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There is no greater honor then for a soldier to die in his service to Lord Ugandalore. But, there is no greater honor for a Lord Ugandalore then to die for his people.

- Barda Clett, Ugandalore the Untouchable.

We may have separated ourselves from the violence and depravity of our past long ago, but make no mistake. Insult me and my clan again, and I will spread your intestines throughout the city. You believe me savage now, wait till my hand has crushed your skull!

- Unknown Ugandalorian Chieftain to a rather dim-witted fool

The Ugandalorians, other names include Aos Sí in Persan religious texts, The First Children, the First Clan, Pictali to their Gardeili allies and Mendel Arvernai, are a group of Knights, Mercenaries, and Warriors, native to the Mirus Galaxy, and one of it's major races, though are noted for their inclusive and rather private nature, despite their sphere of influence. Despite later attempts to break this habit, the Ugandalorians have only grown more inclusive, disgusted with what they view and treachery and imperialism on the parts of the major hyper-powers of the universe, and no longer wishing to trust anyone who isn't one of their key allies. Despite, they are still loyal and headstrong with their allies, as always, and will fight to the last for them.

Ugandalorians commonly fight for honor and glory for their Clans, prizing bravery, self-determination and skill over just mere strength. Ugandalorians are brave and confident, and are prone to respecting and honoring foes that they find live up to their expectations, though can quickly grow agitated when one proves arrogant, insults their Clans and ancestry, or wins via a method they feels dishonorable and unbecoming of a true warrior. Ugandalorians have been known to go to war over insults directed at their ancestors and Clan.

Besides honor and glory, Ugandalorians place deep importance on family, devotion, and strengthening themselves. This can involve many different ways. Some strength themselves emotionally and mentally, some physically, and other spiritually. They place great importance on clan and ally-loyalty, and can be gracious allies, or a foes' worst nightmare on the field. Other then war, Ugandalorians, have a great propensity for art, music, writing and dance, and strangely, known for their jewelry skills, as well as being famous for their brewing skills.

Alongside the Volver, they are most notable for leading the killing blow that finally ended the monstrous warhost known as the Drakodominatus Tyranny, leading their allies in a vast crusade, that had nearly every Ugandal of fighting age involved. This has caused them to develop a sort of arrogance, having done something few empires could pull off. While it were mainly the Volver that fought the Dominatus themselves, the Ugandalorians couln't care less, as they took care of the Tyranny's monsteriosities, a thing that was as important, if not more.

The Ugandalorians are currently members of the Mendel Pact, and among it's leading races.

History Edit

Tribal Edit

Ugandal Creation

The Ugandalorians' ancestors being created by the Multus Esse.

Suspicious of his neighbor, a Ugandal warrior never sleeps, though he dreams of conquest.

- Ugandalorian Saying

The Ugandalorians began as the Kulaung, a race of warriors created by the Multus Esse to counter the Alpha Cyber Collective, their last creation that turned against them. The Kulaung were in contact with many races, across many galaxies. The Kulaung, for the longest time, were one of the strongest races in Mirus Galaxy, and clashed with the Juggernaut in their ancient history. The Kulaung would shattered, however, during a war with a race called the Zarto. After their defeat the Kulaung would be spread to at least three worlds, one being Ugandalore, and evolving into the Ugandalorians, losing some of their traits as the Kulaung, being much shorter lived, weaker and less intelligent.

The Ugandalorians clashed with each other in many tribal wars, before being united by their first High King, who would lead an alliance of Clans against the vicious Cano Clan and their vassals, destroying them and laying them low, causing deep resentment and hatred within Cano Clan and it's allies.

Space Stage Edit

What guides my sword if not honor?

- Archaic Saying

When the Ugandalorians built their first satelites, they found other, intelligent life forms, coming close to their level of technology. However, despite their reforms, the Ugandalorians had chosen a new, bloodied ruler, named Ugandalore the First. A savage warrior, with his Tour'de'camp, Cadus Clett, began a military ditatorship of the new International Ugandalorian Alliance.

The IUA was the precursor to the Old Ugandalorian Empire, and followed many of the same practices. As they bean building their first starships, a military dictatorship was estaplished, taking down anyone who protested against the Ugandalore and his ideals. After first expanding to their moon, and a handful of other systems, the Ugandalorians found a race called the Jrakalian, who welcomed their new overlords, while killing off any races that got in their way, or whom they deemed potentially dangerous.

Cadus secretly hated Ugandalore the First's ideas and practices, but went along, figuring he could change society when Ugandalore died.

Fianlly, when the Ugandalorians reached space, their first battleships leading the way towards colonial expedition, they turned into the Ugandalorian Empire. Years after they colonized their own moon, which they found had a breathable atmosphere, a Clan reported a rather strange occurrence in their blood line. Their eldest son, Elcorai Zukamen, displayed peculiar powers over Ice. After unintentionally bringing about a blizzard, the boy was brought to the High Priests and rulers of Ugandalore, who investigated his powers and abilities greatly. After much deliberation, the High Priests reported his powers where similar to those of the Koatria, the Great Star-gods who had helped uplift the Ugandalorian race long ago in their legends. They proposed that Elcorai's powers of the ice and snow where a gift from the gods, and that more where bound to appear with such marks.

Teaching himself to control his powers, Elcorai spent years in his sanctum in the mountains, becoming called "The Great Ice King", away from others so as to be a risk. However, Elcorai was approached by Priests of the Ugandalorians years later, who brought news that others like Elcorai where showing such powers. Ordering them to be brought to them, Elcorai, despite having a different element from the many students he had, managed to teach them to master their elements, in what would become called the "Trial of Intercession".

By time he died, the legendary Elcorai's students had mastered the Six elements of Nature, including Fire, water, earth, stone, air, and ice, becoming expert warriors. Despite the fact new elements of appeared over the years, and new species are beginning to show such power, Elcorai remains a popular figure among Ugandalorians, who used his basic principals for the ground work for their Koatira academies many years later.

First Age of Shadow Edit

And all though the Dark Bringer's shadowed form stand over us, we shall meet him at every point, for our souls are brightest when together in the face of death.

- Ugandalorian psalm.

During the riegn of the Ugandalorian Empire, they rose, taking 40 planets as their own, while exterminating the native populations when encountered. Such races, included the advanced Ferkora, whose powerful armor could not beat back the oppressive wave of Ugandalorian forces, the Kutar, whose forces, while advanced, had languished under command of terrible leadership and corrupt higher houses, leading to a greater disdain for Royal houses among the Clan-based Ugandalorians. After this, the Ugandalorians planted their banner on the world of Kolia, home to the rigid Tholar, whose advanced mech units and armored columns, found themselves cracked open by Ugandalorian forces. The last drive was into the home world of the Largotz Dragons, who, despite their ferocity, where overwhelmed and enslaved by the Ugandalorians. The last race, Koovota, fought hard against the Ugandalorians, but where ultimately driven to extinction. The Ugandalorians, with all their neighbors driven to exsinction or enslaved, began to build up their species for future wars.

The Ugandalorians later regretted their past actions, and named these colonies after the destroyed races in honor of them. Years later, they would come to honor their fallen foes, naming the colonies after their defeated foes, and building monuments to remember them. The Ugandalorians would go onto to try and understand their defeated foes and their culture. At around this time, they came into contact with the Skallin, another race created by the Multus Esse, and fought/traded with them a number of times.

Ugandal Giant Alliance

The alliance with the Kadalian people changed Mendel politics forever.

Hedonism was basically removed, and the rich no longer where allowed to sit around and get soft. Everyone worked towards making the scoiety better, and preparing for when their diplomats failed to do their job.

After this, the Ugandalorians decided that they had to expand once more, both to help expand patriotic feeling in their people, and prepare for another Juggernaut force if it ever came. During this, they encountered three other races, the Kadalian giants, a population of humans and Kaguran, both of whom managed to fight off the Ugandalorians. Now more inclined towards diplomacy, the Ugandalorians absorbed the other 2 warrior races into their empire, and freed their Largotz, Jrakalian and other slave races.


The Ugandalorians secure their alliance with the Kaguran Tribes, with the help of Artiko Torga Clett.

Second Age of Shadow Edit

A respected Lord Ugandalore dies by his men's side. A feared one dies by their hands.

During the second age of Shadow, after Ugandalore the Reformer died, he named his son as his successor. At first, it was thought that the soldier, named Jorango Yukon, would continue the reforms of his father. Instead, he ushered in a new area of territorial expansion, and attempts to enslave other races.

His reign became even more infamous, when the Ugandalorians not only meet an economic collapse, but an infection, called Dreaming Day Virus, infected several of their colonies. Multiple races, such as the Kaguran, faced horrible discrimination and outright Pogroms against them. The Ugandalorians, further, began to develop essence powers, and, in a move fueled by the races' infamous paranoia and fear of essence as "magic", exiled the group after a number of pogroms. While much of this was fueled by Jorango's bigotry, even more fare-minded Ugandal did nothing to stop it once the attacks started. These refugees and outcastes would create their own government, safe within the Plazith Rime called the Estacheni Command.

The current Supreme Field Marshall at the time, Reago Clett, lead forces to destroy the infection at the source. He then killed Jorango in battle, and took his mantle. He stabilized the economy, and ushered in the end of the Second Age of Shadow.

Also, during this time, the races that made up the old Zarbanian Imperium began to reach space age technology. Deciding that they where too dangerous to be left alone, the Ugandals, under Reago began a blockade against their rising empires. The Duetzalanians, Scimat'akar, and other tried to negotiate, but got no where. It came to ahead, when, in a ruthless move, Reago ordered the planet Zarbania bombed for several days. When the native Duetzalanian, Zarbanians, and Ci-Hunters finally saw the damage, it shocked them and their allies. Burnt bodies, burning rubble, everywhere. The Ugandals, finally, grew upset with the actions taken, and demanded they withdraw. Reago agreed to, but the damage was done. The Zarbanians would never forgive them for the crime, and would not allow themselves to be victims to an aggressor ever again.

He would later retired to his farm, but, ironically from the virus he wiped out, he went insane and his son was forced to kill him. While he was mourned, many where uncertain of his legacy. While he had done a great many things for the people, his rule was tarnished by the bombing of Zarbania and the like. His successor, Torscka Nitrocon, would stabilize the issues Reago had left behind, though he could not make peace with Zarbania, due to their own stubborn will, and managed to expand Ugandalorian holdings further, as well as contacting the Kodalorian and the Walgolorian once more. He would also pen the Codex of Honor, alongside the best military minds of Kodalon, and the Walgolorian Commander, Curiantau'va, and it would serve as a guideline for all young warriors to follow in battle.

During this time, the Church of Spode would make it's way into Mirus, but deemed the Ugandalorians too violent, stubborn and primal in their ways to accept Spode, and left them be, instead seeking the Gardeili and Targarous, who would form the bedrock of the Unified Nations of Spode.

War with the Nations of Spode Edit

Religion, without interpretation, is dogmatism.

During the reign of the next Ugandalore, Torscka Nitrocon, things went great for the Ugandalorians. They extended alliances with their neighbors, and other races, including the Waptoria and the Brotherhood of Spode. They enjoyed a time of peace and prosperity.

However, things where not to last. The Brotherhood had been part of the aforementioned Empire of Faith, which had split into the pacifistic Brotherhood, the Violent Unified Nations, and an even darker empire.

The Unified Nations of Spode where misguided by a group called the Prophets of Han'gora, who tricked their members into believing the Ugandalorians and their allies where heretics and had done things to blaspheme against Spode. The Other races launched a huge, genocidal campaign against the Ugandalorians and their allies.

The war was one of the largest the Ugandalorians ever fought, and quickly became a huge stalemate, as the Ugandalorians held the line against the more advanced UNOS. However, after the Gardeili, Military-political leaders of the Nations, realised the Prophets where servants Bachyeon, the Gardeili rallied their supporters and made peace with their foes, and revolted against the Prophets and their loyaltists. The Prophets and their loayltists where killed, and the survivors where assimilated by the Bachyeon.

Loda'Gadem, now leader of the UNOS, made peace with the Ugandalorians, and the 2 worked together to rebuild their empires for a brighter tommorrow.

Dead Watchers Rising Edit

IF one cannot have honor, then they do not deserve the title of warrior.

- Saying attributed to Ugandalore the Great

However, war would erupt once again, this time amongst the Ugandalorians' own ranks. A viscous faction, called the Dead Watch, a resurgence of long-thought dead Cano Clan, gathered it's former allies and criminals amongst the Ugandalorians, and staged an uprising. Lead by Tox Cano, the Dead Watch wanted to dispose of Torscka Nitrocon, and establish a new, more powerful, military empire.

Torscka and his loyalists, including Barda Clett, son of the late Reago Clett, fought back against the Dead Watch, and, despite some severe losses on both sides, managed to exile the Dead Watch.

Despite the losses, Cano and his brethren would remain a problem for years to come.

Formation of the Mendel Pact Edit

Grox Follower Wars Edit

The Grox may have followers, but, they have merely more creatures to lead into death.

- Unknown servicemen.

Around the time of the Ugandalorian Civil War, a rogue member of their species, infamous for his biologic experiments, traveled to a new planet. His name, was Dormuncka, who had previously escaped capture after experimenting on several adolescent Ugandalorians, including Barda. Now, he sought his own empire, and to make himself a God-Emperor.

He found such a race, one that could prove obedient. Arriving on their homeworld, Dormuncka began his experiments, turning the once peaceful natives, into savage monsters dedicated to his will, and another, all according to the plan of one individual of the race's new masters.

The new race where called the Grox Followers. Spreading out from their home, near Ugandalore, and slowly spreading throughout the Mirus, then the Milky Way, the Grox Followers soon became allies to the Grox, and then began advancing without their masters, gaining technology that equaled the beings they served.

They, of course, had yet to put Dormuncka in his place, and, a such, still technically served him. The one thing he wanted, was revenge against those who had ousted him. As such, he ordered his Tarmealox, as they where now called, to declare war.

The war was short, famous, but not spirited. The Ugandalorians had looked after the peaceful Tarmeal, and now hated fighting the beings they had became, who they still considered brothers of sorts. The Tarmealox where not happy fighting the Ugandalorians. They where not used to fighting a war on their own, when they usually had Conqrix squadrons to command, and had Grox fleets to work with. Now, on their own, not used to fighting like so, they began losing vast numbers.

Growing tired of the losses, the Meta Prophet, puppet leader of the Grox Followers, forced Dormuncka out of command, and seized control of the empire. He signed a Non-aggression pact with the Ugandalorians, and went about rebuilding his empire.

In the end, the war was a pointless show of pride for one corrupt ruler.

Alpha Grox Invasion Edit

Fear the outsider, purge the Grox.

- Unknown

The uneasy truce with the Grox Followers was shattered when the Alpha Grox reappeared in the Mirus, in a bid to assimilate the entire galaxy. The Ugandalorians and their allies rallied to fight them off from the Unknown Territories, as the Meeno Grox, lead by Lord Mortox III, struck from the core. It proved a great tactic, and soon, the Allies where struggling to survive. Even the more advance members, the 2 Spode empires, the Ugandalorians, where struggling.

However, a mistake occurred when the Alpha Grox Overseer, Terrox, again underestimated the Allied forces, and was pushed back. The Meeno, without proper help, where forced to retreat back to their territory.

It was a close victory, but a well deserved one.

Nebulorian War Edit

Warriors, today, we stand with our allies against the coming darkness. May Kadaii Hoorangiir lead us to glory!

- Ugandalore the Great

During the Nebulorian War, the Ugandalorians fought on the side of their allies, while the Dead Watch returned to fight on the side of 2 other allies; Unitech Citadel and the Nebulorians.

It was a hard fought, but short war. Many of their allies fell in battle against the menace, and their position was weakened by the arrival of Alpha Cyber Collective, who attacked both sides, but mostly the Ugandalorians and their allies.

However, finally, with their allies, the Volver defeated the Nebulorians and their leader, Lord Ne'yon, and destroyed the weapon set to destroy this dimension. But this came at the cost of the life of Glynn, the leader of the Ugandalorians, and a personal friend of Ugandalore the Great, Torscka Nitrocon.

Formation of the Federation Edit

The Ugandalorians began to grow tired of the constant attacks on their allies by outside threats, and with the formation of the Alpha Cyber Collective, the Ugandalorians and the Spikron, one of their closest allies, began to draw up plans for a new, united alliance.

Soon however, the allies though of an even better idea; a Federation. Based on the ideals of democracy, freedom, and the liberal arts, the Federation would stand to unite the Mirus into a bastion of democracy, by diplomacy, and only force when need be.

Their main goal was to combat the Alpha Cyber Grox, and the also newly formed Zarbania Powers, who they underestimated as nothing more then cruel pirates.

The Federation was off to a good start. It's economy was moving forward, it's people where well integrated, and it seemed nothing could stand in their way.

Around this time, a new empire, the Drakodominatus Tyranny, arose, and allied with the Ugandalorians, for a protective measure against the most powerful native empire of the mirus, the United Lanat Empire. The Waptoria warned against it, but the Ugandalorians went ahead anyway, hesitant about fighting anymore wars, or even getting on the bad side of a new empire, no matter how young it was.

Second Infectant War Edit

The Federation became involved in the Second Infectant War on behalf of their members, the Volver. They arrivied late, but managed to give the allies fresh troops and supplies, busting their abilities, and fighting brave against the Infectants, and their allies the Morphling Horde, Dead Watch and Cyber Collective.

They fought the last battle, lead by Ugandalore the Great and Barda Clett. Ugandalore was killed, but it was not in vein. Barda had actually absorbed Ugandalore's elemental power, and combined it with his own. This allowed him the use of the element of fire, at twice the strength of any other Ugandalorian.

After this, the Federation Clone Troopers were created from the modified genes of Barda Clett. Elementalists from all over the Federation were rallied and used to create new Ultra Commando Units, while those who survived Dormuncka's experiments alongside Barda were reunited in the Delta Squad.

Enlightenment War Edit

After an assassination attempt on the Federation leaders, the UFG discovered a plan was being made by Volver renegades, Dead Watch and Unitech to conquer Ascon. They succeed in preventing this. Shortly after this, Barda decided to test his Clone Troopers by having them assault a base of the Zarbania Powers. They succeed in doing this, but faced Darklings among the way.

These two events lead up to both the Darklings and their allies the Zarbanian and Imperium of War allies plus Dead Watch and Unitech attacking Ughandalore. Not being able to hold on this gigantic attack, the called in their allies the NOVA, Waptoria Alliance and Brotherhood of Spode/UNoS. Despite this, the Darklings conquered a group of isles near Ughandalore's polar ocean. However, they and their Zarbanian and IoW allies were forced to retreat when the Ultra Commandos managed to imprison Dark. Having free path now, the Dead Watch summoned the Bio-Morphlings and their Alpha Cyber Collective and Bachyeon allies in order to aid them and Unitech. However they also accidentally re-awakened the Enlightened Ones, with joined the Federation side in defending the planet against the Collective and their pawns. The Dead Watch tried to undo this by infiltrating the EO mothership and blowing it up, but were stopped by the Proditkar Movement, a group of EO separatists. They manipulated the Dead Watch and Unitech into fleeing the planet ad abandoning the Collective. The Morphlings, Collective and Bachyeons suddenly found themselves alone, and called in the Grox Followers to serve as a distraction, allowing them to retreat safely. After their masters made it to safety, the Followers retreated, ending the Battle for Ughandalore.

However, the Grox swore revenge, and had the Bachyeon, Followers and Kashriinox Collective attack the Federation and the Waptoria Alliance. Although some attacks were sucesfully fended off, the UFG found they did not have the power to fight back accordingly, as much of their fleets were destroyed in the Battle for Ughandalore. Eventually, salvation came when a Kashriinox Dreadnought was shot down near UFG space. After infiltrating it, the UFG and WAoS learned the location of the Kashriinox Base, used as a command center of the Collective. They, WAoS, NOVA, the Spodists and the Enlightened Ones assaulted it, and eventually destroyed it, weakening the Grox severely and ending the War.

Formation of the Enlightenment Alliance Edit

With the Enlightened Ones rising again, and the Grox weakened somewhat from the destruction of their base, the Ugandalorians helped form a new alliance, called Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. Despite the fact that Barda Clett, their Supreme War Chief, was a councilor, many Ugandalorians where neutral to it, wanting to remain free and manage their own affairs, and not be shackled by the idea of being under a galactic alliance. Despite this, many still work mostly in the military and some in politics, though those in the military still demand a hefty price for their services.

Ugandalorians agreed to letting Federation/Alliance fleets patrol their systems, but only with Ugandalorian Fleets to go with them. They where weary of the Alliance, and did not want to be shackled, no matter how fair the government was. However, with the famous Ugandalorian Fleet Marshall, Kastor Darius, was voted Executive Admiral of the fleet, the Ugandals gained more trust with the Alliance, and became far more open members.

Ugandalorians gained an even larger influence when Barda Clett's DNA template was used to create a massive Clone army to save guard the Federation, and the Alliance. Many Ugandalorians became training sergeant of the Clone army, especially for it's Black Ops units.

Return of THEM Edit

Wars with the Tyranny Edit

Our enemy is massive. We will leap to meet them. Our enemy is merciless. We will return the favor in kind. Our enemy is advanced. We will be strong in body and mind.

- Barda Clett

If would not long after an exploration fleet of the Ugandal's allies, the Waptoria, NOVA and Vanara, would be involved in a conflict known as the Great Deceiver. Realizing something was wrong and not wanting to put their allies in danger, the three scouted out on it's own, as well as sending cryptic message about the war to the empires of Tyris mayor. The Volver passed down the message to the rest of the UFG, but they could not make any clue out of it. It would only be later on that W'tze informed the rest of the UFG that the war was a polt forged by the Imperium and the Ugandal's allies, the Drakodominatus Tyranny. This caused an outrage amongst many Patriarchs and Matriarchs, and they became even more enraged when W'tze showed them the records of the Tyranny's brutal assaults, as well as data in with the Tyranny stated it only allied the Ugandalorians to conquer them more easy when the time was ready. Realizing that they too had been deceived, every Ugandalorian across the Milky Way jumped in his or her ship and went to the Katar Sector, where the war mainly took place.

Barda and the rest of the Alliance was shocked when the Ugandalorians busted out their old ship designs and frigates for the battle. When he asked the Clan Patriarchs and Matriarchs, they stated the Tyranny now where the biggest foe around, and would make the biggest challenge for the warrior-cult.

With their starships now ready to move with the Federation and Alliance's own, the Ugandalorians where rallied by Barda Clett, Ugandalore the Un-touchable, in order to finish the Great Deceiver and extract vengeance. They and their allies succeed, but alongside the others, were forced out when the Tyranny did send in MK. II ships to deal with the troublemakers. They nearly succeed in this, but the Slave revolts occurred just in time, allowing the Ugandals and the others to lick their wounds.

However, as soon as repairing was done, the Ugandalorian alongside the rest of the UAE joined in the battle again, assaulting Tyranny worlds and freeing all the slaves they got across. Even after the Tyranny's Overseers stopped the revolts, they continued to attack. The Tyranny, however, started to gain the upper hand, with the Titans of Corpulus invading the Waptoria, the Eternal Guard invading the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode, and the Berserkers of Brutego invading the Holon Empire and Mudwort Space Corporation. If was feared for a while that the Skittering Annihilators were going to strike right at the UFG, but in the end, they did not, only damaging some frontier world to test the Federation, with they saw as the UAE's strongest, as they were not aware of the EO's existence...yet. Despite the invasions, the defenders persisted the assaults, and due to the Ughandalorians not being attacked, they were able to send reinforcements to their allies, allowing them to push away the Tyranny from their borders.

After having done this, the UAE counterattacked, with was much more successful as the Tyranny started to crumble in other Galaxies, being already kicked out Bunsen and Borealis by then. The UAE pushed through, with the 'Ghandals in the front lines, eventually going all the way to Manticore, conquering and glassing if after a lengthy battle.

With this, Kossi'Valicar declared the path to Demogorgon Prime open, and Barda Clett once again gathered the Ugandalorians alongside the rest of the Federation, for some final battles. Now, not only the Ugandals from Mirus and the Milky Way gather their their weapons, families and ships, no, every Ugandal in the whole First Gigaquadrant did so, making their way back to the home galaxy so they could end the Tyranny's, well, tyranny, once and for all.

More Coming soon!

Gigaquadratic Conflicts Edit

The Ugandalorians, and other members of the Mendel Pact, would find themselves drawn into the new Gigaquadratic Conflicts as their allies began making darker alliances, and getting drawn into the murk of power-play politics. With the Zarbania Powers making a massive power grab, Barda Clett, Jodo O'Korin of the Kodalorians, and Sovereign Lord Lewaric Twarin contemplated a crusade against the Zarbanians and their allies, invading each galaxy with the hopes of attacking the Zarbanians, but did not consider the feelings of the natives involved, only stopping the Zarbania Powers.

Mirus Edit

Milky Way Edit

Other Fronts Edit

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

Strength is life, for the strongest have the right to live.
Honor is life, for without it, one might as well be dead.
Loyalty is life, for without family and Clan, we are nothing.
Death is life, for we all must accept it at one point. Do so proudly brothers!
Valde An!
--Ugandalorian mantra

Ugandalorians are very intelligent, some may say manipulative, race, concerned with honoring their ancestors and families, composed of many different Clans across their space. They see battle and fighting as the best way to honor their clan, believing that by killing their foes and garnering fame that they honor their ancestors and forefathers. In fact, Ugandalorians honor their Clan and family honor more then their own at times. Ugandalorians place a great emphasis on change and progress, and that one must always adept and accept new ideals as they grow. Ugandalorians believe in the idea war is the center piece of change and progress, and, as such, believe that by fighting, it forces one to change, and to adept as well as to new conditions. In battle, they honor the god Kadaii Hoorangiir, the God of War, Ruin, and Change, who demands these tenants from his subjects, least of all they give to stagnation and idealness. However, they have a strict code of never picking up a weapon in anger, something they rigidly enforce among themselves to avoid any un-needed deaths. Ugandalorians see the opportunity for progress and change in everything, from politics to war, and engage all with equal enthusiasm. They are deeply religious, and believe that, upon death, if they have lived a good life and honored their clan well, they will join the Great Oversoul at the end of life.

Ugandalorians have a strong sense of family and duty, almost as much as their sense of Spiritualism. Commonly, in order empires, Ugandalorians form tight-knit communities in different quarters of a city, all close to each other, and strategically designed so they can survive an unexpected attack. Ugandalorians believe that they owe an Empire who allows them to join a debt, and, as such, always volunteer military service within any new empire they find themselves in. In battle, Ugandalorians commonly tattoo and paint themselves to show rank, experience, and what Clan they answer to and are related. As children, Ugandalorians are trained physically and mentally to improve their strength and courage and focus them. As such, Ugandalorian children are trained in many martial arts in order to improve themselves and strengthen their clan's stock. When they find other warrior races in space, they will commonly send one of their best swordsmen to face the other in one-on-one combat, usually non-fatal, proving the new race to the Ugandalorians, and vice versa.

Despite, Ugandalorians do not like being generalized as pure fighters, and also are known for concentrating much of their efforts on growing their mind and intelligence, trying to find answers to age old questions, and unlock different secrets in life. Many more find themselves in priestly positions of power within various empires, as well as military. While ambitious, Ugandalorians are noted for their ability to put aside their own ambitions If they believe it is for the greater good. In battle, Ugandalorians commonly adopt a very forgiving stance with their foe if they fought tenaciously and honorably, either giving them the chance to join their empire, or even gain the honor of wearing Ugandalorian armor, something seen as scared by their race, including races such as the Kadalians, Kaguran, Jrekalians, and even humans. Ugandalorians will even honor foes who defeated them honorably, giving them honorific titles, such as "Great World Bearer" or "Shadow Eater".

Family and gender Edit

Mendel Honor Duel

2 Ugandalorian Families/Clans settled their disput with an honor duel.

As said above, Ugandalorians place no emphasis, or very little, on blood-line. Phase-Hunter, for example, is a human or often fought alongside The Clans in war, and was adopted into the Clan of Clett by Barda Clett. For this reason, Ugandalorians can easily assimilated all sorts of races, and prefer to. New races offer new out-looks, ideas, and ways of fighting that can help the people survive. Despite, they are a very communal race, preferring to stay with family, then explore the outside world, not being comfortable leaving behind their Clan for the unknown, which, in the past, made expansion slow for them.

The Ugandalorians place great influence on Clan and living with their clan-brothers. Loyalty to Clan and her leaders is considered the most needed trait, and to betray a Clan, no matter what, is considered a huge dishonor, even if done in the service of Ugandalore, though it can be forgiven if it was done for the Greater good. Clans are not that different from royal families, despite what the Ugandalorians would say about such a subject, they themselves having absolute animosity towards Royal Families and their ideals. Certain Clans, such as Darius, Maclon, Clett, Nitrocous, and Kraloor, are considered higher ranking in numbers, influence, and minor clans that answer to them. Clans, as such, are actually made up of 3-5 different families that banded together long ago for mutual protection and ideals, and the leading Clan was the name taken by all members to show their loyalty, with minor clan members keeping their name as a middle name.

Inter-clan warfare is, while rare today, not unheard of. Clans still struggle for power and position, though most of it is kept at a minimum. Those who do wish to finally settle their struggles against one another, must take it to one of the Battle Rings, where they will meet and, choosing their champions, will have the 2 duel each other in a battle of swords for first blood. Whoever scores first, obviously wins. If the one who lost does not concede his defeat, the 2 will further engage in a duel to the death. The winner then claims the loser's head and helm as victory trophies. Clans, while many are close-knit, others can retain blood-grudges for years after, with neither side willing to concede that the other was right, or won a blood duel. This can drag on for many centuries.

Females and males, being on equal footing, are expected to perform with the same martial discipline. Females take care of the home, defend it, and training youngsters, while males fight. Then, when the men return from their tours of duty, the females and males switch off. Females do most of training with kids when their younger, and when they get to the age of 7, their parents begin fully training them in armament and fighting, and, by 13, are taken along with the father and/or mother into combat, as a member of the Militia force.

Families often live in very large, deep-in-the-ground forts, meaning what appears to be a mid-sized hut, is really a massive citadel that can hold out a siege for days, or months on end. As such, multiple generations can live in one household.

The term, it takes a village, best describes their way of raising children. Neighbors, uncles, brothers, and cousins, usually all have a role to play in a child's development. All members help sculpt the child and build their skill at both arms and whatever task their Clan is most known for, like farming, mining, or forge work. However, children who seek their own path are allowed to do so.

Considering their views that all are equal under the stars of the universe, Ugandalorians, though it's not common in their society, are accepting towards homosexual relationships. Some can still be, understandably, a little put off by it, though. It should be noted homosexuality is incredibly rare in their society, possibly linked to their bio-engineered nature, though "defects" do happen. However, so long as the individual in question is not harming society or lazy in anyway, he or she can live as they please without threat from outsiders.

The Great Hunts Edit

Gather around warriors, for the 17th Great Hunt! Honor Father Hoorangiir and Korthis Mecdartha on this hunt, and may you garner trophies and honor for your clan! Remember, you only fail if you don't come back alive, so don't get yourselves killed! Glory to the Father of Clans! Let's hunt!

- Ugandalorian War-Priest to his comrades, on their next Great Hunt

The Great Hunts are a cultural and religious practice entertained by Ugandalorians after they reached the Space Stage, right after their battles with the Juggernaut Race. Their leader, wanting to establish nicer relations with their neighbors, ordered the gathering of the most deadly life forms on a planet, called Kolcathan, naming it the gaming preserve, and sending out all call to all races that wished to partake in the hunt to arrive on a certain day and time and to meet with the War-Priests gathered above planet, before heading out to the planet. Whoever gathers the most trophies at the end of the week-long hunt, not only is given high position with a Ugandalorian Clan, but also named "King of the Hunt" for that year. If he cannot decide what Clan to join, he can either form his own, and take a number of warriors to join him, or the Clans who wish for him to join, will compete to see who gains his membership. A King of the Hunt is considered a great pride for a Clan, and those who form their own clans (Only 3 have been formed this way), are treated with equal amounts of reverence and respect.

Many Warriors of both Ugandalorian and outside origin partake in the hunting for multiple years, garnering trophies and the skulls of their prey for many years, as well as the scars to show for it. These warriors are considered the prime of their Clans, and are often considered and likened to sports or movie stars by their kin for their bravery and valor. The First winner, a human named Korthis Mecdartha, is often invoked by the Clans on their hunts, such where his victories both on and off the battlefield, and during the Great Hunt.

Originally, there where no rules banning the use of sentient beings. However, since it was never an official rule, several game masters took to kidnapping tribal races from their homes and putting them on the Game preserve for future Great Hunts. After catching wind of this, future Game Hunters and huntsmasters banned the use of sentients, and outlawed the offenders from any future games, before relocating the tribe back to their homeworld.

Winner are tallied up by how many creatures they kill, and how difficult the creature in question was. The stronger and more violent beasts are given more accordance then lesser beasts. The Winner, of course, is the one who ends up with the most trophies taken from the various beasts on planet. Competitors can band together in different teams, though, ultimately, sabotage and attacks on competitors are ultimately outlawed. While teams aren't allowed to fight one another, whoever fires the first shot at a rival team is considered free-game, and the offended team is allowed to fire back, usually with none-lethal force.

Those who partake in the hunt, no matter the species, are warned constantly against getting themselves killed, and are told that if they can't handle a creature, and chose to fight it anyway, they are on their own. This is also why teams are encouraged amongst competitors. While allies are the most common, aliens of any race can join, and are used by the Ugandalorians not only as a way to gain new members, but also to improve relations with other races in the outer Gigaquadrant.

Military Believes and Philosophy Edit

Ugandal Armored.

Ugandalorians are known for their distinct suits of armor, worn by many races other then themselves.

Ugandalorians are eager to fight, stemming from being an engineered race made specifically for the task. As such, Ugandalorian minds, being engineered for the purpose, suffer none of the drawbacks, such as PTSD, or fear towards death on the battle field, though avoid it anyway, due to having a practical mind that knows when to make a last stand and when not to, as well as when to avoid fighting in general. Because of this militant mind set, Ugandalorians start training at a very young age, and never cease, constantly working to hone their skills and become the perfect warrior. Once they reach seven, they join the Militia Corp, becoming a light infantry recon unit that separates the smart from the foolish, and, once they have passed a year within the Militia/Recon Corp, are allowed to join the full-bloods within the other warrior teams, forging their new armor, and, with the help of Forge-Masters, creating their Claymore they will yield the rest of their life. After, they will head off to a certain team, be it Heavy Weapons, Sniper and scouting, Marauder units, or frontline infantry based of their skills. Once initiated, the Warrior hence forth is allowed to personalize their armor as much as they want, and can add several new weapons and gadgets to their armor pieces.

Ugandalorians have a strict Code of Honor, known as the Codex of Honor, and followed rigidly by their Warriors on and off the battlefield, including never taking a weapon in anger, and never striking a child or civilian in anyway, especially women. No deviations from these rules are ever allowed, and breaking from them can result in exile from their Clan, being stripped of their honor and Claymore, and, worst yet, being declared Soulless and then executed, meaning they will have no place in the Great Oversoul that exists in the after life for all those of Mendel descent. Betrayal is seen as the greatest dishonor, and to betray one's clan and people is considered the greatest offense. Ran out and told they cannot be part of any Clan from hence forth, or be allowed back in Mendel space, the exiled are left to their wills, commonly joining up in bands of other exiles and working as mercenaries. They can never return to Mendel space, however, and bounties are posted on their heads.

Other races who have joined them follow similar traditions, including, but not limited to, Humans, Kaguran, Kadalians, Jrakalians, and other myriad races who have thrown in their lot with the nomadic tribal warriors and have sworn allegiance to their King and empire.


The Ugandal people place great value in their swords, the two-handed Claymore. Built in their right of passage, the forging of the sword marks a young Mendel's transition into an adult, and, as such, is viewed as a sacred weapon, and treated with reverence. The swords are made with pride in the art, and Claymores are rarely drawn in battle. This is due to the believe that once a sword is drawn, it must taste blood. Somehow breaking the sword, a near impossible task, is known to drive some Ugandalorians into a fierce battle rage.

Some Ugandalorians will pass their swords onto their young upon death, giving the youngster twin sword to yield. Blade-masters collect many blades, and generally travel across the universe, accepting duels, and collecting their foes' blades, and being the few Ugandalorians who feel the need to do such a thing.

Fighting style Edit

Ugandalorians, while an honorable race, can be downright dirty and savage in battle. Using fists, kicks, elbows, knees, eye gauges, head-butts, and even biting, are common in Ugandalorian fights. Its because of this "no-holds barred"-style, that makes them somewhat hated or generally disliked by other races, such as Duetzalanian and Gardeili, who consider fighting should be fair and honorable, or much as it can be.

Ugandalorians believe if you wanna live, you use everything you see. Ugandals have been known to beat fully armored warriors to death with lead pipes, bricks, rocks, and anything they lay eyes upon. The idea of using teeth comes from an old saying. “The Enlightened gave us teeth for two reasons; to chomp on our food, and our enemies.

Ugandalorians make use of Claymores in combat, these massive two-handed blades either forged, or passed from father to son upon the elder dying. No two Claymores are exactly alike, and each is forged to be the finest cutting sword possible. The loss of one's claymore is a deep stain on their honor and often results in a Ugandalorian entering battle rage to avenge the artifact of his family.

Ugandalorians tend to settle their debates with sword duels, usually fighting over Clan, family, and personal honor. Usually the duels end with first blood, though the more viscous colonies promote death matches if debates among Clan spark up.

Honor Code Edit

Devotion to family, devotion to glory, devotion to Lord Ugandalore, devotion to the Aspects of Honor

Ugandalorians follow a complex honor code, detailing that they must always protect other races that cannot do so themselves, to seek glory for their clan, and to protect their family at all times. They are to ansewer the call of their Lord Ugandalore at all times, called The Creed. Ugandalorians are to respect all life they encounter, and to perserve nature at all possible times. When they put aside the importance of life in warfare, it is seen as a heavy price, but necessary to protect their people, way of life, and those of others. This is done to keep their people on tract, as without a Code to follow, it is feared Ugandalorians might very well stray and leave their path and become the blood-thirsty warmongers of their past.

The Aspects of Honor include certian personality ideals that Ugandals seek to include onto themselves. These include Honesty, loyalty, courage, and genorasity. In their mind, such ideals are something to always strive for, and, despite the fact Ugandalorians know they will never achieve snergy with all Aspects, they constantly work towards reaching such ideals. In their minds, the end result is not the goal, but rather, how one reaches it.

Government Edit

The Ugandalorians typically divide themselves among their Clans. Each Clan is ruled by a Patriarch or Matriarch, the eldest, wisest and strongest warrior among their ranks who shows the best qualities for leadership. This ruler will manage the day-to-day politics of the Clan and trade and commerce with other Clans and outsiders. Each Clan is technically it's own nation in a sense. All Clan Lords meet in the Great Palace of Ugandalore, with planetary representatives and the like, to meet and discuss day to day politics, trade and integration of aliens, as well as the coronation of a new High King. While every Clan Lord is a king or queen in his own right, The High King is the one with the authority to unite all under his banner.

Alongside this, they also have the Draiiud Conclave, made up of their Priestly leaders, the Draiiud, a group of wisemen, medicine men, clerics, doctors, lawyers and others, who are not only educated in various politics, but also the scriptures of their Gods and the history of their Clans. As taught by Kadaii Hoorangiir, they must be willing to change and evolve with time, but also hold on certain believes and ideals, but without either ideal coming into conflict. Change must not happen to quickly, or it benefits no one, and common values must not be lost along the way, such as Clan and the warrior way. Likewise, old ideals must not stifle the growth of the people, on a intellectual and spiritual level. Draiiud take all this into consideration with their leadership, and always struggle within themselves, and throughout, to find the balance. They also are responsible for voteing for the New High King when the two Councils vote upon it.

Above both of these, and yet still subordinate, is the High King, the position granted to one Clan Lord who is voted in by his peers. These High Kings are only voted into position under the direst of circumstances, and only when the Ugandalorian people feel their culture and ideals are threatened by invasion and destruction. The decision to vote one in is not a decision made lightly, as a High King is as much an elected official, as he is a war chief. As such, his power is largely limited, and the changes he makes to society are only made when the Draiiud Conclave and Great Clan Council agree and vote in majority with him or her. These High Kings have become more frequent in modern times, causing many to question if their becoming too involved in wars and politics for their own good.

The High King is given much respect for his position. Warriors would gladly fight under his personal legions, Clans are immortalized when one of their own gets elected, and the High King or Queen is treated as semi-divine, and chosen by the Gods to lead, and blessed with their wisdom, grace and charisma to command. Though high up, their position is not one of a pyramid structure, as many ignorant, stupid outsiders would believe, and instead, an elected one that holds them accountable to the people they rule. Ugandalorians become very testy if their government is called autocratic or a dictatorship run by the military, seeing themselves as above such idiocy.

Other races that joined the Ugandalorians, such as the Jrekalian, Kaguran, Kadalian, and the humans, all have their own Clans within the Council, and many even make up original Ugandalorian Clans, some even getting elected to lead these Clans, such as Clan Bernock. Aliens are given just as much say in Ugandalorian government, once integrated and accepted into the ranks.

Clans Edit

Clans are not just a simple manner of dividing themselves up along family lines. Clans, for the Ugandalorians, are the main system of government, and where everything starts and ends. All Ugandalorians are part of a Clan, either born into one, or adopted in by their valor or skill. To not have a Clan, is considered shameful and dishonorable. After all, Clans are the source of one's ancestry and skill, and to not have one is considered a bad omen. People are remembered by the Clan they came from, and all their achievements, become the Clan's own, due to the Clan raising them, and the people raising the Clans' stature by their actions.

In government, every Clan is represented, and sends delegates to represent their holdings and people within them. As Clans have holdings across the Mendel's territory, these delegates are further divided by the planets they come from. The Clans' rulers, The Patriarchs and Matriarchs, are voted in by their people and peers, based off their merit and skill in war and politics. These Chieftains represent a Clans' interest in the Great Council, and will be involved in the voting process for a new High King or Queen. This power and position, is shared with the Clans' Draiiud, their priests who interpret Zaraturai's words to their people, and also help maintain the spiritual health of the empire. These priests maintain the history and lore of the Clan itself, and, when they join the battle, it is considered vastly important to keep them alive at all costs. Draiiud are the word of law among the Ugandalorians, second only to their Clan Lords, and as such, given vast respect.

The major Clans of Ugandalore have sometimes several Clans that are protectorates to a major one, giving the Clan extra resources, man power and power. It is the job of the major Clan, to represent those who are a protectorate under him, as well as his own Clan, giving him great responsibility. If a Minor Clan has the ability and direction, it may very well rise up to become a Major Clan in it's own right, gaining the right to represent and vote for itself. Due to this, members of a Clan are not often related to the main family. Often, they are members of one of the many minor Clans that joined them, and took the last name of the Clan in honor of their alliance and protection.

Clans, in times of war, organize their own armies, but regiments will commonly mix Clans together so as to promote interaction between different families and the like, and increase the feeling of Brotherhood amongst the Ugandalorians and the warriors that joined their Clans. These Clans all have their own style of warfare, and as such, it is considered more tactically sound to mix squads up between multiple Clans, so as to maximize their fighting prowess. Clans, while all wear the same Blue or Red armor of Troopers and Officers, will identify themselves with various markings, patterns, and Clan Seals upon their shoulder pads.

Ugandalorians take the honor of their Clan very seriously, never allowing someone to speak ill of their family or ancestors, and will fight like demons if enraged. Officers, in desperate times, are known to tell their troops that the enemy has slighted or offended their Clans, so as to make them fight more passionately. This, combined with the presence of their prize Draiiud, has been known to push the Ugandalorians into a berserker fury that few can withstand.

Clans are known to adopt all sorts of beings into their ranks. While aliens commonly have their own Clans, most simply chose to join Ugandalorian ones for simplicity, as it is difficult to create an entirely new Clan from scratch. While Kadalian and Kaguran Clans exist, most simply live within Ugandalorian Clans. Humans, however, are known to maintain large Clans alongside Ugandalorian ones, while also making up said alien Clans as well. All are to be made welcome within a Clan, so long as they can do the tasks required of them.

  • Clan Leader - Jaster Nitrocon
  • Alignment - Koatria Codex

The Nitrocon Clan is one of the leading Clans of Ugandalore, and one of the most influential of the Clans. They where first formed during their medieval times, causing other families to either join Clan Nitrocon, or other Clans to gain power and position. Their influence would wax and wane through time, though they never died out entirely, through war and famine, and gained position and, would, in the end be an important aspect in dethroning the tyrannical Cano Clan, their ruler killing the ruler, and reunifying the Clans once more.

Later, members of their clan would become Ugandalore the Unifier, who would unite the Clans against Cano and it's allies, and Ugandalore the Great, considered the greatest of their rulers.

Clan Nitrocon makes a point of mastering almost all forms of war so as to make themselves the best of fighters.

  • Clan Leader - Barda Clett
  • alignment - Koatria Codex

Undoubtedly the most famous Clan, Clett Clan has spawned some of the most famous warriors in the history of the Ugandalorians. Often leaders, Clett Clan remains the force behind the throne, protecting the Ugandalores with their famous warriors and protecting Ugandalorian way of life. Their Clan places emphasis on having the most well-forged blades and other weapons.

The Current Clan Patriarch is also the current Ugandalore, Barda Clett. The Clan follows the Koatria Codex of honor and integrity.

  • Clan Leader - Kastor Darius
  • Alignment - Koatria Codex

Clan Darius is the another famous Clan of Ugandalore, native to the sea-side, and notable for it's many sea-faring captains, both in the navy, and acting as pirates on the high-seas. Since then, the members of the Clan Darius have converted their boats for starships, and their sails for turbolaser canons.

  • Clan Leader - Cal Travic
  • Alignment - Koatria Codex

  • Clan Leader - Kalon Waus
  • Alignment - Koatria Codex

  • Clan Leader - Tad'ee Weynei
  • Alignment - Koatria Codex

  • Clan Leader - Krav Taylor
  • Alignment - Koatria Codex

  • Clan Leader - Jorbon Verboi
  • Alignment - Cano Clan Resurgence.

  • Clan Leader - Reai Isanket
  • Alignment - Cano Clan Resurgence

  • Clan Leader - Dume Klist
  • Alignment - Split.

  • Clan Leader - Tox Cano (Formerly), Current leader unknown
  • Alignment - Cano Clan Resurgence.

  • Clan Leader - Lorka Gredyc
  • Alignment - Cano Clan Resurgence

  • Clan leader - Gortoi Kematian
  • Alignment - Cano Clan Resurgence, Concordant of the Meemo

  • Clan Leader - Ragon Slart
  • Alignment - Cano Clan Resurgence

  • Clan Leader - Ko Katarran
  • Alignment - Cano Clan Resurgence

  • Clan Leader - Tex Yukon
  • Alignment - Split, most follow the Koatria Codex

  • Clan Leader - Contor Maclon
  • Alignment - Koatria Codex

  • Clan Leader - Kasto Jahron
  • Alignment - Koatria Codex

  • Clan Leader - Fludar Akwurd
  • Alignment - Koatria Codex

  • Clan Leader - Ardel Caborra
  • Alignment - Cano Clan Resurgence

  • Clan leader - Averia Iberga
  • Alignment - Koatria Codex

  • Clan Leader - Igora Jryse
  • Alignment - Split.

  • Clan Leader - Ugos Bornell
  • Alignment - Koatria Codex

  • Clan Leader - Koriis Rolarch
  • Alignment - Codex

  • Clan Leader - Domakul
  • Alignment - Koatria Codex

  • Clan Leader - Zontross
  • Alignment - Seal of Darkness.

High Kings Edit

Religion Edit

Go to rest, dear brother, and may your soul rise to the Great Oversoul with our ancestors. May you find the Great Beyond that our ancestors spoke of and that our Chieftains Sing of. May you be reborn from the wound of the End times. Peace brother.

- Epithet given to dying warriors by their friends or relatives before passing on, giving a glimpse into their races' religious believes.

Ugandalorains are a deeply spiritual people, with very few being atheists. All Ugandalorians follow some religion, and, due to intermingling other religious believes and figures into their culture, will commonly worship gods of another culture, most famously, Draedan of the Volver race, and Jura of the Vanara people. In battle, the Ugandalorians honor many gods of war, including the most famous, Kadaii Hoorangiir, a god who desires change and progress in his subjects, least of all he gift them with ruin and destruction for their decadence. Due to being seen mostly in battle, many assume Kadaii Hoorangiir is their main god of worship, though this is not the case, the main Goddess being the heavenly Zaraturai, the Great Mother Goddess of the Sun and light, who they claim forged them and gave them shape, intelligence and life. Opposed to her, is her brother, Terikadax, God of Darkness, deceit, and Everlasting Night, and seen as the bane of all life.

Part of their believes include "Moral Light" and "Moral Darkness", the measure of how good one's soul is within their society, with most pious being seen as beacons of light, while the most corrupt and evil seen as no matter the shadows themselves. Their religion, called Zaraturaism, teaches that, in order to reach their afterlife, one must constantly seek to bring his or her Moral Light up as much as possible, and through good deeds, acceptance of outsiders, and helping others, that it increases, and, when good enough, one's soul will join the massive oversoul that unites all Mendel. Those who follow Mendel tenants of honor and loyalty, and do not betray kin or ancestors, will be granted the chance to join with their past kin of gone to rest, before their souls coalesce to form a new God at the end of time, who will recreate the universe, and, by tearing open his chest, his/her blood will create a new race to carry on Mendel traditions, making their race eternal.

These believes commonly bleed forth into other religions they follow. For example, while many follow the ideals of Spode and his tenants, as taught by their allies the Gardeili, many believe that all will form an over-soul within Spode's body, who will cut himself open to release the souls at the end of time to live once more. It is this ideal of a mass over-soul uniting them at the end of all, that makes the Ugandalorians very communal based, and cling zealously to the ideals of honor, clan, and family.

Language Edit

Ugandalorian language is one of the strange languages that actually has more terms for insult then any other language in the First Gigaquadrant. Otherwise, it's a very easy language, strangely having direct translations for English words, despite they being so far apart. Like, galaxies apart.

Only 1 other dialect, Concardian, exists.

Biology Edit


A resulting maelstrom caused by 1 Ugandal taking another's head.

Ugandalorian biology is similar to humans, except much stronger and with a far more efficient immune system. They usually stand at 7 ft., though many are far shorter then this. Very strong, the Ugandalorian is mostly muscle, and it's with these features, and some trace amounts of fat accumulated that allow the Ugandalorian's body to act like a natural shock absorber for the bones, allowing them to tank most injuries that other races could not.

Their bodies are stronger, more durable, and far more agile then most other creatures. Their eyes are incredibly sharp, allowing them to see farther then a human or most other species. Their sense of touch is fine-tuned to the point they can feel something, seconds before they touch it, though this is believed to be caused by mild telepathy on their part, as if they believe an object is cold, it will feel cold to them, even if it not, though this is disproven once they do make full contact. Ugandalorian have the ability to change the color of their body scales at will, and can use this to blend into environments while hunting.

They have an extreme amount of stem cells, and while not the fastest, they have regenerative abilities that allow them to actually to turn out better then before the injury, as the body heals the wound, then strengths muscle, skin, and bone tissue around it.

Ugandalorian brains are extremely powerful, allowing them to retain about 79% of what they hear and talk about, where's humans only keep around 20-50% of what they hear. It is this reason Ugandalorians make perfect soldiers, as they can follow their orders to the letter. Ugandalorian brains seem evolved more for dealing with abstract ideas and emotion, rather then logic, and because of this, few of the patience for learning, and are more interested in art and the like. Ugandalorians, and all Mendel, can run on just 4 hours of sleep and still be combat ready, allowing them more movement and longer fighting time then humans.

Ugandal Headtails

The Back of a Ugandalorian's head. Note the 3 sensory head-tails.

Ugandalorians, originally, did not have "headtails", though edits by Zaraturai that enabled them Koatria power allowed them to grow these "headtails". These dreadlocks are seen as a sign of great power and prestige, with Mendel Gods such as the deified Zaraturai and Kadaii Hoorangiir having long dreadlocks to symbolize their divinity and royalty. In reality, these cords act as conduits and ways to connect with the elements around them, and control their Koatria elemental power. Such does not extend to Koatria of other races, but their Cords are sensitive to damage, as breaking them can render a Koatria's power unstable or even useless, often leaving the victim in extreme physical and emotional pain and duress. Touching such cords is an honor reserved for intimate loved ones.

Appearance Edit

Tall and powerful, Ugandalorians stand over most other races, and are always a tall group in any room. Standing, on average, from 2 meters to four at the highest, Ugandalorians have a boney head ridge on the top of their skull protecting their brain, and reptilian eyes, usually yellow, green, or sometimes, even red, and these eyes are known to glow slightly, with it becoming more apparent when in the dark. Despite being covered in slight scale-like growths, and having sharp, clawed hands, Ugandalorians are warm-blooded simians by nature, and grow fur across their backs and their head to a lesser extent.

While born with grey, green, or rarely white, scales, a Ugandalorian may change his color to reflect his elemental control, or just for personal preference. As a race, all Ugandalorians are very physically fit and powerful, and able to withstand most forms of punishment that other races could not. This is further improved by the constant combat training they are put through as children to prepare them.

Ugandalorians commonly adorn themselves with war paint, tattoos, and even ritual scaring, commonly cultivating a bloody image amongst both their allies and aliens alike. Favored colors for tattoos and war paint very from Clan to clan, though most prefer shades of blue, black and red, and some green, as well as adding ancient markings, symbols and other iconography to their skin as part of their growing older or surviving battles and Grand Hunts.

Behavior Edit

Their a race literally born to fight. What do you think their personalities are like?

- Unknown

Ugandalorians are a naturally aggressive race, as they where engineered to fight, and, as such, measure another's abilities off their combat prowess and intelligence, and, in cases of their history, do not accept new aliens into their fold intil they prove their fighting abilities. As such their often considered naturally hot-blooded and always aggressive towards foes. Naturally, they are very cunning and perceptive, eyeing any slights of hand against them. However, they also are a deeply spiritual race, believing in a system of gods and angels that watch over them, and care deeply for their Clans, their large family units.

To insult one's clan is considered a great dishonor, and warrants the removal of one's tongue from his jaws. Despite liking war, many Ugandalorians still shun it, as they seek to avoid unneeded bloodshed. While battle is seen as glorious, death in battle is actually seen as something to avoid, and while it is considered an honor, many are told to avoid such un-needed sacrifices. As part of their Clan system, children are seen with deep love and reverence, and attempting to harm one has resulted in many getting murdered by a berserking Ugandalorian. Cases often involved with the attempted harm of a child include one being lifted up and slammed into the ground repeatedly, loosing limbs, and even being lite on fire and beaten further. To say Ugandalorians care deeply for children is an under-statement.

Ugandalorians, while respectful of traditional things such as family or religion, also are very accepting towards new ideas and groups, incooperating their allies' religious believes into their own, and accepting new aliens into their culture. It's believed this was also engineered into their race, allowing them to build up the numbers in order to fight more effectively.

Ugandalorians, naturally, enjoy a good fight, and actually enjoy engaging enemies and friends alike in one-on-one honor duels, sometimes unarmed, most of the time with swords, and especially enjoy meeting new warrior races to test themselves against them. Ugandalorians even enjoy political debates, seeing it as good as any brawl. However, due to their passionate nature of fighting, many Mendel become dangerously short-sighted and tend to forget most obstacle and alternate paths in order to reach a goal or get what they want. While most leaders train this out of themselves, many still engage in the behavior, especially warriors.

Thanks to their training, Ugandalorians develop a deep, disciplined mind, capable of deep strategizing and thinking, however, this comes at a cost. Most can become too wrapped up in fighting to enjoy life, ironically branding them just as Soulless as the cowards who avoid fighting. Youngsters as well are at risk for becoming "Wanders", masterless Ugandal warriors who travel the stars seeking profit, adventure and glory, all for themselves. Such individuals are kept away from other youngsters if they return to their Clan, as they can corrupt a young warrior's head with silly tales of adventure and fantasy, when most Wanders end up in darker regions of society and often in trouble with the law. Indeed, many societies have bad feelings towards the Ugandals over the actions of a few Wanders.

Weapons and Armor Edit

It's one thing to see us coming, it's another to do something about it.

- Ugandalorian Saying

Armor Edit

Ugandalorian armor is one of the most recognizable symbols of their culture. Thanks to their ability to change coloration of their skin, unless their elemental power is active, their armor is often changed to match their skin.

The armor is forged from rare Bescardermis mines. The rare material is only usable by 3 races, the Enlightened Ones, who created the Ugandals, and the Ugandals themselves, along with their Togunda wards, who take it upon themselves to mine it for the Ugandals, in return for protecting them.

The material is forged into weapons, armor, and tools. With special ingredients and steps, a Ugandal can create his own "Home-made Bescardermis" armor. Their armor remains the most resilient armor in the galaxy, and in it's pure state, can reflect plasma blasts and deflect energy swords off their wearer's body.

Federation clone armor is made from a mixture of Ugandal and Enlightened Ones design, though it is not made from the same material.

Ugandals make specialized sets of armor for close friends and allies from other races who have earned their respect. Considering some are reptilian in nature, and have elongated faces, the helmet is often made to look like a traditional soldier's own of their culture, while the neck down is Ugandal.

Ugandals often paint symbols and markings on their armor, with the most common being 3 dots, the biggest in the center, and 2 at angles to it's side, representing the 3 hall marks of their culture.

Unity with other of Ugandal spirit, Duty towards preserving life that needs us, and Destiny to carve their names in the stars.

Phase-Hunter's armor, while not Ugandal, for example, has the 3 marks painted on his gauntlets, and has a cloud with a tri-colored thunderbolt on his right shoulder pad. The left has a stylized Q. Consider his favorite band, and you'll guess what the Q stands for.

Coloration Edit

Coloration is very important to the Ugandalorians, as each color symbolizes a certain aspect of their culture. Coloration, however, can reflect clan loyalty, rank, or the terrain they where fighting on. Sometimes skin and armor coloration simply reflect personal tastes. Another point is the fact that coloration can also have double meaning based off shade. Due to their color sensitivity, Ugandalorians can perceive two similar shades of red in two very different ways, making every little pattern, shade, and even time it was dried out have a double meaning to them.

  • Red - Honoring a parent/Fire.
  • Brown - Persistence/Earth
  • Black - Mourning a lost loved one/Earth
  • Gold - Vengeance/Stone
  • Green - Duty/Air
  • Blue - Reliability/Water
  • Grey - Efficiency/Iron
  • Purple - Justice/Gravity

Weapons Edit

Subspecies Edit

Sub-species are a strange and sorted affair with the Mendel, given their biologically engineered nature, that sets them apart from most other creatures. They evolved into three distinct sub-species simply through exposure to different levels of gravity and atmospheric levels. This does not include their hybridization. As they are biologically engineered, their ability to produce fertile offspring from any race is a miraculous one, given hybrids cannot usually have children with others. From insects, to full mammals and full reptiles, a Mendel can potentially reproduce with any sentient race, though similar biochemistries make it easer and ease the transfer and "editions" of DNA within the womb of the mother of either Mendel or alien. The most famous are the Galtalorian, hybrids of Ugandalorian colonists in Tuuros.

Subgroups Edit

Alternate Universes Edit

  • Status - Rulers of Mirus

The Mendel of Universe M, are the result of the Ugandalorians annexing the territory of their sub-species, the Kodalorians and the Walgolorian, and interbreeding with them to produce a new race. Becoming stronger and far more powerful then any Mendel race in the Onuris Universe, the Mendel conquered much of the galaxy, turning thousands of races to their side, ranging from counterparts to the Orgaat, Kadalians, and others, to Vanara and Waptorian races. Even former enemies, such as Zarbania and the Imperium of War's races became subjects to the Mendel High King's words. The Mendel further expanded out into Borealis, Phradox, Cyrannus, the Milky Way and the Space between galaxies, carving out enclaves for their empire, and controlling most of Western Mirus, parts of the core, and segments of Eastern Mirus.

The Mendel Ultimate Empire is powerful and the rulers of most of Mirus Galaxy, commanding thousands of alien races in a grand alliance that will shake the heavens when they march. Despite their aggressive approach and savagery, they are not malicious. Races are usually peacefully integrated into their empire, and they prefer diplomacy, while maintaining strong relations with other powers that act as counter parts to the New Republic, DCP and the like. The races they command have been molded into Mendel-like in mindset, living in large Clans, wearing the same armor, yielding Claymores in battle, and painting their bodies in the same manner, usually green or blue in color. They still maintain several of their own cultural ideals, creating a great patchwork in Mendel society.

Their ruler, Ki'rra Clett, is the current High Queen, and their ruler. Ruthless and hot-blooded in battle, Ki'rra has lead the legions of thousands of Mirusian Aliens into battle for her allies with reckless abandon, their mighty skill at war, their strength as warriors, and their advanced technology destroying all in their way. Ki'rra the Magnificent is considered the greatest ruler of the Mendel since her coronation after her father based away, and has constructed numerous universities and temples dedicated to expanding the knowledge of her people, and taking them to new heights.

  • Status - Under Vanara Control

The Ugandalorians, and their sub-species and vassal races, would become Vassals of the Vanara Empire in Universe S, in that universe, being strong warriors who had conquered much of the galaxy. As they were stronger then the Onuris Universe Vanara, the Mendel and their vassals respected their might and power, and, after their High King, Reago Clett, was defeated in an honorable duel with Empress Zuki, he gladly accepted her and her people as rulers, the Mendel becoming elite shock units and even becoming the honor guards for important individuals. This was not always stable, with Reago's son, Barda Clett, while a loyal soldier and servant of the Vanara, was killed by a rebel called the "Hand of Retaliation", who desired to free the galaxy from all Vanara, and make everyone an equal to the other.

The Mendel have long served the Vanara as soldiers. While the Vanara are more then capable on their own, the Mendel serve alongside them, and act as elite warriors, fighters and fleet leaders in the place of their masters when the Vanara wish to conquer more territory. This the Mendel do gladly, for they view the Vanara has honorable, powerful leaders, whose laws and orders are embraced with zealous fever. So zealous are they, that Mendel who fail in their missions, are known to offer themselves as sacrifice to their masters. They hold a fierce rivlary with Zarbania, another Vassal race that also serves the Vanara as elite warriors and leaders of fleets in the name of the Vanara Empress.

Kirta, with the backing of the Vanara, destroyed him and his rebels, and returned the Clans to the command of the Vanara, continuing their service as warriors and commanders under the Vanara's dominion. She has maintained her loyalty to the Vanara, viewing them as the true rulers of all, and has fought numerous wars at their side and for the Vanara for ages.

  • Status - Weakened.

The Ugandalorians, and their Mendel kin, were still active in Mirus, but with the Vanara mere servants of the Darklings of various sides, were without their closest allies during the greatest wars in their history, and, as such, their political and military might is much smaller and less obvious then their kin in Universe Onuris, or Universe M. While not in threat of extinction, the weakening has forced the Mendel to make peace with their Zarbanian rivals earlier then before, and work with them to protect Mirus. They, the Zarbanians, and the Waptorian, have formed the Enlightened Mirusian Republic to safeguard the galaxy against any threats, especially the vile Grand-Hegemony of the Dragowar.

Their smaller size in population, has forced these Mendel to be craftier with their ways of war, and to be more underhanded and duplicities. Tricks of sight, slights of hand and other forms are common when fighting them, which they combine with their race's natural brutality and strength to overcome the odds. They have also put more emphasis on science and advancement, giving them advanced technology their peers in Universe Onuris lack, and that Universe M has only begun to tap into. These show the true extent of Mendel ingenuity, if they in this universe did not so embrace war, their devices able to stop, reverse and alter the flow of time, direct streams of Ionized atoms to melt starships to slag, and able to project Anti-Matter blasts and weapons at their target to utterly annihilate them.

They are lead by Kirta Clett, who has lead her people since her father's death in the Drakodominatus War, and made sure to keep her people united and focused against any threats to Mirusian peace. The Mendel may be humbled and weakened, but they refuse to die out just yet. While years of ruling since an early age of taken their tool on her, she is still aggressive, feisty and temperamental as ever.

Factions Edit

  • Tier - 3
  • First Leader - Ugandalore the Tyrannical
  • Last Leader - Ugandalore the Dishonorable
  • Wars - War of Arbitration
  • Status - Reformed.

The Old Ugandalorian Empire was the first Space-faring faction made up of the Ugandalorian race. While generally new to the galactic scene, the Empire expanded itself quickly, and made the reputation of being a no-nonsense empire, that did not tolerate any sort of aggression towards it's way of life or it's peoples and citizens. The Empire remained a totalitarian dictatorship, until the War of Arbitration, where the Juggernaut invaded their planet, and almost brought them to their knees. However, with some assistance, the Ugandalorians drove them off, and their ruler, Ugandalore the Dishonorable, was de-throned and his mantle taken by Uagandalore the Reformer, who set the empire up for a more peaceful future.

  • Tier - 3
  • First Leader - Ugandalore the Reformer
  • Last Leader - Ugandalore the Great
  • Wars - Dead Watch Rising, Grox Follower Wars, Alpha Grox Invasion
  • Status - Reformed

The New Ugandalorian Empire was the second government the Ugandalorians answered to, after the Old Empire. The New Empire was formed shortly during the Juggernaut wars, and remained in affect after them, and after the Great Time-slip, which caused them to be lost until close to modern times. It was under this empire that the Ugandalorians would involve the Kadalian Giants, the cat-like Kaguran, and, much later, near the end of the empire, the Cresake/Cresakt species. The empire, while it suffered depressions and golden ages sporadically, was generally stable, and proved to be one of the grandest ages for the Mendel people.

After the formation of the Unified Federation of Glory, the NUE would be absorbed into the growing Federation.

  • Tier - 2
  • First Leader - Ugandalore the Great
  • Last Leader - Ugandalore the Untouchable
  • Wars - Nebulorian-Alpha War, Second Infectant War, Enlightenment War
  • Status - Very close allies.

The Unified Federation of Glorious Democracy, or simply the Federation of Glory, was an organization formed to help unite the galaxy against the Alpha Cyber Collective and the Zarbania Powers, and was formed by Pixarius Sparius, leader of the Spikron, Ugandalore the Great, Torscka Nitrocon, and various others. While he helped form it, Torscka did not ask to be made leader, but accepted anyway, until a leader could be elected. The Ugandalorians became one of the main members of the Federation, becoming military providers and even engineering the template for the Federation's clone warriors to produce the battalions of soldiers the Federation would need. The UFG would remain an active force in the galaxy, becoming a member of the mighty Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. After Torscka's death in the Second Infectant War, Pixarius was elected leader.

The Ugandalorians would go on to create their own empire, created by uniting the various subspecies of the Mendel, and their member states, into one empire. While this Mendel Pact considered itself a member of the UFG, most citizens accept that the 2 are Sister states, now free to continue their existences separately, but united together by common culture. The Mendel leader, Ugandalore the Untouchable still donates his DNA for the clone armies, and the UFG still helps patrol Mendel space. Many Ugandalorians, in fact, remain citizens of the Federation, choosing not to life within the Pact, a right the Mendel Council accepts.

  • Tier - 2
  • First Leader - Ugandalore the Untouchable
  • Last Leader - N/A
  • Wars - Desolation of the Bisistar.
  • Status - Active

The Mendel Pact is the sister-state of the Federation of Glory, the current unified government of all Mendel species and their allies in the Mirus galaxy, as well as Kraw, Milky Way, Cyrannus, and beyond. Formed by the Ugandalorians, Kodalorians, and Walgolorians in a grand alliance to take down the Drakodominatus Tyranny, the Mendel Pact was originally just a loose alliance of convenience for the 3, and, after defeating the Tyranny, the 3 went their separate ways, still allies, but independent as they where before. However, later, at the start of the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts, a change suddenly occurred within the Mendel people. It was a deep hunger. A hunger for glory for their clan and ancestors. A hunger for unification. Recognizing the change early on, Pixarius and Barda Clett, as well as the leaders of the Kodalorians and Walgolorians, meet to discuss a new idea within their Federation. Knowing the Mendel would unite, and, chart their own course, it was agreed the Mendel Pact, when reformed, would be an independent, sister state to the Federation, the 2 helping each other, and working closely together at all times. Ugandalorians where even allowed to remain in the Federation.

The Mendel would indeed become it's own state, it's people rapidly building up themselves, keeping rebellions in check, and fighting the most feared of the Federation's enemies alongside their sister state. The Mendel Pact, with it's combined weaponry and arms, it's many different species united under the single banner of common culture and integrity, and it's expanding influence in politics, the Pact is proving to be quite the rising star of the gigaqudrant.

One of their most notable acts was to intervene in the Battle of Venetia, and fight alongside the Mou'Cyran accords against the shape-shifting Bisistar. After the victory, the Mendel where allowed to colonize the Cyrannus colony, lead by Commodore Mentrex.

Some point out the Mendel's split from the Federation could be an ill omen of the future, and could be used as a way for the Mendel to expand their influence and out-match their sister-state one day. However, the Mendel's ruling Council of Lords, Empyreans, and their other segments of society are more then willing to work with the Federation and achieve much in the name of their Gods and the Abiding Truth. There is another strange fear. Why did the Mendel seem suddenly overcome with need to unify, after years of merely being allies?

  • Tier - High 2
  • First Leader - N/A Parliamentary government
  • Last Leader - N/A
  • Wars - Tyranny Wars, Return of THEM
  • Status - Active

  • Tier - 3
  • First Leader - Tox Cano
  • Last Leader - Lorka Gredyc
  • Wars - Dead Watch Rising, Nebulorian War, Second Infectant War, Enlightenment War
  • Status - Divided

The Dead Watch where a splinter group of Ugandalorians, consisting of out-lawed clans, deviants and lunatics, who have thrown their lot in with the Cano Clan, the rulers of the Watch, and seek to make themselves rulers of the Ugandalorians. This was caused thousands of years in the past, when the ancient leader of Clan Nitrocon destroyed the Clan of Cano. However, they survived, by infiltrating a minor clan, and over-taking it. For years they gathered their strength, working with the other Clans in plan sight. Then, when Ugandalore the Great was crowned by his comrades, their leader, Tox Cano, ordered a massive attack.

The 2 split between 2 ideals. The True Ugandalorians felt they where honorable warriors, and should maintain the attitude and help others, while the Dead Watch wanted to create a mighty empire to rule them all. Cano Clan's military suffered large losses during their initial assault, but had retreated before they could be snuffed out once more.

The Dead Watch where involved in numerous campaigns to try and overtake their rivals, even succeeding in killing Ugandalore the Great in battle at one point, despite the loss of their leader to the Dark One. After being enslaved to the Grox, their new leader, Lorka Gredyc, was freed from their control, and joined his forces with the Proditkar Movement. After this, 3/4's of the Watch joined the Proditkar, while a small number remained with the Grox.

  • Tier - 2
  • First Leader - Gartai Kematian
  • Last Leader - N/A
  • Wars - N/A
  • Status - Active

True Dead Watch, are the splinter faction involved with the Grox and remained with them despite staggering losses. Lead and made up of Clan Kematian, the True Watch believed the Grox to be the next source of power for the Ugandalorians, and sought to serve them willingly. Despite the fact that Clan Cano has thrown their support behind Lorka, the True Watch still maintain they follow Cano's ideals more closely.

They remain as important members of the Grox forces, acting as command units for their Conqrix military forces. Often, they will replace their bodies with cybernetics to grow closer to the Grox, while being allowed to maintain their independence.

  • Tier - 2
  • First Leader - Lorka Gredyc
  • Last Leader - N/A
  • Wars - Return of THEM
  • Status - Active

The Ruins Hand is the 3/4's of the Dead Watch that joined the Proditkar Movement, and hiding out in the ancient Multus City they have renamed Death City. Highly aggressive and prone to perverse acts of piracy, the Ruins Hand conducts multiple raids on Outsiders to collect slaves and gain more powerful technology. Their seemingly random attacks actual have the goal of growing their strength for their coming wars with the Grox and to reclaim their kin, who they call, the "Lost Clan".

Despite their backstabbing and manipulative, abusive culture, the Ruins Hand has actually adopted many ideals from the Pact in order to better counter them, though are still more aggressive and out-blooded towards outsiders. They design their weapons with the ability to inflict maximum pain on their target.

  • Tier - Unknown
  • First Leader - Unknown
  • Last Leader - Unknown
  • Wars - Unknown
  • Status - Unknown

Of all the groups that the Mendel are apart of, none are as feared as the mysterious Sorcerers of Ralth-Kalix. Legends stat that, during the war of Arbitration, a group of Mendel sisterhood-monks, disgusted with their lord's inability to defend the homeworld, left for the Milky Way galaxy. There, they settled on a handful of worlds, they, and their followers, sought guidance through meditation and prayer, hoping to find a new pantheon to honor. Ultimately, something reached out to them telepathically, calling them and 2 other races to come into contact with an ancient relic of shadow. After much deliberation between the three, the head priestess decided to touch the relic. She, and the highest authorities with her where immediately corrupted, their servants soon following their zealotry and madness in the worship of demons.

Many now say the sorcerers are a myth to scare children and show the negative results of religious zeal unchecked. However, many now fearfully point out a religious group did disappear during the war. A group that matches the Sorcerers 's description...

Members of the race Edit

Astrology Edit

Relations Edit

These detail the general view Ugandalorians take when dealing with other races.

Green face Part of Edit

The path is proud and we walk it together.

  • Alliance of Enlightenment - We shall create a republic for our galaxy, as the Mother Goddess wills it.
  • Mendel Pact - We stand together with our kin.
  • Mou'Cyran Accords - Peace is the hallmark of rational thought and brotherhood. We hope we can honor this group well.

Green face Honorable Edit

Strong and dutiful, Zaraturai smiles upon them.

  • Orgaat - Despite their...less pleasing practices, they are honorable and worthy of respect.
  • Walgolorian - Skilled with the eye and mind.
  • Kodalorian - Strong in mind, strong in body.
  • Togunda - Though small, this does not mean they are weak in battle.
  • Kadalian - Powerful. Though they are honored to follow us, we are more honored to lead them.
  • Kaguran - As stealthy and deadly as the desert winds.
  • Jrekalian - Slight of build, yet their intelligence is as sharp as the blades they yield.
  • Humans (Mendel) - Though not strong in body, their wills are indomitable.
  • Raptorian - Passionate. Their soft builds hide their warrior nature.
  • Volver - Strong in battle. Our equals in many respects.
  • Vanara - The life of a child is protected with extreme zeal. We can understand such passions.
  • Deutzalanian - Despite our struggles for survival, our blood has intermingled. May our children stand together in peace.
  • Gardeili - Very adaptable. Their honor does well with our own.
  • Libertus - Let the serpents come for us again! Our fury will burn through them, together!

Yellow face Questionable Edit

Perhaps they serve some purpose in life.

  • Biskin - Perhaps people would honor you more if you made attempts to stand with us, not away from us.
  • Soldarian - Warriors without temperance are dangerous.
  • Humans (French) - Your warriors fight well, with zeal unseen in few others. Unfortunate their leaders are disgusting manipulators.
  • Kicath - So...detached. One can not understand how one can be so cold of passion.

Orange face Disliked Edit

Without Honor or soul. Disgusting to the last.

  • Loron - A challenge like no other! Great honor and power shall be ours!

Green face Honorable Edit

Strong and dutiful, Zaraturai smiles upon them.

Yellow face Questionable Edit

Perhaps they serve some purpose in life.

Orange face Disliked Edit

Without Honor or soul. Disgusting to the last.

Quotes from others Edit

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Our creations continue to be our greatest source of pride. They have sculpted a future that shall be remembered for ages to come.

- Kossi'Valciar

Our brothers continue to halt the word of Spode. They must be purged for such insolence.

- Overseer Terrox of the Alpha Cyber Collective

You may be our forefathers, but we will have our revenge.

- Grox Follower

They are our greatest ally. A people forged by honor, sacrifice, and commitment, they spare no quarter for anything.

- King Pixel Spike

We both share common enemies... The followers of the Grox, and the space pirates. Me and my empire are proud to have fought alongside the Ugandalorian Empire

- !King Glynn

They are excellent warriors, our equals in every way and our true brothers in arms. The Volver will come to their aid whenever we are needed.

- King Brygon of the Volver Empire

The followers of the Grox are our arch-enemies, too. Besides...they totally rock!

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

Your empire will feel our wrath! Allies of the Volver will perish as well!

- King Ziskin of the Biskin Empire

Code of honor? No slaves? Everyone brothers? Bah! Prepare for war, you stupid sacks of flesh! FOR WAR ENTERNAL!

- Imperator Caligustus, leader of the Imperium of War

Shame these weren't turned into overseers. With the Ultima Severillis Serum and the right education, those honorable knights would be easily corrupted into pride-filled warriors. Or better, if we fused them with their Togunda, MetaSaur and Goorkien protectorates, the result would be warriors of pure ruin. Oh yes, I'd like to work alongside those overseers. But the Tyranny doesn't want to overseer them, or fuse DIE!

- Brutego of the Drakodominatus Tyranny

Inferior life forms. They are only good for biological study.

- Ne'yon of the Nebulorians

We truly admire their will and valor. We are honored to have fought not against them, but alongside them in battle.

- Queen Si'daal of the Antroth Empire

Are initial interaction with these ruff and tumble people were tense to say the least. Their initial impression of us was that we were sadistic monsters, and we seeing them as typical idealists who prosecute and ostracize our kind. However through bloody trials we have come to respect each other's power and recognize each other as honorable warriors who fight for a cause we believe in. Let our enemies fall beneath our united blades!

- General Imperial Vanara Opinion.

I grow tired of you with each passing battle. Soon, your flesh will make a fine meal for the scavengers, you primitive savages.

- Gridlock of the Zarbania Powers

Your heads will adorn our walls when were through with you.

- Krad of the Vanara Singularity

Notes Edit

  • Where based on the Taung from Star Wars, the Celts from ancient history, Specifically the Gauls, and the Toa from Bionicle.
  • Sverker - Fits the Ugandalorian race best.
  • The Ugandalorians where voted a featured article on January 2nd, 2017.

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