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The Vanara are a member of The Progeny

History Edit

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Description Edit

Vanara are small, bipedal amphibious reptiles standing about four feet tall at the largest. They have scaly skin covering their body and scutes along their back. Vanara have three clawed hands and feet useful for climbing trees and holding prey. Their heads are dominated by strong jaws able to break born, large sensitive ears, four eyes (one set side facing 180 vision and another set forward facing for depth perception), and two jagged horns. Vanara have noticeable tail fins which along with their lung capacity makes them proficiant swimminers.

Habitat Edit

The Vanara are native to the planet of Malkuth, a warm terran planet (meaning it has only tropical and temperate climate zones as well continents and oceans). Vanara themselves specifically evolved within the mangroves near the equator meaning that Vanara prefer warm, wet environs. They are also adapted for an arboreal and aquatic lifestyle, just at home climbing trees as they are swimming through the seas.

Ecology Edit

Being a sentient race of civilization builders Vanara are far removed from the natural ecology of their homeworld. The Vanara themselves though evolved as button of the food chain creatures, with their small size making them easy prey for other predators. However, they evolved as very opportunistic creatures willing to feed on just about anything they could get their claws on. As they developed tool making they were soon able to turn the tables on many of the creatures of their homeworld and become apex predators themselves.

Biology Edit

Vanara are not strong creatures, indeed they are quite small and weak. However, they make up for this lack of physical strength with incredibly sharp minds. Vanara process information much faster then other races and are able to far more accurately store great amounts of information. The power of Vanara minds are such that they posses naturally occurring psychic powers that focus around the ability to generate and control electromagnetic fields. These powers are very diverse from basic telepathy and telekinesis, to natural radar, the the ability to generate defensive shields and offensive beams. The key to this control is their horns that if broken generate a powerful EMP and will send the Vanara into a catatonic state until the horns grow back. If no food is available Vanara can feed upon radiation through a photosynthesis-like process carried out in their scales by microscopic symbiotic plants. This provides the Vanara with energy but not with nutrients. Notably all Vanara have an enlarged pineal gland, what function this serves is unkown even to the Vanara themselves.

Behavior Edit

Vanara are naturally pretty calm creatures who prefer to be left alone to mind their own business. They are fairly solitary even for social creatures preferring to maintain a few close relationships rather then a vast network of them. Still they can be quiet territorial and intolerant of threats against themselves and their loved ones. When such threats do emerge Vanara are viciously persistent, hunting down the threat with shocking aggression and determination, even becoming openly sadistic when in battle. Interesting the Vanara are able to think synchronically as well as causally, meaning they base their thoughts off meaningful coincidences as well as cause and effect. This makes them very talented at using magic and fusing it with their science.

Terminology Edit

  • Young Vanara - A Whelp
  • Female Vanara - A Queen
  • Male Vanara - A Bull
  • Collective Noun - A Vector
  • Collateral adjective - Vanaran

Alternate Universe Vanara Edit

Universe P Vanara are notably different the their Onuris Universe counterparts. They for one are noticeably taller, stronger, and their magics are entirely based around the powers of darkness, blood, and death. Other major differences is that they feed exclusively on blood and can only reproduce virally, having no sex organs to speak of. These Vanara have no centralized society and are instead divided loosely between those that serve the Darklings that serve the Order of Zaraturai, and those that serve the Brotherhood of Darklings. They are typically divided into "Bloodlines" consisting of Progenitor Vanara and their Descendants.

Universe S Vanara are much taller and stronger then their Onuris Universe counterparts, but just as skilled with the One Powers of Accel Space. While they lack sadistic tendencies they are far more aggressive and territorial. Lead by their Empress Zuki they have become fearsome conquerors who now hold Hegemony over most of the Mirus Galaxy. Despite being conquerors they are far from despots and let their none rebellious vassals pretty much rule themselves as long as they keep internal order. However, they are much less selective about who they will ritualistically sacrifice to their gods, and any prisoner of war will do.

Universe M Vanara are similar in many ways to their Onuris universe counterparts, at least in terms of physiology. In terms of sociopolitical standing things are very different. These Vanara were almost driven to extinction by the Scelus, until the forces of the Universe M Ugandalorians drove back the assimilants and the Universe M Vanara joined the newly forming Ugandalorian Empire. Having a significantly stronger wanderlust then Onuris Vanara, M Vanara frequently work as explorers, traders, and privateers for their Mendel masters who they see as their saviors from a hostile universe and are undyingly loyal to.

Quotes from others Edit

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When I first encountered the Vanara, I thought them savage and destructive. But now, having fought alongside them, and seen their culture, I see they are a group worthy of respect and honor, more so then most others.

- Ugandalore the Un-touchable

For all its laws and energies and materials, so predictable yet so chaotic, the beings born of this three-dimensional space continue to defy expectation. Such potent defiance is to be made useful in achieving Symmetry, shaped and nurtured like seeds in the rich soil of reality to become precise needles in weaving the final Pattern.

- Psal'Jinnai

The Vanara have been allies of the Volver for almost two generations now. Their ingenuity, intelligence, and quick-footing are an inspiration to many of us.

- King Brygon

Trivia Edit

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  • Vanara are based off Godzilla, Diclonius from Elfen Lied, and Kobolds from D&D.