The Tsajaginykar were two-armed quadripedal carnivorous reptilians from the planet Tjenu in the Girdo Galaxy. Along with the Zuckhs, Cyberion and Saqqarit Radeon, the Tsajaginykar were one of the few species to be part of both the Second Galactic Federation, as the Tsajaginykar Confederation, and the later Girdo Empire.

History Edit

As with the Eskesians and Leptliss, the Tsajaginykar were descended from six-limbed aquatic proto-vertebrates that were amongst the hardy species chosen by Ultraterrestrials to be seeded on habitable planets throughout the Girdo Galaxy. Originally vicious predators with little natural skill in diplomacy, trade routes brought peaceful civilisation to the Tsajaginykar, and as these grew into a global network of megacorporations, the species became united under the bureaucratic rule of a singular trade confederation.

However, as they lacked tact or other natural skills suitable for dealing peacefully with alien species, the more science-focused megacorps managed to acquire technological aids for the purpose of gaining better non-militaristic influence within their region of Girdo's Southern Arm. Despite this, they soon ended up in a war against their older and larger neighbours, the Zuckhs Empire, around 4100 BC. The Tsajaginykar focused on expanding their own civilisation, and after decades of attrition, eventually gained the upper hand. The conflict was cut short when the Second Girdo Grox War began 200 years later and both civilisations' military forces were forced to join the Grand Galactic Fleet for their own survival.

Although the Grox Empire brought an end to the Tsajaginykar Confederation, a few individuals survived as pirates and their species grew once more, although they were much less prolific than the neighbouring Pirakkei. Most of the Tsajaginkyar pirate clans were wiped out by the Radeon crusades of the early 25th century AD, but one survived until 2750 when it was defeated by the Girdo Empire. When the mothership Apalos was launched for the Girdo Campaigns in 2762, several of these ex-pirates served as guards, and those that were not killed by a Dronox ambush were presumably later incorporated into the Apalos collective consciousness.

Biology and Appearance Edit

The Tsajaginykar were a reptilian species highly adapted for combat. They were halfway between humanoid and centauroid in body plan, with four legs capable of sustained running at 20 km/h, and shorter sprints at up to twice that speed, positioned directly beneath their vertical torso. These legs were tipped with sharp-clawed feet, and their arms similarly ended in clawed hands, all of which were descended from four-clawed appendages posssessed by their hexapedal ancestors. The hind feet only retained three claws, although the fourth digit still existed in the embryonic stage of development, while the front feet had a significant dewclaw at the back and the hands had an opposable thumb in addition to three fingers. The second digit of the front foot had furthermore evolved into a sickle-shaped talon in order to stab prey when alive and disembowel it when dead.

The head was adapted for tearing into raw flesh, with a large snout filled with serrated teeth and sharp fin-like spines on top, between the two armoured eyes which were in turn above a pair of thick olfactory antennae. The brain, contained within an exceptionally tough skull of up to five centimetres in thickness, took up most of the space from the front of the snout through to the back of the neck, partly due to how much brainpower was required to operate three pairs of limbs but also due to the presence of a large olfactory bulb that occupied nearly all of the upper jaw. This gave them a sense of smell limited only by the ability of chemicals to diffuse through the air.

Society and Culture Edit


Tsajaginykar guards on board the Apalos are ambushed by teleporting Dronox.

Tsajaginykar society is ultimately descended from the fluid hierarchies of their ancestors' hunting packs, with competition driving mobility between different roles in society. While new opportunities were created by expanding population sizes, for most individuals the process of increasing or decreasing social status was restricted to zero-sum games played between incumbents and contenders for a particular position.

Once megacorporations began to dominate Tjenu, technology and globalisation simplified its varied cultures into simple three-rank societies. The Alpha class ruled as individuals tasked with exercising their creativity, while the larger Beta class enforced the rules and bureaucracy established by the Alphas as well as producing and disseminating the arts and technologies developed by them. Around 94% of the population were in the Omega class, who performed manual labour or unskilled service jobs and whose main purpose in life was to consume the megacorps' products and keep the Alphas well-paid.

As the Tsajaginykar transitioned to a post-scarcity society in the latter half of the 5th millennium BC, the Beta class along with much of the work of the Omega class became redundant; instead, all that remained were Alphas as the leaders and the Omegas who existed to entertain themselves, avoid causing trouble and continue to exist should a disaster destroy their civilisation. When the latter happened at the hands of the Grox, the few thousand surviving Omegas commandeered starships and reverted to their natural pack hierarchies, living a life of hunting, killing and scavenging with both innovation and consumerism being a thing of the forgotten past.

Trivia Edit

  • The Tsajaginykar were first created, as the "Faratann" (named for a region of Taukappa), as a species assimilated into the Tokzhalan Empire for the Imperial Civil War, a conflict that was eventually heavily retconned into the Girdo Campaigns. Later, the Tsajaginykar were introduced into the Mirror Universe as the leaders of the Simhaslaeo Province, and a backstory was soon created requiring a Girdo-native equivalent empire. That an image of Faratann soldiers being ambushed by Conqrix had not been deleted was the sole reason for any Tsajaginykar to survive past the time of the Grand Galactic Fleet.
  • Much as the Zuckhs homeworld of Noph is a name given to an ancient Egyptian city, fitting with the pharaonic government of the Zuckhs Empire, the same is true for the Tsajaginykar's homeworld of Tjenu.

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