The Trentacunta are a spider/insect like race native to the eastern sections of Quadrant 89. Xenophobic and aggressive by nature, these creatures live in total isolation and remain out of Cyrannia affairs and conflicts. As such they are quite ignorant of what goes on around them, but fire upon every ship that enters their borders without mercy.


The Trentacunta are as species extremely strong and cruel, capable of lifting 125 times their own weight, they are physically stronger than most species that inhabit the Quadrant Galaxies.

They are also known to eat there victims and that is probably one of the reasons none ventures that far east, since beyond that, close to Rambo Empire/Imperial Remnant borders lies the homeworld of Trentacunta. They protect their borders in a very aggressive way, they do not ask questions but instead they fire at will.

The Trentacunta are brown in color, have four arms with sharp claws they use to rip their enemies apart.


As the Trentacunta reached space at an unkown date, and due to their xenophobic way of living not much is actually known of Trentacunta history at that time.

The first rumors of a race known as the Trentacunta was around the rise of the Imperial Alliance when one of their own joined that organisation and became the commander of the Lusankya- though after the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, he vanished without leaving a trail. Shorlty after rumors were heard of a possible destruction of the Trentacunta race when their homeplanet was suppossed to be destroyed due to the Annihilation, which scourged most of the known universe- though this later proved to be wrong as the Vierians discovered the Trentacunta inhabited a portion of space near their borders. As such the Vierians tried to open trade with the Trentacunta in 01 Ne/05 AQF, but were not able to do so.

More information about them were revealed by the Xiaan who allowed Rambo Nation to study a portion of their database in 05 AQF/01 NE as part of the Cyrandia Alliance treaty, but soon came to the conclusion that not much is known about them and even the Xiaans only have rumors listed of them and never encountered them before.

The Trentacunta became aware of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus- who managed to invaded Rambo Nation and made her a "protectrate". Since then the Trentacunta ventured more beyond their borders and began asking smugglers and travellers about current events. Though of most they remained ignorant of it, they still refused to make contact with the other powers of Quadrant 89. As of 03 Ne/06 AQF the Trentacunta slowly began exploring nearby space, working to making first contact with their surroundings in a peaceful manner. When the Cyrandia Conference took place, the Trentacunta were a bit upset they were not invited.



Trentacunta War Cruiser
Trentacunta War cruiser.png

The Trentacunta cruiser is a powerful heavy cruiser class vessel. The warships have an odd appearance, not much seen within the Cluster. They are armed with a powerful laser in front and a rotating drive to travel faster then light.

Further more the class is quite agile, contains strong and resiliant shields as well is armed with a huge load of torpedoes, the perfect way to protect their borders at all cost.

The ship as an average size of 325 meter.


As the Trentacunta are quite xenophobic, they classify their relations as either neutral, enemies or to be affraid of.


Orange face.pngHmpf


Red face.pngFire all cannons!

Affraid of

Face threatened.pngRetreat! All hands retreat!


An aggressive and xenophobic species, caution is advised!

- Ca'Leon



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