The Trucinex is a famous species that originated in the Cyrannus Galaxy on the temperate planet of Nex. They first made their mark on Gigaquadrantic politics during the Trucinex War against the Capricorn Sector Alliance.

The Trucinex lost the war, and became divided according to beliefs. The Trucinex Imperium joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems, and wishes to overthrow the CSA’s successor, the United Republic of Cyrannus, while the Trucinex Republic actually joined the URC in hopes of improving themselves.

They are also famous for their belief in the One God.


Glory Days Edit

The history of the Trucinex Imperium is long and bloody. The Trucinex became infamous for annihilating many species, claiming them to be heretics. After years of death and destruction, the Trucinex always won, even against larger enemies such as the Grox.

Battle of Nex

The Battle rages over Nex.

They soon came into contact with the Capricorn Sector Alliance, and in keeping with Trucinex tradition, they nuked the CSA’s homeworlds, though not very effectively. This event caused the Trucinex War, which was fought between many of the great powers of the universe such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets, Rambo Nation and even the Xhodocto. After a short war, the Trucinex were defeated and their homeworld, Nex was divided into five zones under control of the allied forces. However, the Trucinex began to improve, and teachers from the CSA thought the Trucinex about tolerance and science, which helped the Trucinex improve.

Era of Division Edit

After the zones were handed back to the Trucinex, the species split in two, the Trucinex Imperium and the Trucinex Republic. Both only differed in two ways, the Imperium wanted revenge on the allies, while the Republic joined the URC itself.

The Trucinex Imperium however, joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems, and have been happy with new occupations in government as senators and representatives, and often use their new-found friendliness as diplomats. They are generally good and honest, but see the URC as a corrupt shadow of its former self.

The Trucinex Republic was led by Senator Saul Cavil an allied conspiritor during the war. However, the senator was killed in a hostage situation involving the evil General Zillum. The Trucinex Republic believes, unlike the Imperium, that the allied forces were correct in the occupation of Nex and have grown to like the Republic and the Cyrandia Alliance, having positions of power across the galaxy.

Imperial Era Edit

Return to Nex 01

Praetor Nenabie meets with Apollo on Nex.

When the Empire rose in the aftermath of the Great Cyrannus War, most Trucinex welcomed the new order as their race was united once again under a single government. The Trucinex played a large role in the early portions of Apollo and his journey to the Quadrant Galaxies when the former President arrived at the Trucinex homeworld of Nex in search of supplies.

Society and Culture Edit

In the years during and prior to the Trucinex War, Trucinex society and culture was influenced by an extreme devotion to the One God, believing in a particular interpretation known as the Pure Essence Theory. A "being" of pure Essence (although the word "being" carries connotations that are innacurate in the context of the One God) would have a consciousness completely different to any living creature, as it would be unaffected overall by the material world.

The Trucinex believe that this One God is a benevolent force and that everything occurs according to it's design.

Individuals Edit


I do what I can to help my people.

Mandator Nenabie is the de facto leader of the Trucinex and the Nex Sector of the Empire. While he outwardly appears to be loyal only to his people, he strongly admires Emperor Tyrómairon and was glad when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus came to power. Nenabie is a proud man, but isn't corrupt, believing fully in his position and the elected leader of the Trucinex.

During the first year of the Dark Times, Nenabie managed to lure the Republic Remnant to Nex, where he met with Apollo. Leading the former president to his palace, Nenabie secretly locked him within, while contacting the Empire, telling them that he had captured Apollo. Apollo however, would eventually escape his clutches and a large space battle took place over the planet's surface, with the Imperials forcing the Remnant to flee the planet. In the aftermath, Nenabie was ordered to allow an Imperial occupational force to inhabit the system, something he agreed to with much reluctance.

Nex Prophet

We will burn you in the name of the One.

  • Name - Nex Prophet
  • Age - (At time of death) 93
  • Affiliation - Trucinex Imperium

The Nex Prophet was once a wise and powerful leader whose only concern is the happiness of his people and his devotion to the One God. However, before the Trucinex War, the spirit of Tyrómairon appeared and possessed the Nex Prophet in an attempt to regain his form. Thus, the Nex Prophet became a slave to Tyrómairon's will and led his people to war, the first step in his plan to form the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. When the Purity Virus attacked, the Nex Prophet used his Mornûnenduran powers to turn the attacking Viralnex to dust.

In the final battle against the Trucinex, the allied admiral, Cretacea managed to locate the Nex Prophet and a titantic duel took place, with Admiral Cretacea eventually coming out the victor. Tyrómairon's spirit once vanished from site and the Nex Prophet died. Much later however, the individual known as Roshisiz managed to merge the Nex Prophet with Nexatru, an evil Trucinex. This entity became known as the Nexatru Prophet, but luckily he was defeated by both the Unified Nation of Ottzello and the United Republic of Cyrannus.

Senator Nakingda

The Confederacy is the galaxy's true government.

Senator Nakingda was the leader of the Trucinex that joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Despite this, Nakingda was an allied spy during the Trucinex War and disliked the zealous attacks the Trucinex made against other species. He was a strong opposer to the policies of the Nex Prophet and actively seeked his demise with the help of the Capricorn Sector Alliance.

In the aftermath of the war, he grew quickly tired of the CSA and led his people toward isolation, eventually joining the Confederacy of Allied Systems, where he r.esided as an influential and good senator until the final day of the Great Cyrannus War when he met his end by Meketanor.

Biology and Appearance Edit

Biology Edit


A Trucinex close up.

The Trucinex are a species of bipedal dragon like creatures that evolved on the watery world of Nex, in the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus Galaxy. The Trucinex were successful hunters in prehistoric times and their vast intelligence contributed hugely to their culture when they became sentient and used their power over flight to quickly spread across Nex, becoming a formidable force. The Trucinex, as a species are quite immune to many diseases, however no immunity presented itself when they were corrupted into mindless monsters known as the Viralnex, by the so called Purity Virus.

The Trucinex are known for their tremendous strength, being able to hurl enemy soldiers to their deaths with their bare hands during the Trucinex War.

Appearance Edit

The Trucinex, on average stand 3.77 meters above the ground, making them quite tall even in comparison to some other Cyrannian lifeforms such as the Libertus, however they still fail to reach the heights of the gigantic four meter tall Mortalitas.

Nevertheless, to an enemy the Trucinex are quite imposing and were a figure of fear for many years in the aftermath of the Trucinex War.

Relationships Edit

These are the relationships of the Trucinex while they were united during the Trucinex War.

Allies Edit

Green faceThe One has given you blessing.

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Red faceWe shall smite thee!

Quotes Edit

A divided race, of great promise. However I imagine that they will never truly be trusted by the veterans of the Trucinex War.

- Apollo

Hmpf, disgusting lot. There's no One God, only the Mornûnendur!

- Meketanor


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