The Trilakog are a race created by Technobliterator and intended for the Fantasyverse of SporeWiki. Due to a writer's block and several other reasons, the Trilakog never saw the light of Fantasyverse fiction, but their creation remains here for all to see. Below is the original content of the page:

The Trilakog are one of the older races of Koldenwelt.


Early historyEdit

Trilakog were once a huge empire adept at using The Source. However, for several reasons, ended up as a single dystopian city state in the plains.

An unknown threat, possibly the Loron, waged many huge wars with the powerful Trilakog. Even with their advanced military, they weren't capable of defeating huge numbers. Gunpowder was good but it wasn't capable of defeating the foes they faced. The amount of foes was unbearable even for the Trilakog, and thus, all but one city - Krogeria- remained in ruins, and the lush jungles around it became desert.

Recent historyEdit

The Trilakog must have been incredibly advanced, as their city is made of bricks and metal, powered by The Source. While their technology is ahead of most, their civilisation is in a bad dystopian state. Today, Krogeria is seen as a lost hope, a dead city with little chance of salvation. Krogeria is, thus, viewed as little more than a relic circa 20,000 BNA.



The majority of Trilakog are weaker than most races. They can't handle themselves well out or inside the city walls, due to the great dangers they will face. However, others, such as gangsters, assassins, and other crime related groups, are much stronger.


Trilakog are adept at using The Source, but were once far greater. There are several 'Source Sages', people who are still great at using the Source, who try to develop greater uses for the energy.


Trilakog society is rough, poor and broken. The majority live in poverty, and the rest live on the streets as criminals. While there is a Trilakog military, it is poor, and had to be merged with the Police force. The Krogeria Guard patrol the streets and fight monsters outside the city, but it is a losing battle. Another job on offer is hunting. Brave Trilakog venture outside the city walls to hunt for large creatures roaming the deserts, or go to any oasis that have survived. However, these hunters, known as Wastelanders, often work for underground organizations rather than the city.


Main article: Krogeria

Krogeria is a large city, and very diverse. Several areas are markets and farms, while others are streets, large skyscrapers and slums. From the outside, it would look much greater than any other civilisation on the planet, but from the inside, it's clear this is not the case by far.


The Krogeria Guard are a mix of police and military. Made of brave or desperate Trilakog, they fight outside and inside the city wall, but it is a losing battle. Their weapons mostly come in the form of crossbows, and sometimes rifles. They prefer to kill rather than arrest.





Trilakog have developed a sort of desert buggy, but only a user of the Source (or an artefact) allows it to work, so these have never been used. Trilako have also developed an airship held up by hot air baloons, but these haven't been used before. Besides this, Trilakog have no vehicles.


Several Trilakog artefacts which use The Source have been found in the desert. They were presmably used to increase powers of Source usage, but this is unconfirmed.


  • Crossbow- A common weapon is the Crossbow, which is sometimes seen as an insta-kill weapon
  • Rifle- A weapon using gunpowder, rifles are uncommon in comparison to Crossbows, but more advanced
  • Pistol- A shorter version of the rifle



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