The Tybusen are a generally peaceful race originating from Tropicana in the Gandropsy system. They are best known for being the leaders of the TIAF.

General FactsEdit

This creature is the most common member of the Tybus genus, having been sighted on numerous planets. It is weak in combat, but is a very social creature. Tybusen are known for being a peaceful species. They originated on the planet Tropicana, and have since evolved and spread out into the Bunsen Galaxy. Intergalactic travelers have spotted Tybusen in other galaxies as well. However, none of these Tybusen offshoots, other than the original TIAF Tybusen, have ever become civilized.

History of the Tybusen (Fiction)Edit

Pre-Sentience Era (Cell and Creature)Edit

The Tybusen were carried by an asteroid created by an ancient, currently-unidentified race. The asteroid had no specific course, but was pulled into orbit of Gandropsy. Being a foreign celestial body, it had an irregular orbit. Eventually, the asteroid entered Tropicana's atmosphere and crashed into the Elliadon Ocean. The asteroid collapsed and liberated its cargo: the first Tybusen cell. At first, Tybusen were unicellular organisms, like all life at Cell Stage. After some time evolving, Tybusen became microscopic multicellular organisms. However, billions of years would pass before Tybusen became capable of landfall.

Still many years before they would gain sentience, the Tybusen left the Elliadon Ocean and emerged on the southern coast of Nicar. Some stayed in the ocean, which would give birth to a different species in the Tybus genus. The landborne Tybusen were herbivorous and usually ate plant matter. They could tolerate fish, but other meats were indigestible. The Tybusen found few predators in their early evolution, having the social skill to befriend their neighbors.

Midway through their presentient evolution, however, predators began to appear. This mainly consisted of Epics and a species called the Dilemna. Another species, called the Marlowe, actively hunted the Tybusen for some time but relented when the Tybusen migrated from the Elliadon coast and arrived at Nicar's west coast, along the Strait of Shamning. For a couple more years, the Tybusen would continue befriending species and gaining knowledge. Finally, one Tybusen discovered fire, launching the Tybusen into the Tribal Tybusen era.

Tribal Tybusen Era (Tribal)Edit

The one Tybusen who discovered fire, Mohas, became the leader of the Tybusen Village. He, along with his two closest friends, Johannes and Daurcel, built up the Tybusen Village and expanded their tribal borders. When the first rival village, the Lavender Village, appeared, the Tybusen Village was prospering, with a respectable population of 200. The Tybusen soon discovered music and used it to impress the Lavenders. The Lavenders liked the Tybusen and agreed to ally and join the growing tribal power. However, later rivals would not be so quick to be friends.

The next tribes to rise were the Cyan, Green, and Pink. The Tybusen had high approval ratings amongst the Pinks, who were also friends with the Lavenders, so the Pinks became friends very quickly. However, Cyan and Green disliked the Tybusen. Green was worried that they would be violently conquered by the Tybusen, and tried to hinder them in as many ways possible while avoiding war (not knowing the Tybusen were a peaceful race). Cyan's story was different. Cyan was built by an aggressive species, and were as such an aggressive village. They threatened to plunder the other four villages. Green Village soon realized that it would not last forever if it resisted the Tybusen, and so they joined up once they allowed the Tybusen to visit. The worst was about to come.

When Cyan attacked the Tybusen Village, the Tybusen had no choice but war. For the first time in their entire evolution, the Tybusen were forced to use violence. Arming themselves with axes and spears, they attacked Cyan Village as a warning, then tried to mediate relations. Cyan initially refused to open diplomatic relations, but relented and agreed to allow the Tybusen to impress them. The Cyan were surprised by the Tybusens' skill at music, and agreed to join, ending the brief conflict known as the Cyan Conflict.

The last village was the Orange Village. Orange initially distrusted the Tybusen, but the combined efforts of the five-village alliance convinced the Oranges that the Tybusen were okay guys. With the last alliance forged, the Tybusen became the dominant species of western Nicar.

Civilized Tybusen Era (Civilization)Edit

The Tybusen became civilized some time after the tribal alliance was complete (now called the Six-Point Alliance), calling their new nation Tybusenia. It included members of all the Six-Point villages. Tybusenia was a religious nation, and was intent on spreading their faith, Shamanism. Soon, in central Nicar, the nation of Nicat rose at their capital, Nicat. Mistaking them for a hostile rival, they attempted to convert their citizens, but when a Nicatian convoy arrived at Tybusen City offering a trade route, the attack was called off. Tybusenia apologized for the brash attempt, and began building an alliance that would be the strongest on Tropicana.

For some time, Tybusenia and Nicat were alone in the world. They dominated the Spice market on Nicar with no competition. They traded together and became good friends. Then, a communications message came from the nation Rojama from their capital Spasey. Rojama rose on the continent Porfuey, and was the first on Porfuey. Another city on Porfuey, named Shamning, rose, belonging to the new nation Porfeugo. Seeing it as useful to inroads on Porfuey, Tybusenia attacked it and converted it. This angered Rojama, who was just about to open a trade deal with the wealthy nation. Around the same time, the nation Amarillana rose at Newing, on Nicar's eastern side of the Bay of Tornard. Amarillana was a militant nation and immediately took to conquering the other new nations of Nicar, most notably Azula at their city Defenia. This worried the Tybusenia-Nicat alliance, as they feared they were next. To provide a cushion for themselves, Tybusenia attacked Borealis at Orwinaus, a city on an island that would be key to connecting western Porfuey and eastern Nicar. Nicat purchased the cities of Feuria and Shaldenis from Verdos, the dominant nation of Tropicana's southern continent Shalden.

Amarillana and Rojama both saw this development and knew that the Tybusenia-Nicat alliance was growing too strong to handle. The two formed an alliance. Rojama would defeat Tybusenian resistance at the Porfeuian cities of Orwinaus and Shamning, while Amarillana would try to strike Nicat at its heart.

Rojama's attempts on both Shamning and Orwinaus were a failure. Tybusenia saw this as a threat and declared war on the Rojamans. Rojama, not knowing what to do now, attempted to repair its relations with Tybusenia. Meanwhile, Amarillana experienced much more success. At first, the Tybusenian-Nicat forces repelled Amarillana's first attack on Nicat. When Tybusenia attacked Newing in retaliation, Amarillana crushed it easily, leaving a gap in Tybusenia's Nicar fleets for some time. Amarillana took this to their advantage and rushed at Nicat. Tybusenian forces arrived to defend the city, but they arrived too late to stop Amarillana. Nicat was conquered, harshly demoralizing Nicat. Nicat retreated to Shalden to build up its navy. Tybusenia was enraged by their allies' loss, and went on a long campaign against Amarillana, in a war known as the Amarillanic Wars.

To make sure they were not attacked on multiple fronts, Tybusenia made peace with Rojama. Also, the greed of Amarillana's leaders led them to betray Rojama and attack their major port, Musama. Rojama and Tybusenia agreed to ally their forces against the Amarillanan threat. The war was a long struggle on multiple fronts. Tybusenia pushed against Amarillans at Nicat, while Rojama moved westward to attack Amarillana at Defenia.

Tybusenia deployed newly-invented air travel to gain an edge over Amarillana, who had not discovered it yet. The technology was shared with Rojama and Nicat. When airplanes were first deployed in the famous Battle of Nicat, Amarillana had no defense against them. Nicat was retaken by Tybusenian forces, and Amarillana was forced to retreat to Defenia and Newing. After Nicat was taken, Amarillana invented basic anti-air weapons to use against the airplanes. They also sent spies into Tybusenia to steal plans for Tybusenian aircraft. Amarillana surprised Tybusenia when Amarillana revealed their new aircraft and AA weaponry. This war was going to be much longer...

To be continued...

History of the Tybusen (Real Spore)Edit

Cell StageEdit

The Tybusen began as lowly cells that crashed into the Elliadon Ocean to the south of the continent Nicar, which would later become their homeland. They spent billions of Earth Years as cells (mostly due to CT's inexperience, as Tybusen were his first species) before finally becoming full-size animals.

Creature StageEdit

Some years after the landfall, the first land-born Tybusen emerged from their eggs. Being herbivorous, they had no reason to hunt other creatures, and began befriending them. After allying with the fellow beach-dwellers, the Tybusen moved their nest northward to the western coast of Nicar. They would remain there for the rest of their Creature Stage evolution. For a time, the Tybusen were actively hunted by the hostile Dilemna species and numerous Epics.

Tribal StageEdit

Shortly after their uprising, the Lavender Village appeared. The Tybusen allied them in no time. The Cyan, Green, and Pink Villages showed up shortly after. Relations with Cyan Village were extremely unstable in the beginning, with a raid by Cyan forcing the first use of violence by any sentient Tybusen. Green Village also showed dislike for the Tybusen, but it was resolved. Eventually, Green and Pink were allied. However, a year would pass before Cyan eventually opened up to Tybusen Village. Impressed by the Tybusen after witnessing their social skill, Cyan finally allied the Tybusen village. Finally, the last village, Orange Village, joined the Tybusen and they could form their first city, Tybusen City.

Civilization StageEdit

The Tybusen Nation was the first to rise. The Purple Nation, an Economic Nation, was their first rival to show up. The Tybusen attempted to convert it, but a trade proposal ended the short battle. Later, the Yellow and Red Nations showed up. After a couple of years, the Tybusen saw the arrival of the Pink Nation and their city Shamning. They captured it and began a religious campaign. Unfortunately, their attempts to capture cities and spice derricks from the Red and Yellow Nations failed, resulting in war. They managed to end the war with Red Nation, using their diplomatic tactics to persuade them out of war. However, the Tybusen and Yellow Nations still had resentment for each other. Repeated conversion attempts on the Yellow capital, Newing, further soured relations. For some time, the two nations' relations went on a rollercoaster of a ride, dipping into "Annoyed" relations and pulling back up to "Neutral" relations just as soon. After Yellow Nation captured Nicat, the original home of the Purple Nation, the Tybusen Nation decided it was time to go to war again. The Tybusen fleet captured Nicat in no time, while Red Nation, who was now on friendly terms with Tybusen Nation, attacked the Yellow Nation's cities in northern Nicar. When the rest of Nicar was secured after Nicat and Orwinaus were captured by the Tybusen Nation, a direct religious attack on Newing was launched. Newing fell after a lengthy battle, and Yellow Nation was no more. After the end of the war, the Purple and Red Nations agreed to join the Tybusen Nation, uniting Tropicana and allowing the Tybusen to go to space.

Early Space StageEdit

(Due to CaptainTybusen's accidental forgetting to save his first Tybusen space timeline, there are two Tybusen Early Space timelines. The second one led to the modern TIAF Tybusen, while the other is yet to be expanded upon. Described below is the second one.)

The Tybusen Space Empire was very poor and small in the beginning. After a mission to Ektorianan revealed an old colony owned by a now-extinct empire, the Tybusen began to expand their empire. They colonized Tyrus, a nearby planet, and terraformed it to T1. They shortly met the Singtoo, Kirgle, and Popper (in that order), three feuding races. The Tybusen tried not to choose sides and instead increased relations with all three factions. The Singtoo and Kirgle were friendly with the Tybusen, but the Popper were initially unopen to the Tybusen. The rest of the Tyrusan Cluster nations were discovered and allied, but the Popper still remained unfriendly.

More powerful interstellar drives allowed the Tybusen to travel south into the Kylessan Star Cluster. They managed excellent relations with all of the Kylessan races except one: the Intimadando. After the expedition south, Lorrelas, head of the space program, returned home and colonized Pucutoras and Zoladnia, both T0 Purple Spice planets.

A few years later, the in-game version of the Tybusen Comeback occurred, with a massive Tybusen move south. Trade was opened with the Dubel and Ayderion to acquire Denixon and Valepho, respectively. The Tybusen started a war with the Intimadando and entered a joint military movement with the Fernikki. The Tybusen conquered the major remaining Intimadando planets, Keglion and Murong. The end of the Intimadando started the in-game version of the Recolonization. During this time, the Popper were finally allied and the Tybusen expanded south into Erion, sowing the seeds for the Erion Wars.

After years of peace, war brewed in the Erion Star Cluster. The non-TIAF Erion nations were unhappy that the Tybusen had allied their enemies, and attacked the Tybusen's Erion systems. Lorrelas repulsed the attacks and went on a rampage across the Erion Cluster, eventually conquering the five hostile Erion nations.

It is at this point that the events of the Tybusen Empire skewed into the post-Erion Wars TIAF, though the Tybusen continued to expand, as in the TIAF reality.

TIAF Tybusen EraEdit


A modern sentient Tybusen.

The Tybusen Empire now controls a mighty empire of over 120 systems, and their influence is spread even wider. As leaders of the TIAF, they are known across all TIAF territories of the multiverse. The Tybusen control most of the Bunsen Galaxy's strategically-important systems, like wormhole gateway planets and communication relay posts. They are mortal enemies with the Levisala Confederacy.

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