Tree aeons are benevolent tree-dwelling beings which inhabit forests and Jungles all across Koldenwelt. They are about 2 feet (0.65 meters) tall. They are extremely benevolent and spend their days searching for plants to eat and persons to aid. They have a very strong moral character and will never allow another being to see harm unless there is nothing they can do. Because of this, they are the eternal enemies of the sadistic tree-devils, and often to battle with them.

Though physically weak, tree aeons have a great deal of magical power, and can outcompete weak human mages. Their abilities are focused mostly around healing, protection, and other means of helping others. They have a deep sense of empathy for other beings and greatly enjoy the act of helping another person.

They live in family groups consisting of a single couple and their children. They grow to maturity with their parents than leave, usually finding a mate within a few weeks. After this they use magic to carve out two holes in the trunk of a large tree, which becomes their home. There, they raise a family of their own, adding a new hole in the same tree or an adjacent one for each child. They usually stay in touch with their parents and are known to visit, usually not having moved very far away.



Tree aeons have strong magical powers, and are very adept at healing and protection. They can heal a man who has suffered from rather severe injuries, up to and including broken bones and deep stabs. They can also project a bubble around a person or object which cannot be broken through without powerful magic.

On the offensive side, they are also formidable, though not as strong. They can launch moderately powerful magical attacks which can seriously hurt or kill an unarmored person in between one and several hits depending on the spell. Among their spells are a freezing spell, an electrical attack spell, and their most powerful spell, the cleansing crystal, which traps its victim in crystal until they eventually emerge usually having abandoned any evil intentions. This spell has been known to cause even seasoned outlaws, slavers, and wicked rulers to change their ways.

The Tree aeons also have several practical spells, such as short distance teleportation and telekinesis. They can also use magical items, though they are not physically strong enough to easily carry most magical weapons. They also have a charm spell which they can use to encourage others to do things for them.


Tree aeons usually live in temperate or colder forests, but are also found in tropical forests or jungles. They live in holes which they have used magic to carve out of trees. Each one of them occupies one hole at a time. On occasion, some might make their hole at the base of a tree, and then dig a larger pit in the ground. They then use the hole as an entrance to their new hole. This is sometimes useful if they intend to store things.

Due to their benevolence, they are usually also more than welcome inside cities and private homes. If they are without a mate or family, they may even move into the house of a human or other civilized being. They also qualify as magical creatures, and can be made familiars by mages. A very select few may seek this out as an alternative to a normal lifestyle. In such cases, they usually live with their master.

Because they spend most of their time out and about helping others, and only use their homes for sleeping they can get by with very little space actually dedicated to them. All they really need is enough space to stand up and lie down. They will seek out an area near other trees though, if they at all can, because they will want to have more around to serve as the living space for children.


Tree aeons spend their days searching for food and helping other beings. They are extremely helpful and are constantly on watch for entities who are in distress from which the tree aeons can save them. They often rescue travelers from bandits, heal the sick, and help travelers who are lost in the woods find their way out.

They seem to be motivated by benevolence and little more. They do not demand, but usually accept, rewards for their efforts. Food is easy to find for them to find, often eating leaves from trees or grass, so that does not detract much from their time spent on patrol. They have been known to come to the aid of non-sapient beings, but seem to prioritize sapient ones.

Their activities put them in conflict with tree devils, with whom they often do battle. In general, the two are evenly matched, with the weaker attacks of the tree aeons being blocked by the weaker defense of the tree devils, and the stronger attacks of the tree devils being blocked by the stronger defense of the tree aeons. Interestingly, they have never been observed using Cleansing Crystal on a tree devil.

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