
  • Vanara are based off Godzilla Earth from the Anime Godzilla movies, Diclonius from Elfen Lied, Wolfbreed from Wolfbreed and Wolfcross, the Tenno and their Warframes from Warframe, the Vasari from Sins of a Solar Empire, and the Mongols.
    • With Gorzill shifting the focus of his fiction to be very gothic horror themed the Vanara are made to serve as the Frankenstein's Monsters of his fiction.